• Greg
    June 17, 2015
    Prank Call
    Springwood, Australia
    2 calls on my mobile charged to my account....I didn't ring so not sure how they got through will have to have this barred as it's $6.60 a time
  • WL
    November 20, 2015
    Perth, Australia
    just found the following for Telstra Customers
    bar premium sms for your protection

    the funny thing is that i never actually got a premium sms so didnt reply to it but got hit anyhow.
  • Harry
    January 19, 2016
    Burpengary, Australia
    I called Telstra and barred the number as I have never agreed to a third party charge. I then received a call from IG8 the following day stating that they would refund me the amounts charged to my phone bill. Will wait and see, they gave obviously charged so many people it is a disgrace on Telstra's behalf.
  • Lynette Gay
    April 13, 2016
    Cowes, Australia
    I have had third party purchases by IG8 Pty Ltd on my Telstra account fir 3 of the last 4 bills. The amount charged to me by Telstra for IG8 totals $39.60. I have called the number given to me by Telstra and keep getting incorrect mobile number when it is correct. What do I do next to recover my money and put a stop to these unwanted calls.
  • Travis B
    March 17, 2016
    Victoria, Australia
    Im with Optus and the same thing happened. It doesn't matter which mobile service provider you are with your going to get scammed by these grubby scammers like IG8
  • Charles
    December 14, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    I am with Telstra and was also charged the $6.60 by IG8 through Telstra. I have never used 199 numbers. I am not that ofe with phones and only use them for basic things. I don't even sms as it takes me too long. I have contacted Telstra re this charge and they informed me that they would get in contact with IG8 and have them phone me. It will be interesting if this happens. If not I will get right back to Telstra. I thought that I had a ban on using 1900 numbers but Telstra informed me that I don't. Thanks to WL in Perth I have accesses the web page and put a stop to the 1900 numbers.
  • M
    December 2, 2016
    Kellyville, Australia
    I am also being charged from this third party IG8 PTY LTD STOP IT NOW
  • Ron
    December 30, 2016
    Hawthorn, Australia
    According to a reverse search online service they are:
    Unit 39 ??
    Waterloo, New South Wales, 2017 Australia
    (02) 8303 8200
  • Pixie
    February 16, 2016
    Algester, Australia
    Just realised I have been charged $5 a month for the last three months by IG8. Never heard of them, never bought anything from them, was never contacted by them. Rang Telstra who immediately unsubscribe me and refunded me $15. Was told Telstra had reported IG8 to authorities 2 weeks ago, but we seem to be still getting scammed. My next move is a complaint to the Omsbudsman
  • El
    January 11, 2016
    Ryde, Australia
    I've just spoken to Telstra about the IG8 charge on my latest bill. While I was on the phone to them they called IG8 and had me unsubscribed, although I had not subscribed in the first place.

    Although Telstra were unwilling to refund the $6.60 already charged they have noted on my account that I do not receive any premium SMS services and will not be charged in the future.
  • Kathleen
    January 7, 2016
    Blacktown, Australia
    This IG8 PTY LTD as had a field day I apparently purchssed a game while on stage while singing carols in a choir.....my phone was switched off. Meanwhile, I don't use or play games on my phone, do not use premium services. The operator at IG8 p/l then tried to implicate my children...they are 27 and 31 both not living at home...perhaps my Dachshund dialed the service and purchased a game....she forgot to download it....oh that's right, she was home and my phone was switched off tucked away in my handbag.....I have b promise a refund cheque, yet to see that....
  • Georgina
    December 14, 2015
    Caulfield North, Australia
    What a disgrace - If Telstra manage to get $6.60 from every account holder
  • Anonymous
    October 12, 2017
    Redcliffe, Australia
    Very disappointed with theses charges of over $400 ,
    We are over 55 years of age and we don't go into these sites or ask for them.
    We were told refund would come not yet very disappointing and angry . IG8 PTY LTD
  • Gav
    August 14, 2017
    Toowoomba, Australia
    I've also been unknowingly sucked into this scam with unwanted IG8 charges on my bill. Clearly by the number of complaints this is not an ethical business yet Telstra continue to allow them to operate with this same scammy business model. Single click is allowing this rort to steal peoples money. Any subscription should require a confirmation click. Poor form Telstra for allowing this to continue.
  • Amy Tea
    June 16, 2017
    Warragul, Australia
    Try calling 1300 332 245 I at least received a response actually spoke to a person who promised me a refund for $26.40 within one week. I had not subscribed to anything, this charge was absolutely random. Telstra kept telling me it must be a pop up. This is a business not a toy to play with it only receives and makes calls, plus occasional photos taken for work purposes. Telstra promised to bar further charges. Wait and see what happens.
  • nic
    May 27, 2017
    Aspley, Australia
    Thanks for this info, much appreciated, kind regards
  • Jodie
    May 22, 2017
    Cairns, Australia
    I've nowcheckedd as far back as Novmber last yea to find I've been charged with over $330 of those apparent third party purchase. Both myself and my son, whose phone is also on my account have been hit repeatedly with all of this from IG8 .

    I've also contacted Telstra regarding this on five occasions now. e

    Now they tell me it's been escalated and they have actually refund some of the charges back o be via a credit on my latest bill.

    But checking this bill the other day, I see IG8 are sill smacking us with these $6.60 and $5 charges!

    Apparently, someone from Telstra will be calling me within the next 24/48 hrs to discuss it.
  • Brian Pope
    May 8, 2017
    Hobart, Australia
    Did u ever get a refund or stop messages as thats what they told me 4 mths ago but still getting charges
  • Leonie
    April 17, 2017
    Castle Hill, Australia
    Firstly I will start by admitting I have become a victim of this scam for probably way too long than I should have been! It seems to be only Telstra customers that this scam relates to. There are several (non Telstra related) sites when searching "IG8" that appear with similar blogs, all of which refer to Telstra as the initial provider. After contacting Telstra myself, and them proceeding to activate the "Third Party" blocking, Telstra then connected me with IG8 1300 332 245) via a conference call. This only resulted in IG8 advising that they are not charging me but another party called "Ad Magnet". I was provided with a number 1300 953 178 )to contact Ad Magnet, to which I did. They could not advise me of what I was actually getting for my $6.60 a hit charge but that I had signed up in some way. Funny how they can charge (and some months up to 5 times = $33.00) but they do not have any other specific information on their system. Taking into account the blogs of other victims, when I was told they would send a "refund cheque" to me I directly told them that it was "Bullsh*t" but nevertheless I will wait to receive it. Both telephone conversations with IG8 and Ad Magnet had a delay effect indicating that the call was in fact International. On questioning both of these companies they advised that they were in NSW although IG8 would not provide the town in NSW they were in, Ad Magnet stated they were in Neutral Bay! If this is only a Telstra thing, then I question why has Telstra not taken total action against these 3rd Party Purchases. Blogs I have read go back as far as early 2015 with the same problem and same resolution.
  • Mickyj
    April 3, 2017
    Cairns, Australia
    total of 21 separate charges to IG8 Pty Ltd for $95.50 last 5 Telstra bills (for game called Buko - never heard of it). Contacted Telstra and blocked future 3rd party charges. First call to Telstra managed to get $20 refund by cheque from IG8 (will not hold my breath waiting for it). Second call to Telstra they have credited $75.50 to my account. Although happy to resolve I found it strange that Telstra so quickly agreed to re-credit my account.

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