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  • Victoria
    October 12, 2012
    Auburn, Australia
    Received a call from this number today. The lady was asking me to confirm my date of birth and address. Guess this company is trying to collect our details and then sell it some marketing company. When I gave my dob and address she informed me that she would give me a call at a later stage as she was not sure if she was speaking to the right person. This company seems to have our contact number and name. However,it does not seem to have our dob and address. This is their way of collecting our address and dob.
  • It's Not Personal
    May 1, 2015
    New South Wales, Australia
    No doubt you would have heard all sorts of rubbish statements like "be a grown up and pay your debts", blah blah blah. It is your job as a debt carrier to do everything in your power to legally minimise or completely absolve your debt. It is not personal, it's business and all of the institutions borrowing and collecting money do not give a second thought to minimising their obligations regardless of any moral consequences.
  • Moron Debt Collectors Justifying Their Existence
    March 20, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    Hey "Morons", get your facts straight. You see, some of us actually look at the legal websites to find out what debt collectors can or cannot do. And they all state, you cannot tell debtors you can take their possessions, unless you tell them that you can do so only with a court order - BET YOU DON'T DO THAT!!!! Only the Sheriff can do that - unless the debt is secured at which time the secured lender can re-posses after the requisite legal steps have been undertaken. You also cannot encourage debtors to make their debt situation worse by getting other loans to pay your loan. You also cannot harass or threaten, of which Lion do both.

    I have done numerous searches on Lion and it seems their behaviour towards people is absolutely appalling, even when you try to pay your debt. After reading how they treat people, I would not even bother to have any contact with them unless I could make a settlement offer. I would probably go back to the original lender first and see what can be done with them.

    I suggest anyone with a problem with Lion Finance (of which there seems to be a lot) download a document from ASIC called "Regulatory Guide 96: Debt Collection Guidelines for Collectors and Creditors" - it is good reading and sets out everyone's responsibilities and rights.

    Basically, I am sick to death of debt collectors believing that "anything goes" in order to get money back.
  • Sick of Moron Debt Collectors
    March 20, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    Get your facts straight "Morons". Look at the bankruptcy legislation - it only lasts for 3 years, but is kept on record for another 4. It is a permanent record at ITSA if someone ever bothers to look. The only time bankruptcy lasts for more than 3 years is if your trustee applies to the court to extend that period. You can also have borrowings up to $2,000 during your bankruptcy and own a car worth approx. $7,000. If you are going to go bankrupt, you generally either have no assets to lose or your debts are so out of whack with your assets that it doesn't matter. You can also travel overseas with your trustees permission.

    Also, after your bankruptcy you can borrow (I have clients who now have home loans etc and have come out of bankruptcy) and you can also become a company director. Also, your record of bankruptcy disappears from the credit reporting agency reports after the 5 years that all defaults etc are on there. I have clients who went bankrupt, came out of it, had to borrow money about a year after ending their bankruptcy and were told they had a clean credit report - their bankruptcy wasn't even on there anymore..

    So go away, Moron, or should I say debt collector moron. Some of us actually deal with these issues every day and get professional advice ie. from solicitors, not debt collectors or their bottom dwelling companies.
  • David
    March 20, 2015
    Hawthorn, Australia
    What a load of sh*te
  • Eudoxia
    March 19, 2015
    Sydney, Australia
    Victoria don't give your DOB to anybody! How do you know who's calling? Did you ask them to identify themselves first? There are such things as adhesion contracts particularly in regard to debt collectors who HAVE NO CONTRACT with you, therefore you are under no obligation to do anything they tell you unless they can prove they have a claim against you. Never admit to being your name = your birth certificate name in all caps. This is the corporate fiction identity, the STRAWMAN - google it and do some research it will hold you in good stead.
  • Morons
    March 18, 2015
    Fortitude Valley, Australia
    Lion Finance do not use Facebook to harass people. It is completely legal for them to ask you to try and source funds either through consolidation loans, redraws, or loans of a personal nature including family. It is also completely legal for them to deny you an arrangement to pay off your debt if you refuse to provide a statement of position or if your statement of position shows that you have the funds to pay off your debt. Also, depending on the laws of your state, they can DEFINITELY tell you they can repossess your possessions - this is completely correct and legal with a court order. You do not need to sign a contract with Lion Finance for the debt to be owing to them and be in a legally binding contract - if you took the time to read your ORIGINAL loan contract you will see that they have the right to sell your debt at any time, and you will legally owe all funds borrowed + any accrued or future interest to the buyer of the debt, in this case Lion Finance. It is called a unilateral change to your contract, so those saying that you don't owe anything to them because you haven't signed a contract with them - you're wrong.

    Lion Finance will leave messages, but due to privacy laws they are unable to advise where they are calling from. If you give them your work # but you're not at your desk, and your colleague answers your phone, would you really like them to tell your colleague that they're calling from a collection agency? I don't think so. Even if it wouldn't matter to you, it is not only their company policy but the LAW, that they cannot disclose that information to anyone but the customer, and they need to confirm at least your full name but often at least 1 other point of ID, whether that be DOB or address. Also doing third party searches including looking in White Pages etc for neighbours and relatives, is again, completely LEGAL and ABOVE BOARD. You might not like it, but if you didn't avoid them then they wouldn't have to do it. Either pay your debts before they go to a collection agency, or update them when you move, change your number, etc. You're bringing hell on yourself and your family by not doing this.

    Also, bankruptcy lasts for up to 10 years, you can never become the director of a company (for the span of your life, not just the bankruptcy period), it restricts your overseas travel, stops you from doing any borrowing, you lose all of your assets including your car, property, savings etc. Bankruptcy is NOT the easy or best option when you can work through your issues - it should be viewed as the last resort that it is and not anything else.

    Co-operate with collectors and your life won't be so hard.
  • Shirley
    March 17, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    Came home to a message on the answering machine from this number, but asking me to call (02) 4908 7290 & rattled off a long reference no. Didn't say what it is regarding. If they can't be bothered telling me what it is regarding, I can't be bothered having to listen to the message several times in order to capture the reference no. Had to listen to it twice to get the 02 number. But I ignored that, rang back this number, they don't say the company name when you call them, you have to ask who you have reached. I told them if they want me to call back with a reference no they should leave business like messages telling me what the call is regarding. The only reason I rang back was because the message annoyed me. She said there are privacy issues - what frikkin privacy issues, they are calling me? She looked up my number & said it wasn't regarding me, they could be asking about somebody I might know. Well tell me who it is on the message & I will decide whether I want to call you. Privacy issues?
  • Get Real
    March 13, 2015
    Ringwood, Australia
    If someone cannot pay a debt to 'the original lender' then so be it - they propbably can't pay it full stop.
    If no paperwork or agreement was made with a third party like lion - why would you even entertain speaking to a complete stranger about your debts with them.

    Get stuffed Lion - you are complete fools preying on idiots.
  • Lion Hater
    February 19, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    For those being harassed by Lion, be aware they have a new number (02) 4911 8571. Also, they are not allowed to contact you via social media unless they are certain your social media account is not shared with anyone and is accessible only by you - basically rules out Facebook, as your Facebook page is shared by all your friends. If you are contacted via Facebook, they are in trouble. They also cannot harass you, threaten you, lie to you (saying they can take your possessions) or ask you to get someone else to pay your debt or for you to take out another loan to repay them. All these things Lion do, so why are they still allowed to operate? All of this information is available on the pages of very reputable organisation who are there to help you.

    So for any of you debt collectors out there who say you can ask people to take out loans or have other people pay their debts, maybe you should read the legislation and not the company policy manual.

    Also, paying off the debt collectors is not going to magically fix your credit rating - your default will still remain there for 5 years. So if you have a default from 2013, it will be there until 2018 even if it is noted as 'settled" on your report.

  • Nonsense Talks
    February 13, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    That is nonsense, "Debt Collector". As soon as someone says, "give me your date of birth", everyone knows it is either a scam or a debt collector. We are not stupid. I agree with others on this site, you don't know who it really is as you cannot confirm their details - with all the scams going on, I would never give out or even confirm my date of birth over the phone. Write me a letter and I will answer it.

    Also, why are you answering a comment that is over 2 years old - read the rest of them.
    February 10, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    IT's a debt collection company confirming your details so they don't give out personal and private information and or give away to potentially your mother or someone that debt collectors are looking for someone.
  • Sick of Lion Tricksters
    January 29, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    For those being harassed by Lion Finance, be aware that their staff also use their personal mobiles to phone you to see if your phone is still operational. Had some odd mobile numbers call me and found they were from Lion checking my number to see if it still works as I have blocked all their other numbers. Sick of being harassed when I don't owe any money and I have told them time and again that I am not the person they are after. The name they are chasing is my married name which I have only had for less than a year and I have not incurred any debts in that name as my husband deals with all our financial affairs.

    JUST BE CAREFUL AND DON'T ANSWER ANY NUMBER YOU DON'T KNOW - genuine callers leave a message - these will not.
  • LMP
    January 27, 2015
    South Melbourne, Australia
    I had someone call me from this number today and ask about my neighbours - by name (although they got one name wrong) and gave me their house number. I said I had no idea who they were talking about and they hung up. I am glad I didn't say anything. If these neighbours have got a debt have the decency to contact them not go behind their back and harass others. Glad I told them nothing.
  • fg
    January 20, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Melbourne, Australia
    "I'm talking debts way over 12 years old, Lion Finance are true bottom dwellers. My Daughter worked in their call entre for a while and they are encouraged to use any means possible to harass you."
  • Debt Collector
    January 14, 2015
    Adelaide, Australia
    Wrong! They are looking for someone that has your same name, when the Date Of Birth and Address did not match she ended the call, thats all
  • Look at both sides of the coin
    January 14, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    Good for you "debt collector", but this site is about Lion Finance and they are not ethical or reasonable and they buy debts for peanuts and harass people till they give up and either go bankrupt or worse, commit suicide. I have tried to deal with this company on behalf of clients and they tell lies, make threats and use any unethical means to get to you - even if you aren't the person they want. Going to neighbours, harassing people's parents or grandparents, bombing their facebook account is not ethical. I think everyone agrees if you get yourself into debt, you should do your best to get back out of it by working with your lender or the appointed debt collector. The problem becomes when they won't work with you and get nasty. Then, I say, to hell with them. Bankruptcy only lasts 3 years and I have clients who got loans as soon as they came out of bankruptcy and were told by the lenders that their credit rating was clean. They learnt their lesson and are now building their wealth.

    The moral of the story is "co-operation" achieves far more than nasty, dirty tactics. The problem with companies like Lion is that financial planners, accountants and lawyers are now telling clients to deny the debt and don't take their calls so nothing is achieved. They also give other, more reputable debt collectors a bad reputation which means someone who would probably deal with you is now too scared to talk to any debt collector as they think you are all alike.
  • Debt Collector
    January 12, 2015
    Victoria, Australia
    As a debt collector myself, I do my best to not "harass" people. We work on behalf of companies and individuals, we don't buy debts (well the company I work for doesn't) We ask to confirm your address for data protection, if someone else other than the debtor answers the phone, legally we cannot tell them what the call is regarding - for privacy reasons obviously.
    Debt collectors aren't arseholes, we are simply following up outstanding debts people owe, we are working on behalf of someone else. If people paid the debt they owed it wouldn't come to debt collectors. If you refuse to pay your debt. debt collector will take legal action and can get judgement against you - so your credit is f*cked for up to twelve years nationally. You won't be able to apply for a loan on a car or a house, in some cases you won't even be able to buy a mobile phone.

    You got yourself into this situation and yes, our job is to collect the money for our client. We actually try and help people sort out their debt, so you can't say we're not compassionate. Yes, we have to be firm and forward with some people because those people are f*cking wankers who think they're invisible.

    Moral of the story - our one and only job as a debt collector is to collect money that debtors rightfully owe to someone - debtors (people who owe the money) are thieves. So they're the ones who are low lives. Get your sh*t together and sort your debt out.
  • Full of Stupid Comments
    January 12, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    Who is a moron "What a stupid comment"? Seems to me that a lot of you aren't even on here to get information, just abuse and ridicule people - maybe you should get a job with Lion Finance - you seem well suited to it. Let the bottom dwellers congregate at the bottom of the sewer where they belong.

    Collecting money you are owed is one thing and there are ethical ways to go about this, but these parasites of the finance world wouldn't know an ethic if it bit them on the butt. If they behaved in a more reasonable, ethical manner, people might respond a bit better. Let the bastards fry!!!!
  • What a Stupid comment
    January 9, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    You are a moron

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