• More Justice
    November 16, 2016
    Danny Daher

    DB-U 9585 27/07/2016

    Danny Daher – The Building Practitioners Board found the practitioner guilty of 34 allegations in total in relation to 5 properties. The building practitioner had been
    engaged to undertake domestic building projects by the homeowners. He was found to have failed to perform his work in a competent manner and to a professional
    standard on 25 occasions, in contravention of regulation 1502(a) of the Building Regulations 2006. 19 of those breaches related to the practitioner demanding progress
    payments from the homeowners for work that had not been completed, 3 breaches related to defective work and 3 breaches concerned variations to the contract in the
    absence of the homeowners’ consent. The Board also found the practitioner guilty of 4 contraventions of section 16 of the Building Act 1993 in that he failed to perform
    work in accordance with the building permit and 1 contravention of section 136(2) in that he carried out building work without the required insurance. The remaining 3
    allegations concerned the practitioner’s failure to facilitate mandatory inspections. The Board held that the practitioner’s conduct in relation to repeated poor building
    practices and contractual matters constituted a significant risk to the public and that this warranted the most severe sanction to the practitioner’s ability to practice as a
  • Small Justice
    August 10, 2016
    Daher Danny

    DB-U 9585 3/03/2016

    Danny Daher - The Building Practitioners Board found the practitioner guilty of three allegations in relation to alteration, addition and renovation building work at a site
    in Flemington. The practitioner had carried out building work that was not in accordance with the issued building permit in breach of s16(1) of the Building Act. The
    practitioner had breached s179(1)(fb) for failure to carry out a recommendation containing in an inspectors report under s48 of the Domestic Building Contracts Act
    1995. The practitioner had also failed to comply with s42(a) of the Domestic Building Contracts Act by demanding final payment when the work had not been
    completed in accordance with the plans and specifications set out in the contract such as subfloor columns and drain spools not installed in accordance with the
    engineering plans and reduced finished floor levels from documented levels by more than 40mm.
  • Anonymous
    August 24, 2016
    Wayne Martin (now trading under yet another company name - Awm Builders Pty Ltd), you never cease to amaze. For those of you who missed out on the displeasure of seeing Wayne on "The Block" last night, please visit the Channel 9 website and have a look for yourselves. Let me just give you a brief rundown of what happened. Basically, Wayne has passed himself off as a builder to get on the show & has proved to the viewers nationwide, that he's completely incompetent. Channel 9 clearly don't know that he's unqualified, yet working on a commercial building site & the fact that he's a conman!

    Your day will come Wayne, and it really doesn't help your cause by plastering your face all over television. You may have thought you were great by getting this gig, however, you have done nothing but tarnish your reputation & business. You should be so embarrassed. I think it's time to get a new company, that's what you do best. How are you still affording to live at 12 Osborne Close, Brighton? Who are you scamming now?

    Just some words of advice...If you're going to get a job as a builder on a well-known TV show, it might be helpful to know what you're doing. And while you're at it, pay back the money you stole & take responsibility for your crimes!
  • Anonymous
    January 8, 2019
    If anyone knows where to find that Range Rover?
  • Questions
    February 26, 2018
    Wayne, is it true you've just gone bust??
    Surely your wife wouldnt still be driving a range rover around if that was the case??
  • Anonymous
    January 4, 2018
    Wayne sorry bud... your day has come......WATCH
  • natconvictimsATyahoo.com.au
    January 8, 2016
    From: Danny Daher <danny@******10.com.au>
    Date: 20 September 2013 6:55:50 pm AEST
    To: Wayne Martin <aw************@me.com>
    Subject: Re:

    You will get $ back
    I can't believe we are in this position
    But we are doing all the right things to get back on track .
    It's going to take some time but it will be all good
    I consider you like family . And I have never lied to you about anything
    I want us to be a team for many years to come . We have both invested a lot in each other . And only good things will come out if it .
    My priority is to give our families peace of mind of the weekly retainers and get a job like lake st on board to kick start the cashflow again
    With out the Natcon debt .
    And learn from our mistakes moving foward so we are never in this position again

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    On 20/09/2013, at 6:41 PM, Wayne Martin <aw************@me.com> wrote:

    Annie and I are really worried about getting $$ back
    I have a house on the line

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    On 20/09/2013, at 6:37 PM, Danny Daher <danny@******10.com.au> wrote:

    It's easier if I look after all the $
    And focus on ensuring we can keep retainers on track at all times .
    We need to organise new restructure
    With Natcon 10 and aw ASAP
    To get rid off all the dead wood
    And start making some serious $.

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    On 20/09/2013, at 6:13 PM, Wayne Martin <aw************@me.com> wrote:

    With cash from empress we can put onto my overdraft to get it paid down and use it if needed

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  • Anonymous
    May 3, 2016
    Wayne Martin & co aka Aw Developments. Osborne Close, Brighton. How can you afford such an address? You have a nerve posting your company details & residential address online after all that you have done! Who are you ripping off now?
  • Going to the Polo to see Danny Daher
    January 8, 2016
    Danny - we will see you at Portsea Polo this weekend - this may be your last ever Polo as you are hunted and haunted.

    Dont care about what Wayne did or not done in Natcon Development period....as he (Wayne) was not involved in Natcon 10 where Danny / Peta Daher's most recent scams which took hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars from home owners without paying his tradies .... Danny and Peta Daher have been scamming with or without Wayne! They are the head of the snake.

    Danny/ Peta - ATO (and other authorities) will be knocking on your door in 2016 for Natcon 10 non declared GST and other false and illegal business transactions! Have you check your license recently???? Looks like you are not able to work in the building industry any more. Didnt we tell you Karma is a BIARCH? 2016 is going to be a TERRIBLE year for you and Peta for the hardships you two have intentionally and maliciously inflicted on innocent people. All your conducts will be catching up on you two this year.
  • The Man Upstairs
    October 20, 2016
    Has anyone seen the latest VBA Disciplinary Register?

    Danny, Danny, Danny - you been a naughty boy ....

    Whos gonna employ you now?

    You couldnt even build with lego
  • Scammed
    January 31, 2016
    All that does confirm Wayne was that you were obviously more involved in the going ons of Natcon Developments than you led the rest of us to believe.

    Those emails could be taken as you were a director of the company - being given all that financial information.

    You may end up being liable for some of the debts your business partner incurred - being a director and all.

    Having it checked out at the moment - wish you caved in to the pressures of what was said about you and your best mate on this site earlier - It could of saved us a lot of trouble.
  • Anonymous
    January 28, 2016
    Perhaps Wayne could also sell his Hampton property as well to pay back creditors? Oh yeah, that's right, you don't like paying creditors back their money do you Wayne? Just a thought, as it completely blows my mind that Wayne & Danny are still living in luxury & we're still here fighting for justice. I think a call to the media should be made, A Current Affair would be all over this saga. The more calls the better!

    Wayne, if it was you that leaked the emails between you & Danny, I would like to start by telling you that you're a TWIT! As Mr. Plumber has previously pointed out, it just proves your involvement with Danny and the scam that is & not to mention that you're also implicating your wife in all of this. Your wife is clearly in on the scam also. So, you & Annie were concerned about one of your properties were you? You weren't too concerned when you purchased a $1.75 million dollar home on money obtained by deception. More to the point, what about the clients and tradesmen that actually earn an honest living? Did you not stop to think that we have houses on the line too?

    Wayne & Danny are both scumbags. Wayne knew exactly what Danny was doing & chose to join him with the lure of large retainers. Wayne, I hope you're not passing yourself off as a builder, as I've looked you up & you're not REGISTERED. You and your family are living a lie Wayne & it can't continue forever. I strongly suspect at some stage in the near future that there will be a knock at your front door...and you won't like who's on the other side. Make the most of your Brighton postcode because when you come undone, I envisage a FOR SALE sign at the front of your house!
  • Plumber
    January 24, 2016
    Hi Wayne

    All that proves, without a doubt, is that you and Danny - Natcon Developments - were partners.

    We will see where that takes us from here.

    You new house should cover the cost of most of the debt owed!

    I'm sure we will all settle with what that will bring - less you 300+k claim.

    Thanks for the info - exactly what we needed - your confirmation that you were a partner.

    Once again - thanks
  • Anonymous
    December 23, 2015
    We're all aware of Danny's reputation, however, it would be a big mistake to underestimate Wayne Martin's involvement in all of this. Wayne, the nerve of you playing the part of a victim of Danny and portraying yourself as being in the same situation as us. What a load of rubbish, & if you actually believe that you will get away with what you have done, you're dreaming!

    After looking into you, & not very hard may I add, I came across ASIC documents stating that the company you had prior to AW Developments, being Cheef Constructions, was put into liquidation, finally winding up in late 2014. Did you also have difficulties in paying people/bills back then as well? Seems to me like history is repeating itself. Which brings me to my next question. For someone that has recently been involved with an insolvent company, how can you then purchase a property in Brighton for 1.75 million? Further to this, which has already been mentioned, & work for Danny without payment for a long period of time? Then, to top it off, you decide Danny owes you $300K & misappropriate funds which should have been paid to trades. How on earth could you afford to do all of this when you weren't being paid? It doesn't take much investigation to highlight the part you played in all of this.

    I strongly suggest for those of you out there who believe Wayne is just as guilty as Danny, to lodge a complaint with the ATO/ASIC outlining your concerns regarding AW Developments. Perhaps nothing will be done, however, it's a start. If I can find info surrounding Wayne's deceitful past, imagine what certain authorities could stumble across.

    Don't get too comfortable Wayne, your deceitful past is knocking at your front door!
  • Plumber
    December 19, 2015
    Well if Wayne wasn't in cohorts with Daher, explain how he was owed $300,000.00.

    Did he just wake up one day and decide that he had better put an invoice in for all the work he had done for Danny.
    I wish I was in the financial position to do $300,000.00 worth of work before submitting an invoice.

    To add, didn't Danny make legal statements that he paid Wayne money to pay us contractors with.
    If they were false, wouldn't Wayne have taken Daher to Court to prove this is not correct.
    All the Judge would want to see is Bank Statements between the two - a 5 minute Judgement.

    They both played the system - and won

    Anyone who thinks Wayne Martin wasn't in on the scam needs ....... help.
  • Unknown
    October 29, 2015
    Wayne Martin and co living the Brighton high life.
    Where does the money suddenly come from?
    Wayne did you win tatts?
  • Anonymous
    March 4, 2019
    Anyone know the whereabouts of the scumbag Danny Daher - its been a few years and now I ready to seek some personal vengence.....time to find the little pussycat and see how he likes being poked!
  • Plumber
    January 19, 2016
    Well done Wayne....

    All those emails simply confirm that you had a direct and financial involvement in Natcon Developments.

    Are you confirming to us that you were a financial partner in Natcon Developments?

    Please divulge further to what your involvement with Natcon developments was.

    It seems that you may have been a Director of Natcon Developments.
    Your Brighton house could be on the line to pay back creditors.

    Let's see where this brings us to. - You may be liable for your bestest buddies debts.
  • Anonymous
    December 16, 2015
    If Wayne wasn't involved in Danny's fraudulent acts, then how is he managing to purchase properties in expensive suburbs and drive luxury cars? All on an UNQUALIFIED/UNREGISTERED builder's salary? I understand that you don't require certain trade qualifications in Victoria, carpentry being one of them, however, don't lie about having them when you don't.

    Wayne's lifestyle dramatically improved soon after working for Danny, so unless he's won tatts along the way, I'd strongly suspect that Wayne was very much involved with Danny's fraudulent behaviour. Just because Danny continues to be a con man after he and Wayne have parted ways means nothing at all. It doesn't lessen Wayne's guilt or the part he played in this web of deceit. Wayne is most likely doing exactly the same thing, just somewhere else. Wayne has stolen all he needs, just enough to purchase a house in Brighton and live a luxury lifestyle. Regardless of when people were made victims of Wayne and/or Danny, the fact still remains that Wayne and Danny are living comfortably on the money that should be in the pockets of trades/clients.

    No-one is disputing Danny's shady past/present, however, Wayne also needs to be held accountable for the money that he stole. Wayne, stop playing the victim and insulting our intelligence by making a claim against Danny for over 300K, in the hope that you are also perceived as a victim.You may think you have hidden the money well, however, it's only a matter of time before the part you played in all of this comes to light. All bank transactions have a paper trail. This, you can't hide from. KARMA is a bitch!
  • Feed Up
    November 16, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Danny Daher, Abraham, Swinger or whatever you’re calling yourself, you’re such a twit, all you have done by quoting these cases is point everyone to the evidence. For a small fee anyone can read them, and see the real circumstances of Natcon Developments DEMISE. I read 7 large files on you at VCAT today; I would have liked to have read them all but I need at least 2 days to do that. Each is fascinating reading and each proves you are not a competent builder, have had many claims against you and you are a liar.

    The list of defects with your builds goes on and on, I mean really what you were thinking using a car jack to support a bearer in a bathroom; it’s called a stump Daher that’s what you’re supposed to use. A word of advice, those glasses are doing you no good in your back pocket put them on your eyes because it’s obvious that you can’t read plans for sh&&. You should also invest in a tape measure, a straight edge, some framing squares and a sprit level. Now repeat after me, I know that issuing a stage invoice before its due is in and of itself a major breach of the contract! I will from now on not issue a stage invoice until the stage has actually been completed and signed off by the surveyor. I will also not write and sign witness statements on behalf of other “trusted associates” - busted. I cross my heart and hope to well you know. These things happen I suppose … a lot for you…..

    And by the way - NO sitting VCAT member will issue a judgment, let alone a substantial judgment against a party unless the matter has been substantially proven. I stress the, “substantially proven” part here! God in heaven do you actually believe your own lies, when are you going to stop with the bul$%$t and take some responsibility? To quote Mr Plumber, "man up Daher".

    It was really sad, read convenient that you went into administration 3 days after that judgment was made against you; you know the one you were going to win. It’s interesting though that despite carrying over 2 million dollars of debt you were able to miraculously start up NatconTen PTY LTD back in October 2013. Where did the seed money for that come from, I thought you were hand to mouth?

    Fast forward to the present day and because Natcon Developments is in administration the VMIA is settling claims against you. Talk about defects, in one case the costs to rectify the defects are more than the completed contract price. In another, the cost of defects is equal to the stage payments made up to the point you were terminated. What would be good to know is the number of contracts where you have entered into a deed of settlement, I know of at least 2 where it was easier for the clients to pay you to go away than continue with the build.

    As far as your trusted associate, point the blame elsewhere, create doubt and the burden of proof moves with it, obviously one of those law firms you had working for you told you that little gem. In hindsight you should have paid them, and then they would have told you that you have to also prove the accusation. Only you and the trusted associate are privy to the details of that arrangement, but as you have stated you are the principal so ultimately the buck stops with you.

    We know you have been caught with your pants down by your NatconTen PTY LTD clients and as expected you are trying to shift the focus away from your own duplicity and culpability.

    If you are a current client there is nothing more to be said, get yourself to a lawyer, this man is bad news…. If you are thinking of using Daher for any work, stop - why in any God's name would you do that?

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