• Gillian Diamond
    November 28, 2015
    Hobart, Australia
    This number is a telephone scam which purports to be letting you enter a competition for a myer prize. it charges huge telephone rates and is a scam.
  • Jean Stinson
    December 3, 2015
    Sydney, Australia
    I have been charged $42.71 for this call which I did not make. I wasn't even at home at the time it was supposed to have been made. This can be verified by the group of people I was with.
    What happens now?
  • Greg
    January 8, 2016
    Eastwood, Australia
    The number is associated with a Netherlands company that offers "gift cards" to Bunnings and the like if you answer a whole bunch of questions - from the web site that I visited:

    Here's the fine print at the bottom of the web page:
    "Customer Service : email [email protected]************om, call: 1300 658 951 (Local rate, call charges from a mobile may vary) or visit the website : www.quiz-winners.com, T&C's

    Call cost $3.96/min incl GST may be higher from mobile/pay phones. Service provided by PCIM​. ​To participate in this service , please fill in your phone number on the website. Once you have filled in your phone number, you should call the premium number to get your PIN code. You should fill in the PIN code on this page to activate the service. Listen to the questions and fill in the correct answer with the 1 or 2 digits on your phone. The player collects 100 points by answering the questions correctly. The player with the most points scored in a single call session wins the prize . Maximum call time is 30 minutes. Within that time , you need to answer as many questions as possible correctly . You can stop the service at any time by disconnecting the (phone) connection. After the promotional period ends, the participant with the most points scored in a single call session will receive the prize. In the case of participants having an even number of points , a final question will be presented. The customer with the highest accuracy answer wins. The winner will be announced at www.quiz-winners.com at the end of the promotion period (31 March 2016 at 23.59).​ When you participate, you confirm that you accept the terms & conditions (so please read them!), that you are an resident in AU, that you are over 18 and you're the right account holder or that you have the account holder's permission. Quiz-winners does not cooperate, sponsor or promote with any of the listed products or retailers. Trademarks, logos (including, without limitation, individual product or retailer) are owned by their respective owners. Crew Media , the Netherlands ( Vijzelstraat 68, 1017 HL, Amsterdam ) , Chamber of Commerce 62097695.​ "
  • PeterR
    May 4, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    I am not a Telstra customer but received a bill for $98.55 for one call allegedly from this number. Telstra maintain I made the call but it was a reverse charge call of which I was not notified. Simply pick up the phone, say hello and despite the fact you are not a Telstra customer you get a $98 bill from Telstra. Don't pay it after a couple of months and they add $15. Telstra is proliferating fraud. After continued calls to the 132200 number in the Philippines I am advise Telstra will issue a credit against this charge. Very pissed.
  • Ursulla
    March 18, 2017
    Leichhardt, Australia
    After communicating direct with Telstra for 10 days by phone, I rang the Telecommunications Ombudsman, who was quickly able to provide the resolution I sought: to waive the $98 bill.
    I contacted the TIO when Telstra could not provide any further details other than purporting that I made a “3rd party information call” to a 1900 trivia premium number lasting for 5 minutes & costing $98.
  • Carol
    March 3, 2017
    Narre Warren, Australia
    Luckily I googled the number as soon as I got my bill. Charged $45.68 and $4.08. Will be talking to Telstra tomorrow. Will be taking the above advice and blocking 1900 numbers.
  • Roger Carroll
    February 8, 2017
    Strathfield, Australia
    I had exactly the same situation and had paid the bill as i do direct debit. I googled the number and then rang Telstra. After they checked I was credited the full amount of $97.69 and blocked the 1900 numbers.
  • Mary
    January 3, 2017
    Epping, Australia
    I called Optus to investigate the $89 charged on my bill. I was also a victim of the free coles gift card scam and not impressed. Optus has put a block on the 1902... phone number so they will never be able to reverse charges to my account again. You may want to do the same.
  • Neale Scobie
    February 15, 2016
    Brisbane, Australia
    My wife and I are 79 years old and have been billed for 3 calls to this number on the 26th December the total cost is $103.58 we do not know what to do as we did not make the calls. Help
  • Cameron
    February 8, 2016
    Saint Kilda, Australia
    My Mum was ripped of $45.00. Not happy Telstra, very deceitful of you to be accepting these payments and then claiming no responsibility for the third party of which you are associated. You should ban this number completely and not allow any calls to be made to or from this entity / company / scam.
  • Jan Eccles, Howlong, NSW
    February 2, 2016
    Parramatta, Australia
    We had a charge from this number on Dec 18 for $98 - Telstra told me it belonged to Towercom Interactive Services but they have no such number and referred me to this website. We havwe paid our bill and will not be paying it.
  • Robyn & Brian Rumble, Palm Lake Resort Eagleby
    December 4, 2015
    Waterford, Australia
    We have been charged $48.97 for a telephone call to 1902 228 173 at 4.27pm. It was not made by us and in fact we had an appointment at 4.30 in a neighbouring suburb. Having checked our answering machine there was a call came in that afternoon with no-one talking.This number must be a scam. Please advise me what to do next.
  • andy
    May 17, 2017
    Brunswick West, Australia
    I'm adding to this one as my wife has just been ripped off by her carrier who are trying to claim that the call was made from her sim card 100% - which is complete BS! $70+ time for the TIO.
  • Steve
    May 16, 2017
    Perth, Australia
    Got scammed on this number as well. Fell for the $500 Coles competition. Was unaware that this was a reverse charge number. I was alerted by my provider that I had exceeded my account maximum. However, Vodafone are not willing to cancel these fraudulent charges and thus is condoning its customers being scammed. Vodafone are not being a good corporate citizen like Telstra and supporting its customers against such unauthorised rip off's. All telco's should have done the right thing by it's customers and blocked 1900 numbers. This is negligence on their part which allowed customers to be scammed. Think I'll change providers after discussing this with the Ombudsman.
  • David B
    May 9, 2017
    Perth, Australia
    A charge of $61.33 appeared on our Telstra Account. Telstra advised it was for a 15 minute call from our landline to 1902 228 173 Powercom Interactive Media. We DID NOT make this call. Telstra advised us to contact this company so we did so as Telstra remained on the phone. We were directed to [email protected]. What sort of scam is this and why is Telstra involved with such things?
  • RON Shoesmith
    April 29, 2017
    Maitland, Australia
    Received latest Bill 29/04/2017 noticed charge for $18. 029 for call to 1902 228 173.
    i did not make this call . will be contacting Telsta
  • Kevin Bridson Orr
    April 27, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    This is a unholy scam. A host of easy questions taking a long time and unknown to the caller, a high charge per minute. You Americans should be ashamed of yourselves, Go out and get a decent job helping people!
  • Linda
    April 19, 2017
    Blacktown, Australia
    Good luck getting your money back from Telstra.
  • Akram Malik
    April 11, 2017
    Bray Park, Australia
    Yesterday I discovered that I too had been charged $103.51 for 3 calls, one lasting 21 sec and at first Telstra informed me that the charges were valid. I insisted to know the identity I was provided 1300 658 951.Crew Media. When I phoned a recorded message asked me to provide my phone number, which I did not.
    But this morning I am glad to inform everyone that Telstra agreed for a full refund.
  • Frank
    April 9, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    Caught for $23.30, then a further $99.01. Two lesson I learnt form this experience:
    (1) NEVER call a line on a caller who charges premium rates for call time (e.g., read the conditions for providing surveys, etc., for gifts, prizes offered and

    (2) service provider iinet takes no responsibility for being the channel for the scammer, therefore no refund to the client, even in part. I would have thought that having been a good client for seven years would have deserved some recognition, but NO..........

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