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  • Zippy
    March 8, 2012
    Surry Hills, Australia
    Actually it's a legit number. Did a web search for "Legal and Commercial" and got their MAIN switch number. Called the main switch and asked them if the number above was also their line, and they said it was. They checked the ACC# and asked me if I was Ashley. I said I wasn't, so they advised they had the wrong number on record for this Ashley person, and would remove my mobile from their list.
  • Andrew Wall
    February 12, 2013
    Debt Collector
    South Yarra, Australia
    Web reply to (03) 9752 6229

    My name is Andrew Wall and I am the owner and founder of the company to which all these posts are referring, Legal and Commercial. (03) 9752 6229.

    We are a debt collection agency that services clients from all over Australia.

    Recently it was brought to my attention that a number of web sites had many blogs referring to my company and 03 9752 6299 with regards to unsolicited txt or sms messages.

    I thought I should set the record straight as I was alarmed to read some of the misinformation being posted that is completely false and untrue.

    There are only a few reasons why someone would receive an unsolicited sms or txt on their mobile phone from Legal and Commercial:

    1. We have been unable to make contact with you by conventional means (post).
    2. We have received mail back from Australia Post stating that you have moved address.
    3. Your home phone number is no longer connected or has been changed,
    4. The only contact information that may be current is your mobile phone number.
    5. You have recently been given a new mobile phone number by your telephone provider
    and that new number provided to you, previously belonged to the person we are seeking to contact. (you have been given a recycled phone number)

    I also think it is important to explain why the text or sms sent to you is not specific in detail.

    Current privacy laws prevent us (or any debt collection agency) from being explicit with regards to debts owed and additional information including (DOB) date of birth etc unless we have already established the identity of the person we have been trying to contact. Until we can confirm that we are talking to the correct person, we are forbidden by current privacy laws to send that information out on sms or txt or by any other means. This protects the privacy of the debtor and ensures compliance to current laws. More importantly it ensures that we are not giving out personal information about yourself to the person who has picked up your old mobile number.

    Immediately a layer of uncertainty and suspicion is created when you receive an unsolicited sms or txt from Legal and Commercial. It is very understandable to feel this way when you have never made contact with our office before, and may not even be aware that you have a legitimate debt in your name. There is nothing worse than receiving txt or sms that is not for you.

    I trust this post has allayed a few fears and puts things back into perspective as to why you have received an sms or txt from Legal and Commercial.

    If you are still uncertain or wary, I am personally available to take your phone call on (03) 9752 6206. If I am unavailable, please leave a message with one of our collection team with a reference to this post and I will do my best to call you back within 24 hours.

    Regards Andrew Wall
    Managing Director
    Legal and Commercial
    PS: Txt and sms is a cost effective way to make contact with debtors. Most of the debtors on our books have agreed to pay for costs of recovery in advance if your account moves into default. Legal and Commercial do not charge debtors accounts for the cost of sms or txt although allowed by the contract you signed. So please call and sort out what needs to be sorted.
  • Jimbob
    August 27, 2012
    Debt Collector
    Spearwood, Australia
    this IS NOT a scam. when I first received one of these messages I came to this page and saw a heap of people had said it was a scam and not to reply. I've since received several more messages, so today I finally called them. Turns out I have old overdue fees from Video Ezy. If you have received this message I suggest you call and sort out either the money you owe, or the error on their behalf.
    AGAIN, this is not a scam.
  • michelle
    April 16, 2014
    Debt Collector
    South Yarra, Australia
    This is NOT A SCAM. I decided to call them after a couple of messages and found out they had an old address of mine. i had late fees for a video store. just call them and give them the number in your text and let them explain what its for. My friend also got one but when she called they were looking for someone who previously had her number. they removed her number and she no longer gets them
  • Nate
    December 10, 2013
    Perth, Australia
    I have blocked them via my phone, i wont be scammed by these asswipes
  • Geoff Stevenson
    March 12, 2013
    Debt Collector
    Victoria, Australia
    Of course it's a scam.. only the seriously brain dead couldn't pick it.. Never ever make contact in anyway with these thieves..!!!
  • Legit
    November 26, 2012
    Debt Collector
    Just gave them a call, it is Legal and Commercial.
    Text Message wasn't meant for me anyway - phew!
  • flipper
    October 23, 2012
    Kenmore, Australia
    Ican concur with all above comments, they sms me,
    i ring back, some rude lady with hositilty issues
    tells me it's a case of mistaken identity, whatever!
    At least they should be polite....
  • shrek
    July 10, 2012
    Perth, Australia
    Donkey is right... its amateur hour!
  • sami
    March 13, 2012
    Debt Collector
    Perth, Australia
    This is their website, they are debt collectors for video stores:
  • Ben
    March 13, 2012
    Perth, Australia
    These guys are actually legitimate, if you call and you are not the person mentioned as part of the reference number, they are happy to remove you. It seems they are a mailing house who chase up old customers or debtors. In my case, my old video store from 2006 had given them their debt records to seek and settle. NOT A SCAM.
  • poppa rick
    February 23, 2012
    Canberra, Australia
    Hi Guys ,

    This is a scam to get your details.
    What they do is have a computer software package which scan 10 numbers and makes calls and when the mobile no is active it switches and sends SMS to that no and when you call bake is comes on screen with your mobile no and they can track were you are located within 2 mobile tower locations so they can sound like they have your details so they will ask for you full name address and date of birth DONT GIVE THEM NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!Current laws protect Aussie with fixed mobile accounts with all carriers but the pre paid mobile is open season for scammers

    Bloody be careful
  • Connie C
    February 20, 2012
    Sydney, Australia
    I got the following "Our records indicate a matter is unresolved with our client. Please call legal and commercial on (03) 9752 6229. Quote ACC######". I bought a prepaid SIM two days ago with my number on it. It must be a scam.
  • Anna
    October 20, 2011
    Debt Collector
    Melbourne, Australia
    I was just wondering the same thing - if this is a legit debt then you would be calling me not texting
  • Skylark916
    July 27, 2011
    I received the following message via sms "Our records show an outstanding amount owed to our client. Please call Legal and Commercial on (03) 9752 6229. Quote ACC #848828" to my mobile broadband account number with Optus. I wouldn't even know what the number for the account is off the top of my head (When I recharge I have to go back to the booklet which came in the box) - So how is this remotely legitimate?
  • Cheryl
    July 20, 2011
    Debt Collector
    South Yarra, Australia
    I rang them after getting atext message and yes it was legitimate and I had forgotten that i owed money to my dvd shop. i got the text cos i had moved address
  • Dave
    May 23, 2011
    Debt Collector
    South Yarra, Australia
    It's not a scam, don't like getting sms but I did move address so all they had was my mobile. It was a debt owed to a video store.

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  • Johnny
    Like WTF how did they manage to get my number I bought a new sim and I don't owe anything since I'm 15 fken hell it's spamming me atm
  • Lap Nguyen
    So, after looking at google and finding this webpage, I dont think I even want to bother with replyin to the number.

    I was guessing it was a scam so I never replied... Thanks everyone. Im just gonna chill till they actually send me a letter or a proper form of notification of some kind..

    Bloody F***ers **
  • Amy
    I got the same,. It is for a debt for video busters in sunbury, i told them the debt is incorrect and i had already paid! f***erS!
  • Sassy
    Received: 2010 Sep 23

    Call Type: sms

    Sms header: OverDueDebt

    Caller: Goddard Elliott Lawyers

    Message: Our records show an outstanding amount owed to our client. Please call GE lawyers on (03) 9752 6229.  Quote ACC #.....61.

    What @#$%! I have had this mobile number for about 6 months and I joined Blockbuster in NSW north coast and as far as they are concerned it is not from them. So I do not know where these people got my number. I called Blockbuster and was told by the salesperson that they only send amounts of over $20 dollars to collection and there is always a courtesy letter before there are follow-up phone calls and any charges on top of what is owed.

    There appears to be no solution to this 'spam' from the comments above and yet it has been going on for years, as indicated by this other link ( It seems that this web page and the one just mentioned are the only two related to this sms spam.

    I have lodged a complaint with The Australian Communications and Media Authority (link below):
  • wog
    yer got the same text as the one on the top but diff ACC number have know idea why or what its about but ill be calling them tomorow to kick up a stink.
  • deb
    Hey GuysI have the same Goddard Elliott Lawyers message. I know I don't owe any money or have any outstanding video as mentioned above. My concern is how they got our phone numbers?Did anyone get any more info on this.Cheers

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