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  • Morons
    March 18, 2015
    Fortitude Valley, Australia
    Lion Finance do not use Facebook to harass people. It is completely legal for them to ask you to try and source funds either through consolidation loans, redraws, or loans of a personal nature including family. It is also completely legal for them to deny you an arrangement to pay off your debt if you refuse to provide a statement of position or if your statement of position shows that you have the funds to pay off your debt. Also, depending on the laws of your state, they can DEFINITELY tell you they can repossess your possessions - this is completely correct and legal with a court order. You do not need to sign a contract with Lion Finance for the debt to be owing to them and be in a legally binding contract - if you took the time to read your ORIGINAL loan contract you will see that they have the right to sell your debt at any time, and you will legally owe all funds borrowed + any accrued or future interest to the buyer of the debt, in this case Lion Finance. It is called a unilateral change to your contract, so those saying that you don't owe anything to them because you haven't signed a contract with them - you're wrong.

    Lion Finance will leave messages, but due to privacy laws they are unable to advise where they are calling from. If you give them your work # but you're not at your desk, and your colleague answers your phone, would you really like them to tell your colleague that they're calling from a collection agency? I don't think so. Even if it wouldn't matter to you, it is not only their company policy but the LAW, that they cannot disclose that information to anyone but the customer, and they need to confirm at least your full name but often at least 1 other point of ID, whether that be DOB or address. Also doing third party searches including looking in White Pages etc for neighbours and relatives, is again, completely LEGAL and ABOVE BOARD. You might not like it, but if you didn't avoid them then they wouldn't have to do it. Either pay your debts before they go to a collection agency, or update them when you move, change your number, etc. You're bringing hell on yourself and your family by not doing this.

    Also, bankruptcy lasts for up to 10 years, you can never become the director of a company (for the span of your life, not just the bankruptcy period), it restricts your overseas travel, stops you from doing any borrowing, you lose all of your assets including your car, property, savings etc. Bankruptcy is NOT the easy or best option when you can work through your issues - it should be viewed as the last resort that it is and not anything else.

    Co-operate with collectors and your life won't be so hard.
  • Victoria
    October 12, 2012
    Auburn, Australia
    Received a call from this number today. The lady was asking me to confirm my date of birth and address. Guess this company is trying to collect our details and then sell it some marketing company. When I gave my dob and address she informed me that she would give me a call at a later stage as she was not sure if she was speaking to the right person. This company seems to have our contact number and name. However,it does not seem to have our dob and address. This is their way of collecting our address and dob.
  • Morons
    August 4, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    Morons, you seriously have no idea!!

    Here are the FACTS!

    BR lasts 3 years and 1 day.(unless extended)
    Stays on your credit file for 5 years from the date it has been processed by AFSA. (Unless there is an extension) OR 2 years after end date - whichever is later.
    Stays on the NPII (National Personal Insolvency Index) forever
    You CAN travel overseas, with the Trustee's permission - very rarely is this rejected.
    You CAN be a director after your Bankruptcy ends.
    You DO NOT necessarily loss all of your property of savings - this is a decision made by the trustee.
    Current thresholds;
    Vehicle - $7600.00
    Income - $1031.80 net per week (no dependents) before contributions are required
    Tools of trade - $3700
    Applying for credit - $5447.00 - if you apply for credit OVER this amount, you must disclose you are bankrupt. It is highly likely though that any creditor will check your credit file and see you are an undischarged Bankrupt anyway.

    I recommend Bankruptcy to anyone who is struggling financially and cannot get out of the "hole". 5 years of inconvenience vs a lifetime of freedom.... its a no brainer!!
  • Anonymous
    May 19, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Constitution Hill, Australia
    seems like a colle tion agency
  • Ex Lion Finance
    May 11, 2015
    Melbourne, Australia
    Hi I used to work for this mob but I left them after a week. They are trained to say a number of things that are not legal. And they make a fortune buying debt at a few cents to the dollar and theny chasing up the debtors.

    Here is how you handle their calls- Dont Answer a number you dont know. A genuine person will leave a message. Lion will most cases. If they do they will ask to call back quoting a reference number. Dont call back.
    Next they will try through individual mobile numbers to trick you into answering the call. Again the same rule. Dont answer a number you dont know.

    Then here is the zinger: There is a free app called TruCaller in the itunes store. Download the app and enter the mobile number and it will tell you who is calling. Then you go and block that number.
    Lion Finance also calls from numbers that show up as Panther Finance on TruCaller.

    While I am all in favour of people paying their debts on time there are instances when they have difficult circumstances and need grace. However my view is that if someone like Lion or Panther Finance has purchased the debt and is trying to make massive profit sometimes 10 times what they paid for it then I think they should be told to get stuffed. Simply dont pay Lion Finance. Let them take people to court. THey will go bankrupt trying to do so if they have to do it for hundreds or thousands of debtors. And the best part is that after court they will get nothing..So screw them
  • Pissed off debt free recipient of calls from these clowns
    August 25, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Glenwood, Australia
    To the MORON addressing others as morons, you stick to calling debtors, just stop annoying the sh*t out of people who don't have debts. You arseholes are the scum on the bottom of the barrel.
  • C
    August 24, 2015
    Sydney, Australia
    Just got a check up call from these guys today, looks like they scout by asking about an employee.
    A person named JOE called about a person named Kerry who would be working for the company, though we had no such person and they went on to ask if we were, in fact, that company. So it looks like I messed up by not running caller ID through here first.
  • Mark
    August 13, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Windsor, Australia
    Lion Finance have no lawful right to collect money for debt collection. Its quite simple really as per the Bills Of Exchange Act 1909 they do not have a contract with any person they are unlawfully harassing. Everybody is starting to realise this!
  • Harrasses
    August 7, 2015
    Sydney, Australia
    Dick head
  • From the Morons Club Against Lion
    August 6, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    Good on you. The people writing the bullsh*t are Lion employees who obviously monitor this and other websites to see what is happening. They try to scare people into thinking that if they don't pay up with Lion and other creditors, their life is ruined forever, which is absolute trash. These bottom dwellers need to get a real job and stop making people's lives even worse.

    One day Karma will bite them big time and we can all have a good laugh on them.
  • Ire
    July 23, 2015
    Melbourne, Australia
    This Lion Finance or another name for the The Collection House, Also use Panthera Finance company. Uses many names Cybil of Collection Agency's They use a redial service which ring 10 times hangs up when answered, night or day, sometimes twice a day, they also text from multiple mobile numbers daily they also provide little paper work or information. If this happens report them to the ACCC and lodge a complaint re Unethical behaviour and harassment and over zealous tactics re contacting. The more the complain the sooner they will be stopped. Go forth and conquer pro active is the way to go
    Cheers and don't hesitate, check out the Consumer Watchdog and ACCC and talk to Local Politicians it's time.
  • Iris
    July 23, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Melbourne, Australia
    Garbage you talk here I have given my financial hardship and health reasons, never said I would not find a solution, asked for a chance to get back on my feet after my shop went into receivership, lost my home, needed to look after children, get a job, and pay debts from the shop including lease, you continually harassed me, multiple texts emails phone calls that hang up when answered day and night, I was on night shift even when I asked you to cal,later in the day you still called waking me up. I had to turn off the phone then couldn't sleep worrying about the children not able to contact me.
    You are parasites sucking the last drop of blood, no morals, no codes of conduct and need reporting and investigating into illegal activities including not notifying people of Court action so they don't turn up and present their case, you get the server of documents to go back to addresses not occupied I was told by the. Server of documents you kept sending him back even though they told you they were not at the address, that way you can say you tried to serve docs, very cunning, very shifty and should be investigated as underhanded and illegal.
    So stop your bullsh*t I have witnesses and evidence of this and have placed it into appropriate hands. No common decencies here and yes the debt was doubled in 18 months and when asked for proof of interest charged and how they got the figure nil paperwork was forthcoming, it was requested multiple times.
    Total liars here this company should be investigated thoroughly.
  • Lion Cub
    July 15, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    if you paid any attention during your training, then you would realise that we are trained to be quite ethical. As any industry there are legislative requirements that are required to be upheld. Difficult circumstances as you state aren't able to be actioned appropriately if your just dodging calls and not advising the collection agency of your hardship requirements? All that is required is an assessment of your financial situation to ascertain on what would be appropriate due to your circumstances.
  • FrankW
    July 7, 2015
    Sydney, Australia
    They keep calling several times a day from (07) 3017 3999 I only know because I did the last number lookup thing. How did these people get my number? Does the phone company publish it somewhere? They ring continuously. I never answer it because I got the landline for ADSL only so I have given nobody the number. In any case there is the option to leave a message - they never do. This in itself is a giveaway - if they were from a legitimate person surely they would leave a message. I suppose I should just unplug the phone but it does give me some pleasure to know how much time they're wasting :).
  • Not likely
    July 7, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    After I kept ignoring their calls and they wouldn't leave a message, I finally called them back and spoke to a woman who identified herself as Jo. She didn't give the company name until I gave my phone number and asked why I was getting calls from them. She then said she was calling from Lion Finance and wanted my date of birth so we could continue our discussions from the last time. I refused unless she could tell me the purpose for the call and she kept trying to reiterate the privacy act. I turned it back on her and said she could at least give me an idea of why she was calling without giving specific identifying information. She then used a first name which wasn't my name - I then confirmed she had the wrong person and asked for my number to be removed from their database. I think they pull numbers for anyone who has a same or similar name to try to track the person who has the outstanding debt and will harass until they get someone to agree to foot the bill....unbelievable.
  • Better than them
    July 1, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Manassas, United States
    The relentless but rather boring Lyeing Finance debt collectors.
    Answer the phone, who's calling, then say from which company, oh it's a private matter they say, you then say oh we don't give personal info over the phone, then say put anything in writing you scamming twxts THEY NEVER DO!
  • Kimberley
    June 30, 2015
    Perth, Australia
    Some of the recent comments about this number tie in with my experience today, which involved a caller asking for information about a neighbour. On 30 May, a comment from blajo mentioned problems with calls from Panthera and from Lion Finance. Again this ties in because we received a call from Lion Finance (03) 9610 4585) on 22 May asking about the same neighbour. I will be phoning Telstra's unwelcome calls number 1800 805 996) and arranging to have calls from both of these numbers blocked.
  • Fiona
    June 9, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Queensland, Australia
    Got a call on my mobile looking for someone with the sme name as my husband. They then called him and he is very wary with giving out details. He eventually agreed to give the date of birth and they said sorry wrong person. This is the second time this company have called. We don't have any debt, feels sneaky tho, I feel sorry for people under this sort of pressure.
  • blajo
    May 30, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Moyhu, Australia
    I am a victim of identity theft as someone opened a mobile phone account with Telstra and another with Optus using my drivers licence details on line and had bills sent to a non-existent address. I was first approached by Panthera finance about Telstra account and then Lion Finance about Optus. I now have discovered that these companies are run by the same people. I made a statutory declaration with the Police, which stopped Panthera's constant calls. However Lion Finance continue to call me demanding payment . After about 50 calls, someone who unusually didn't have an Asian accent , said they would look into the matter and get back to me. Had a phone call today stating that they were prepared to make me an offer of a final settlement, which was about 25% of the original claim. However they got the same answer I always give them. As this is not my account and as I have filed a statutory statement with the police. I will not be making any payment for a debt I don't have. I am now beginning to wonder, who the real scammers are the person who fraudulently used my drivers licence details, or the company pursuing me for money I don't owe.
  • j baker
    May 19, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Constitution Hill, Australia
    either spam or a debt collecto


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