• J Wells
    May 30, 2015
    Call was from Oak Road estate - selling wine online
  • Ivo
    May 22, 2017
    Avoid these guys at all costs. Their wines are just cheap and nasty cleanskins, with a nice label dropped on them and marked up to some silly RRP. Any "discount" they are offering still leaves you paying way more than what the wines are worth. How they can possibly rate any of these wines with 95, 96 or 97 points is also a joke. Not one would get more than 80 points if judged by experts.
  • Louisia
    October 27, 2017
    I have purchased wine from then and nice shiraz. Would repurchase :)
  • Gavan
    August 23, 2017
    Gee a lot of haters in here, I have dealt with this company many years and have had nothing but good experiences.
  • Christina
    July 11, 2017
    " I thought, it's hard to get a bad Shiraz, so why not! The wine is crap. It is acidic and low in Alcohol, if any, and lacks any tannin at all. I just emailed them, but will be surprised if there is a response. Try doing a Google search for Oak Road Wines!! Good luck! "

    So agree! We recently ordered 2 mixed cases so as to sample a wide selection of their supposed quality wines.
    Every single bottle (with the exception of two NZ whites from the same winery), were absolutely awful ! Most were virtually undrinkable.
    All were either sour and acidic or bitter and full of tannin, tasting like chemicals and some with dregs and residue in the bottom of the bottles.
    Immature and vinegar-like , with no body.
    Also most were not from specific wineries but just generic crap with fictitious labels stuck on the bottles.
    I suspect these wines iare the unwanted dregs from the bottom of the barrel - tasted worse than cheap bin ends you can buy for a few dollars.
    Buyer beware ....price seemed too good to be true and it was!!
  • troy
    May 22, 2017
    they gave me a call offering a $50 wine voucher stupid me fell for it, the wine was described as cloudy bay sauv blanc had no mention of cloudy bay anywhere wine was horrible
  • Bazza
    May 10, 2016
    Oak Road Estate Wines are still trying to con you into buying their wines by claiming you have won a voucher that doesn't exist and trying to pretend all sorts of things to get you to buy.
    Sure they claim you signed up for their voucher on their partnership with Myers, The Age, Kogan or others they don't name to get their foot in the door. Smelling a rat I contacted The Age and Myers and neither have ever heard of Oak Road Estate and have certainly never entered into any partnership with them or would with anyone else in a similar way.
    This lot are scum and should be treated as such until the authorities wipe them off the face of the earth.
  • Vicki
    February 16, 2019
    I've now had 2 bad experiences with a male trying 2 make me buy wine after I've said no 3 times. Not currently working. I found him really annoying. I will not be purchasing any more wine through u.
  • Anne
    July 31, 2018
    Wine was not delivered to my address. When I rang the number posted on the website 0404 888 889 it was a private number and the 9583 9990 was not listed.
    Still waiting for my wine which ORE said was delivered and photographed at my door. Not so!
  • Belinda
    August 25, 2017
    These guys sell me my wine - Oak Road Estate. Always seem to talk to a lovely gent all James. Never had an issue with them
  • kathleen johnson
    January 7, 2017
    Ididn't believe the $50 voucher offer but the red wine they sent for $100 wasa very good mixture. I think a survey through Bunnings got me on the list
  • Alex
    May 14, 2019
    Unsolicited call
    Caller: male salesperson

    I have received a phone call from one of their salespeople on Wednesday, 8 May 2019 who offered me to buy a box of 12 Australian Shiraz wine for $159 that 'normally sells for $30 per bottle', he said. When I declined he said he 'would sharpen his pencil' and offered it to me for $129 (at 'about $10 per bottle' he said) and express delivery so that I would get it on Friday. The salesperson has also said that if I 'don't like it I can return it for a full refund'. We were going out on Saturday 11 May, so I agreed. Nothing arrived on Friday, but I received a box of 6 bottles of some obscure Italian Syrah today, on 14 May. We have opened one bottle and tried it. I do not believe that this wine could be sold for $30 a bottle, I do not believe it could be sold even for $10, as it is of inferior quality to most Australian $10 Shirazes. I was told a bunch of lies by the salesperson and received not 12, but 6 bottles of inferior wine for $129 at a different time that was agreed on. The manager would not admit these as mistakes, was quite rude and agreed to refund only on return of the wine.
  • Anonymous
    May 9, 2019
    You sound like a disgruntled ex employee.
  • josh
    May 9, 2019
    You dont know what your talking about!! you must be a disgruntled ex employee fired for non compliance.. Award winning wines at a excellent price with a money back guarantee.!!! great way to shop for wines.
  • Fred
    January 30, 2019
    Caller: Jake from Oak Road Estate

    Was told it was a 2014 Mitchell Betty and Max Clare Valley shiraz for $129. This was after some dubious discount. I could not find any reference to Michtell's being involved in Betty and Max Clare shiraz. I was promised my money back if I did not like it. I tasted 1 bottle (could have tasted 2) and sent the rest back. I only received $107.50 back.Will buy wine from them again.
  • Simon
    January 14, 2019
    Unsolicited call
    I was contacted by one of the representative by phone who gave me certain information on a ‘special’ Sauvignon Blanc.
    The claims were:
    It sold in Dan Murphy’s – Sail the High Sea’s Sauvignon Blanc is not in their wine portfolio. Only found out what the actual wine was when it was delivered.
    It was from New Zealand – it is not, it is from South East Australia
    I was to get a $20 voucher applied to the sale and the Total would be $109.00 – it was charged out at $129.00.
    My overall opinion of the wine is that it is a quaffing wine, probably not worth $10.75 a bottle, more like $8.50 bottle.
    As I was misled in this sale (and I despise deceit), I have requested to be removed from the contact list and not to contact me again. Time will tell!
    In short, I shall not be buying from Oak Road again.
  • Tom
    November 16, 2018
    I received a call. Do not know how they got my number or email. Offered me a Peter Lehmann. I bought two cases because I know the brand. When it arrived it was labeled Sail the High Seas. I contacted Oak Road and was told the wine was "sourced" from Peter Lehmann and bottled and labeled by Oak Road. I will not do business with dishonest companies. They are picking up the wine next week and I expect a credit. What is wrong with being forthright and honest?
  • John E
    November 13, 2018
    Caller: James

    Great company to deal with. Offer good suggestions and look after me exceptionally well if what I have had previously may be not available. James is very professional, listens well and has a sound knowledge and understanding of stocks. Would recommend Oak Road Estate unhesitatingly.
  • Anonymous
    November 12, 2018
    Won't divulge how they got my details.
  • Steve
    September 20, 2018
    Got a call from Jake? offering cheap good quality wine. Tried the hard sell saying I had a $50 voucher that expired tomorrow. I wanted to do my research so put him off a few hours. Research indicated poor quality wine. When Jake rang back I informed him that my research did not provide very good feedback and read a couple out to him and then informed him that I would 'give it a miss'. He said "I'm a bit sh*tty' and hung up. I'm not sure if he was sh*tty with me or the reviews or both.

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