• Anthony
    April 17, 2017
    Hunters Hill, Australia
    Scammers - relation to car accidents
    Report to: https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/
  • Ulessa
    April 24, 2017
    Adelaide, Australia
    The same old motor accident scam - I told them the dog was driving and he was still too traumatised to take calls!
  • Again!!!
    April 14, 2017
    Cannington, Australia
    Definately a car insurance scam. "Our records indicate you have had a car accident in the last two years and are owed money from your claim. Can we have your banking details so we can transfer the amount owing" Replied: Just send me a cheque to collect at the nearest post office. You obviously have my name and phone number. Result: They hung up on me for some unknown reason and I wonder why!!!
  • julie
    May 19, 2017
    West Hoxton, Australia
    Scam !! So annoying. Can be computer scam or car accident scam. Solar panal one is most annoying. When they ask how many solar panals you have say 1000..they dont like that!! THEY ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH
  • Arg
    April 20, 2017
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Just got a call from this number but because I answered with my company name it hung up... But reading all these comments they must be expecting to call "homes" to scam you...
  • Annoyed
    April 5, 2017
    Perth, Australia
    Well looks like thats yet another spam caller thats friggen annoying..... BLOCKED
  • Luke
    August 3, 2017
    Toowong, Australia
    This number has been reported to the carrier, Symbio Networks, at 12:16pm 3rd August 2017. They've advised there's not much they can do about it but will look into it briefly. They advised the correct course of action is to contact Law Enforcement (which aren't usually helpful either).
  • fred
    July 28, 2017
    Perth, Australia
    We are also getting this nuisance call on a regular basis.
    my question is:
    One of the TELCO'S MUST KNOW WHO OWNS the phone number.
    Why aren't they doing something about it?
  • steve h
    May 31, 2017
    Townsville, Australia
    told them that i wasn't interested in their scam and i would list their number with a gay dating site..... hung up quickly
  • M
    August 14, 2017
    Toowoomba, Australia
    this guy rang once, I told him I knew it was a scam and not to call back and hung up. He called back instantly and said "How do you know this is a scam?" Idiot!
  • Sue Y
    August 12, 2017
    South Perth, Australia
    Sca caller to private number Aug 11. 'A member of your family has been in an accident' - these filthy scammers need to be shut down
  • Shane
    August 11, 2017
    Yennora, Australia
    Got call about a car accident. Girlfriend was confused as we had an accident recently. I asked for a name involved with the case and they couldn't. Hung up
  • Carol
    August 10, 2017
    Forrestdale, Australia
    I received a phone call from an Indian lady "Maria" she went on about car accident and insurance. I said that she was a Scammer and a lying Cheat! Never to call my phone no again. I will be reporting this to the telecommunication ombudsman. Telecommunication companies need to get their act together and stop this sort of rubbish once and for all.
  • Nay
    August 9, 2017
    Perth, Australia
    Insurance scam! Called the real insurance commission of Australia they say police are trying to shut them down. don't fall for WA Legal! Fraud fake bastards. Trying to scam disabled people! BLOCK THEM
  • Bronwyn
    August 9, 2017
    Albany Creek, Australia
    They keep calling again, again, again! both our mobile numbers and home number. At first a long pause (so probably calling from overseas), mention a car accident I was in. I just hang up now straight away and engage in no verbal interaction.
  • Kelly
    August 9, 2017
    Cairns, Australia
    calling our business line at least once a minute - makes me look busy but I actually do have other stuff to do - they are just handing up once I answer
  • Joe Toowoomba
    August 8, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    They are still at it. Had a call on the land line today, but not home to take the call..
    With all these scams, why can't the authorities do something about it. They obviously pay their phone bill so the telco is not going to shut the number down..
    Have blocked the number
  • Pablo
    August 4, 2017
    Cammeray, Australia
    Yet another Indian scammer, 'Dillon', claiming to be from Vehicle Accident Investigation ..... "Dillon you're a criminal scammer, get lost you creep!". Don't get sucked in to this scam or the other common one claiming to be from the Australian Taxation Office.
  • Linda, Near Toowoomba,Queensland.
    July 31, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    I have a silent number and my husband answered and they hung up but I see it is already a known scam number and I have reported it to Telstra.
  • Jamie
    July 30, 2017
    Ainslie, Australia
    Insurance scam. They want your details. JUST HANG UP!

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