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  • Victoria
    October 12, 2012
    Auburn, Australia
    Received a call from this number today. The lady was asking me to confirm my date of birth and address. Guess this company is trying to collect our details and then sell it some marketing company. When I gave my dob and address she informed me that she would give me a call at a later stage as she was not sure if she was speaking to the right person. This company seems to have our contact number and name. However,it does not seem to have our dob and address. This is their way of collecting our address and dob.
  • Sick of the calls
    October 20, 2014
    Perth, Australia
    This number keeps ringing me asking if I know my neighbor which I don't and they ask if I can go and put a note in the letterbox to call them. They are getting paid to find people why are they asking people to do part of their job for them
  • PMO
    October 15, 2014
    Ely, United Kingdom
    Social Engineering is the main weapon of scammers/phishers so I never give out personal information to an unverified source in an email or over the phone from a cold contact. Easy to phone someone claiming to be from ScamsRUs pty ltd and ask say what is your date of birth and account number please ... thank you sir/madam that is correct.

    As for debt collectors, if you owe the money, please get in touch with them as soon as possible. It is best to be proactive as this goes in your favour if it goes to court as you have demonstrated that you tried to make contact and resolve the situation.

    If you don't owe the debt then check your credit file ASAP as someone could be falsely using your identity to fraudulently gain access to funds and loans. The Debt Collectors have to prove that you are the debtor. Be aware that once you are on their system they are not going to delete you, as you are their only lead to go on with that name. They are not a charity and are in business to get back money any way they can by legal means, by stretching the law, and by down right illegal tactics.

    Watch out for a scam whereby old redeemed loans get a few details altered, relevant pages rescanned and are suddenly resurrected 7 or 8 years later as Defaulted loans and sold on to a careless debt collection company. We experienced this with an old loan for a car and 7 years after it was satisfied we applied for another car loan and had a debt collector contact us for supposedly taking out a loan for $33,000 whereas the original loan was for $18,000 and for a different vehicle but with the same rego to the one in the scam. We'd destroyed the documents proving the loan was paid in full, after 5 or 6 years and never expected to need it again, and this is one of the things this scam relies on. How many people keep old mortgage or loan documents? Maybe for 3 to 5 years then most people destroy them like we did. It took several phone calls plus a copy of a letter from DPI in WA proving that the vehicle description for the car we bought was not the vehicle in the poor photocopy of a photocopy document the debt collectors sent us. Also several key details had been amended that also proved it would have been impossible for someone on a business visa at the time to have taken out a loan over 5 years when there was only a little over 3 years remaining on the visa.

    A chain of selling on defaulted loans can develop in a few months when the bank first outsources the collection of a loan in arrears or default to debt management companies. If they have no success, the loan comes back in house, and the bank will try using different debt companies on rotation before finally selling the debt on. The debt collector purchasing the book of defaulted loans is taking a huge risk as there is no guarantee of recouping any of the money. It costs money to go to court which is why they offer deals and accept a lower settlement balance.

    The ironic thing is that just as defaulters sometimes change their names to try and escape liability for their debts, so do debt collecting agencies when they face serious sanctions for misconduct/breaching regulations or bad publicity from the media, as they then become a different legal entity to the one that committed the original offences.
  • Knows the Actual Rights
    October 13, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    lol you're silly. if you read the terms and conditions of the contract with the major lender before you go ahead and run away with all the money and stop paying, you would know that when a debt is onsold, so too is the legal ownership of the contract originally signed. Just because you didn't sign something with a Lion Finance header, doesn't mean they don't legally own every right to collect funds your are obligated to pay back regardless of it being with the lender or them. They are not trying to deceive you. You got the funds, you spent the funds yet when its time to pay it back, it's time to try and make up 'rights' to make yourself believe you're right. They can pursue litigation you, bankrupt you, garnishee wages (which means your workplace knows your incapable of paying debts) - they can reposess security used on the loan AND garnishee your wages. The only thing you're right about is the credit file thing and even then, you still know nothing.
  • Lisa
    October 13, 2014
    Canberra, Australia
    In the last couple of days I have been getting calls on this number. 1st caller didn't want to identify where she was due 'privacy act' but yet asked if I am "Sally D*****" and was very abrupt and rude. 2nd caller was a lady introduced herself from "*** Housing" and after "Sally D***" and requested to give her my DOB, address etc. I think these people are bunch of low lives trying to obtain personal info to gain something. Be warn and definitely report this to the cops!
  • Gary
    October 9, 2014
    Adelaide, Australia
    You don't get 100% spam score for being a nice person. Something is definitely wrong with them. And then they try to portray themselves as "nice"
  • Know your rights
    October 7, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Glenroy, Australia
    Lion Finance, again, trying desperately to convince me to accept a debt that belongs to someone else with the same name.

    Debt collectors purchase defaulted unsecured loans, that is true. However, you are under NO OBLIGATION to pay the debt collectors anything whatsoever. Your contract is not with the debt collector. The reason (cowardly) Lion Finance, indeed any debt collector, continually harass you is they are trying to DECEIVE YOU into admitting you owe them money, which you DO NOT. You DO NOT have to (and should never) confirm your identity to them, they are not law enforcement. The ONLY thing a debt collector can threaten you with is your credit rating, which if your debt has been on-sold to them your credit rating is already bad.
  • Sick of uneducated fools
    September 30, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    you all go on about 'what if something has happens that is out of your control which puts in you in this position' - how about call Lion Finance and figure something out!! They are human too even though you may not think so. They do have hearts they will show compassion to those in need. As for the dropkicks avoiding the debt than you deserve to hassled! pay back what you owe and be done with it!
  • Amanda Haimes
    September 26, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    "here, Here, amen sister!!!"
  • Not a deadbeat
    September 26, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    To all those saying that if a person doesn't pay their loan, they are a deadbeat. How absolutely judgemental are you. Could you pay your debts, if you (and your spouse) lost your jobs and couldn't get another one. Everyone gets debts based on their income and then things can happen. How would you feel, it you were diagnosed with an illness such as cancer and were undergoing treatment and had these arseholes ringing you all the time - they are not sympathetic people. Also, what if your spouse died and were the main earner and suddenly you get loads of calls to pay debts you can't manage and all they want to do is take your possessions.

    Also, a lot of the complaints are from people who do not owe money and are being harassed. Lion Finance WILL NOT take you off their database even if you prove you aren't who they want. I am still getting calls months after I proved I wasn't who they wanted. They found me on the web under my worksite, thought "oh well, she has the right name", phoned me, I explained that I had only recently changed my name to the surname they were after (as I had recently been married), my dob did not match, and neither did my middle name". But hells, bells, they keep ringing me.

  • Sarina McQuire
    September 25, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Queensland, Australia
    Wow! These parasites call continually looking for the person who lived in my house before me. I have never even met the guy!! They are pushy and horrible, not to mention rude. After reading these comments, think I may report them to the ombudsman. It appears they buy the right to chase you for bad debts ... too bad if it isn't even yours!
  • Anon
    September 20, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    Just an amendment Andy - it's not a criminal charge even if you get a Summary Judgement from a Magistrate in your favour for the debt and they still don't pay. Qld Justice is a toothless tiger. Have a deadbeat who owes me $3K (I have a SJ in my favour, against him). Never paid it, no consequences for him.
  • Pissed off
    September 19, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Sydney, Australia
    These people are debt collectors from lion finance they will harass you till your last breath for Mininal amounts.. Will try to set you up on a payment plan but no actual contracts sign. They will even ask for things like yor centrelink payments if your on them, your tax file number or te funds from your latest tax return or I even got asked to draw on my superannuation an asked for y super details.! They can get stuffed I'm not giving them the details I paid a $200.00 payment but no more they are shonky as and even if you pay them installments they still harass you every week and want more and more.. I signed no agreement with them so they can get stuffed when I get my tax back I will pay them out the rest so they go away.
  • Sick of useless, carelss and stupid people
    September 15, 2014
    New South Wales, Australia
    any financial institution is entitled to on sell your debt if you failed to make payments on time or breached your contract you do not need to sign anything with them, because you contract is still with the original lender and has just been passed on... i do not understand why people are so stupid and do not understand there terms and conditions of there contract when they apply for all this money, if you cant pay it back dont get will only effect your credit rating in the future and if you own property or a business or anything legal action can be taken...dont be so naive and just talk to them..not a hard solution...and the reason it may have taken them so long ot contact you is because the information they get is information from the bank and your application so if you changed your details then they would have been looking for you.
  • Lily
    September 15, 2014
    Victoria, Australia
    It is not there way of collecting your information for marketing it is them trying to find there customers that owe money, and all your information is in public data bases that anyone can access your address your phones numbers and your name....they ask for your dob to make sure they are talking to the correct person especially if you have a common are all a bunch of complainers if it is the wrong person you just tell them its the wrong person and you do not consent to being called back then they wont call...asking for the CEO highly doubtful you will get to speak to them and they also have a ceratina number of times in a week they are allowed to call the numbers they have in the public database, unless you have specified otherwise. So really not harassment at all...just pay your debts not hard
  • fred
    September 12, 2014
    Devonport, Australia
    Mandy, debt collector etc get a life, not only people who owe money get calls from this number. If you happen to have the same name as someone who owes money they will also harrass you, I have demanded to speak to the c.e.o. on more than one occasion, because they keep harrassing me about someone else in another state. I have asked them to remove my number from their data base when they admitted they got it wrong, but I still get calls from them.
  • Ash
    September 10, 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    I recieved a call from this number today and again a few weeks ago, asking for a Trina jones I have no idea who that is but they also new our address, how would they know that? From the previous posts about a debt collection agency we have no outstanding debts and are never late on any payments .
  • Wayne
    September 2, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Queensland, Australia
    These people keep ringing our number looking for our ex next door neighbours. They moved away two months ago and we were not friends with them. When asked how they got our phone number they said from the White pages. Crap, they cannot get a number unless they know our name, which they don't, from White pages. They seem to know that we lived next door to these people. How? Isn't this illegal.
  • Debt collector
    August 31, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Salisbury, Australia
    Funny how all u people complaining are the ones with debts! You are useless! U took the loan, credit card. Phone on a plan out spent the funds or used the product and didn't stick to the agreement hence why your debt was onsold and u were default listed! If you guys had any respect for yourself you would call back and make arrangements to pay instead of bitching about lion finance on this site where is that going to get you? Karma will come...
  • Bill
    August 28, 2014
    Marrickville, Australia
    Did you owe a debt that they you didn't pay and these people bought it from the original people you dealt with or how does it work ?

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