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  • Legal & Commercial Recoveries Pty Ltd


Belgrave Vic 3160, Australia

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November 2005

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(03) 9752 6206

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  • Andrew Wall
    February 12, 2013
    Debt Collector
    South Yarra, Australia
    Web reply to (03) 9752 6229

    My name is Andrew Wall and I am the owner and founder of the company to which all these posts are referring, Legal and Commercial. (03) 9752 6229.

    We are a debt collection agency that services clients from all over Australia.

    Recently it was brought to my attention that a number of web sites had many blogs referring to my company and 03 9752 6299 with regards to unsolicited txt or sms messages.

    I thought I should set the record straight as I was alarmed to read some of the misinformation being posted that is completely false and untrue.

    There are only a few reasons why someone would receive an unsolicited sms or txt on their mobile phone from Legal and Commercial:

    1. We have been unable to make contact with you by conventional means (post).
    2. We have received mail back from Australia Post stating that you have moved address.
    3. Your home phone number is no longer connected or has been changed,
    4. The only contact information that may be current is your mobile phone number.
    5. You have recently been given a new mobile phone number by your telephone provider
    and that new number provided to you, previously belonged to the person we are seeking to contact. (you have been given a recycled phone number)

    I also think it is important to explain why the text or sms sent to you is not specific in detail.

    Current privacy laws prevent us (or any debt collection agency) from being explicit with regards to debts owed and additional information including (DOB) date of birth etc unless we have already established the identity of the person we have been trying to contact. Until we can confirm that we are talking to the correct person, we are forbidden by current privacy laws to send that information out on sms or txt or by any other means. This protects the privacy of the debtor and ensures compliance to current laws. More importantly it ensures that we are not giving out personal information about yourself to the person who has picked up your old mobile number.

    Immediately a layer of uncertainty and suspicion is created when you receive an unsolicited sms or txt from Legal and Commercial. It is very understandable to feel this way when you have never made contact with our office before, and may not even be aware that you have a legitimate debt in your name. There is nothing worse than receiving txt or sms that is not for you.

    I trust this post has allayed a few fears and puts things back into perspective as to why you have received an sms or txt from Legal and Commercial.

    If you are still uncertain or wary, I am personally available to take your phone call on (03) 9752 6206. If I am unavailable, please leave a message with one of our collection team with a reference to this post and I will do my best to call you back within 24 hours.

    Regards Andrew Wall
    Managing Director
    Legal and Commercial
    PS: Txt and sms is a cost effective way to make contact with debtors. Most of the debtors on our books have agreed to pay for costs of recovery in advance if your account moves into default. Legal and Commercial do not charge debtors accounts for the cost of sms or txt although allowed by the contract you signed. So please call and sort out what needs to be sorted.
  • Dave
    May 23, 2011
    Debt Collector
    South Yarra, Australia
    It's not a scam. I rang them and quoted the number they sent me and it was for an old debt that I owed. Lucky I returned the call as the company that I owed the debt to was going to take me through the courts. Saved myself a lot of dramas. Still don't like getting SMS messages
  • Bec
    February 28, 2014
    Melbourne, Australia
    Just pay your debts.. Simple
  • Sharon
    January 30, 2014
    Ryde, Australia
    My daughter just got this message. I pay for the phone so its under my name, I know I don't owe anything - even for old DVD's (we buy them!) plus she's only had it for about 4 months. Couldn't get through on the 9752 6229 number so used the 9752 6206 number in the first comment. Person who answered was polite and professional. I gave him the ref and said she'd only had it for a couple of months. He said it was for the person who used to have the phone and he would take the number off the account. SMS was as rude as, person on the phone was anything but so not sure about the whole thing. I guess at least it's fixed now.
  • Bob
    September 12, 2013
    Debt Collector
    Sydney, Australia
    Message sent to my partner's phone. This is a "fishing" tactic commonly used by debt collectors ...pretty low in my opinion. She tells me not hired a video in over ten years. These people are not to be trusted.
  • Stephen
    July 3, 2013
    Brunswick, Australia
    Not scammers as such just greedy sods; gouging people for small amounts. I owed some cash for a late DVD from a few years ago.

    A legal but dishonourable way to earn a living.
  • louise jennings
    April 4, 2013
    Debt Collector
    Redfern, Australia
    recieved a letterof demand JENNINGSLOU2132. debt is 3 years old have not used account, i believe I spoke to someone when the store was operating and a friend of my sons used the account with password. no ID sort, so I was under the impression they had wiped the amount. I feel time has elapsed sufficiently with not correspondence. Thank you
  • kesa
    March 26, 2013
    Debt Collector
    Blacktown, Australia
    well these legal people sent me a letter saying i owe $553 on a movie thru network video back in late decmber 2008 which its ben 5 years called the number up but no answer how can i get their actual numberr??!
  • The Hammer
    December 5, 2012
    Richmond, Australia
    Shiiit I just recieved a text MSG today saying my sim had sent me a msg I opened it but no number attached to it apart from a landline number they want me to call.The msg read "Urgent" please call this number because You have not resolved the issue with our Customer and quote ACC ####.. I called the Number and it said call between 9-5 because they where closed but I didn't use my Mobil to call but used another landline phone,it sounds legit and Dodgy.and the phone number they sent the MSG to has just been Active for 3 days,so that's wierd cause it's a brand new number I'm using.i will call them from a phone booth Tomorow and see what's going on,it had me really confused so I googled the name of the so called company and I found all of you talking about the same thing.if they are legit why dont they reffer to you by your name for example-To mr smith call us to discuss money owing but it just says URGENT,call and quote this Number.So many scammers out there these days that you don't know what to take serious or not..if anyone calls you and refers to you buy your name and says he is from your bank don't tell them nothing apart from asking which Branch they are from and you will go into the bank to discuss what ever they want,I rang the bank and they said that's a scam also trying fish information Off you.if I catch one of them I will AXE kick them on the Skull lol.
  • Ajajn
    October 15, 2012
    Castle Hill, Australia
    I Get the same text message every month. I believe it's a scam and it's harassment. A professional company would not send out a text message to deal with such matters. Would like to know where I can report them for harassment.
  • SCAM!
    June 4, 2012
    Armadale, Australia
    All Debt collections are scams. They by your information from desperate companies who SHOULD have some form of insurance for these things then they harass people with letters, texts and phone calls and also raise the amount owed to cover their fee's. This is magic owed money appearing from thin air which they create for themselves to be taken from YOU!!
  • Garry H
    January 24, 2012
    Debt Collector
    Brisbane, Australia
    Friend received SMS from Legal & Commercial telling him to contact urgently and quote Acc. No. ###???.
    The phone number of incoming SMS was disguised as word URGENT. Obvious phone system manipulation.
    Shortly after received SMS his mobile phone died.
    He could not send or receive phone calls. He was totally cut off!
    More obvious phone system manipulation!
    A phone call to Legal & Commercial confirmed the issue was a matter of mistaken identity! Also Legal & Commercial definitely did not cut his phone off!
    I like to hear people lie to me. I know I am right and they are wrong!
  • squin
    October 25, 2011
    Melbourne, Australia
    just got the same message
  • Ben
    May 27, 2011
    Debt Collector
    This is legit. Simply call and quote the number. He told me it was for a Mathew Kitz, and verified the mobile number. The number was correct but I'm not a Mathew. I've had this number with Vodafone for 2 years, he said the debt was for over 4 years. He then removed my number from their database.
    March 7, 2011
    Debt Collector
    South Yarra, Australia
    It's not a scam. I got the same message and called them. It was for a very old debt that I had not paid and had since moved address. All they had was my mobile number.

Sample complaints we have found for (03) 9752 6206

  • Josh
    Add me to the list! Recieved the message just now. Scamming sods.
  • Tom
    text message;

    Despite previous attempts to contact you. our records show an outstanding amount owed to our client. please cann L&C Recoveries on (03) 9752 6206 Quote ACC #XXXXXX (not going to identify the quote number for security reasons.

    I do not owe any money to any one I am affiliated with, the text message reeks of phishing. I have not responded.
  • Angry
    Our records show an outstanding amount owed to our client. Please call Legal and Commerical Recoveries on (03) 9752 6206. Quote ACC: xxxxxx
  • Alexander
    This is the debt recovery company used by most major video stores (Video EZY, Blockbuster, Video Zone etc) they sell their dectors to this company for a reduced price and then that company are responsible for collecting the money.
    I had a fine of $32 which i just payed, i tried to sign up to a different video shop and they looked up my deets on their computer and it said that i was listed on the National Default Registry. Basicly it's all the one company buying up small debts and then collecting on them. if you don't pay though it will definitely affect your credit rating as they inform the debt registry and they are responsible for sniffing out money you owe and giving you a rating and recomendation for credit approval.
  • Josh
    Just called the number. "Good afternoon Law & Commercial recovery, Robert speaking." then I hung up. Pretty elaborate scamif it is one. Yet there is no instances of them on the web. Strange indeed.
  • Chirps
    I got this message just now from this number. Not replying.

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