• Bobby
    March 1, 2017
    Heathridge, Australia
    I let the Indian lady talk crap for 10 minutes telling me i had won over $5000 in compensation for a car accident i had last year ( I don't drive) and she asked me what happened so i said a car hit me from behind and my car exploded and i died, She asked me to repeat it 3 times and asked where i am now i said i am in heaven and she asked if i was joking i said no I'm in heaven she then said well stay there then goodbye.
    Its the only way to treat these idiots.
  • gail
    February 20, 2017
    Balga, Australia
    This number called me! 94674216. I have a silent number. "Indian accent" said I had an accident. Must be a scam. No accident here!
  • Lynda Perth
    March 30, 2017
    Byford, Australia
    I would like to know how this type of illegal scamming is allowed to continue in our country. Surely out there somewhere is someone willing to put a stop to this. The phone carriers should be sued for allowing customers to abuse the use of their phones. Not only do they disturb people during their work or personal time, they also manage to stress out vulnerable folk. I reckon the phone companies should take some responsibility or are they just interested in making money from all the calls???????
  • Dianne
    February 22, 2017
    Perth, Australia
    I got a call yesterday. I Wasn't home, and no message was left, so I googled the number and found this site! I have a private number too so, yes, someone is selling our information.
  • BSKing
    June 10, 2017
    Salisbury, Australia
    I think it is about time to start a " class action " against Telstra and all the amenity's, Because they took our Personal , Private , and Confidential information overseas without any body's consent to do so. The Privacy laws are not there to Protect, they are designed to hinder .
    Think about it, all this started when this happened !!!!!.
    I for one will be cancelling all my services soon and will keep only a mobile and Telstra can go jump, I urge all to do similar - to hurt their bottom line,
    I get the same Pakki ass holes.
  • David
    July 6, 2017
    Mandurah, Australia
    I hit them with a 120db siren I keep on the desk for just this purpose.

    They usually hang up. If they don't and ask what that was, I say it was my bullsh*t detector and it just went off. Then they swear at me and then hang up.

    Hope their ears are ringing.
  • Leon
    May 23, 2017
    North Lakes, Australia
    Save their number on your phone....get a whistle.....when they phone again.....Use that whistle..
  • They called AGAIN!!!!
    April 25, 2017
    Atwell, Australia
    Seriously!! On ANZAC Day, calling to scam me and tell me they are from an insurance company!!

    I yelled at them and told them that they've called 100 times and I know it's a F*#KING SCAM!!

    I screamed in that Indian man's ear!!

    I hope BAD LUCK comes his way trying to SCAM people, making them think they are some kind of insurance claims company in HOPES that 'someone' they call has been in an accident!

    What a bunch of LOSERS!!!

    I wish someone would hunt them down and beat the crap out of these SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • JP
    February 20, 2017
    Perth, Australia
    Got a call from this number today claiming to be from an insurance company I think (can't recall exactly)? Inquiring about an accident I had about 2 years ago..? Nobody in this household had a car accident over the past 10 years, so I politely told them they had the wrong number and hang-up.
    The timing is very suspicious because over the past week I completed several online quotes for car insurance (with well known companies like AAMI, RACV, QBE, etc..) on behalf of my father-in-law that had an accident 9 months ago?? I wonder which company leaked the info??
  • Mello
    May 26, 2017
    Padbury, Australia
    Phone number has now been reported to ACCC. I encourage others to do so. https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam
  • Marie
    February 17, 2017
    Debt Collector
    Marangaroo, Australia
    This number called saying I had caused a car accident.
    "Brian" claimed to be from a law firm.
    I played along and asked where the accident happened. They couldn't answer, said it was 'in the city'.
    I live in Broome WA, the city is 2000kms away.
    They hung up.
    I rang back the Perth number and it rang out.

    These guys will try anything. I pity the vulnerable who may falling for this ploy. REPORT REPORT REPORT people.
  • Ann
    July 5, 2017
    Barton, Australia
    I am calling on the Government to take action against these people. How on earth are they still allowed to call time and time again when WE HAVE REPORTED THEM OVER AND OVER.
    Yes I received another call at my workplace once again today. They do not care who answers the phone. They just spin the same story to ANYONE (we have 15 employees) who will happen to answer to call.
    Here I am REPORTING THIS ONCE AGAIN. Are we all wasting our time????
  • Chris
    May 9, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    Just received a call from this number about an "accident" from somebody who uses my number. Yeah, right buddy. Gave false information and kept him going for 10 minutes as I had nothing better to do at the time.
  • chook
    March 6, 2017
    Banks, Australia
    ACS Lawyers (08) 9467 4216 "Janet" with an Indian / Asian accent called wanting to speak to the person who had an accident last year.
    Told her I cannot talk at the moment so she gave me a number to call back on (08) 9467 4212 which is different from the number displayed on the phone.
    Hope she is waiting for my call as its not going to happen in my lifetime. :)
  • Anonymous
    October 26, 2017
    Bibra Lake, Australia
    ladysaid she was from WA Lawyers gave me there address as well, i contacted them and they have nothing to do with this.
  • shazza
    July 6, 2017
    Doubleview, Australia
    I just got a call from 8924674216 and I have a silent number. So I always answer the phone real suspicious cos only 2 people ring me on it. They were from some accident insurance or something, and I very suspiciously said...." Yeeeeessss", long and drawn out so they get that I'm not buying it, and they said they knew the accident wasn't my fault! I just said, " No, no, no! You're a scam artist, aye?" and he hung up. In this call, I was just called "Mam", but awful thing was my daughter got similar type of call on her mobile recently (she fessed up) and they asked for her by name!!!! WTF? Now that is driving me crazy!
  • Victim
    April 27, 2017
    Perth, Australia
    Got a call today from (08) 9467 4216. Brian claiming to be from a lawyer farm. Asking for information about car accident. coincidentally my wife was involved in a car accident. he was saying we can get compensate around 3000 to 5000. he said he will not ask for any bank details or any other personal info but needs to know the information about accident. he was talking about no fault compensation but could not say who will provide the money. first he said other party in the accident will provide then I said its not the fault of other party and no one got injured. then they said car insurer I said i only have third party insurance. after talking a while it seems scam so said goodbye.
  • Brett
    February 21, 2017
    Bellbird, Australia
    Yea, same here. They hung up when I started to ask the questions.
  • Miriam
    February 20, 2017
    Perth, Australia
    Same here from this number. Again said there was a car accident from this home number. When asked which car they hung up. Nasty piece of work.
  • Deidre
    November 2, 2017
    North Lakes, Australia
    Said her name was Stacey working at a Lawyer's office and said my phone number came up as important to someone who had had a car accident. I really couldn't understand her very poor sentence structure, so I asked 'who has had an accident' and then she hung up on me. I know it was a scam caller, but what if my dear old mother got a call like that, she could have a heart attack worrying that a loved one had been in an accident.

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