• D
    January 27, 2012
    I am from Adelaide, South Australia. I got a call from some Indian girl, she claimed to be calling from Australian Information Research Group...straight away I asked her if she was calling from Australia or India, she said India but that she was working for an Australian company. She wanted to know my private details whether I worked f/t or p/t etc and apparently her supervisor would give me some tax saving advice even though she told me that she was not trying to sell me anything. I asked her where she got my number from and who gave her permission to call me seeing that we are on the 'DO NOT CALL REGISTER'. She simply replied from the White Pages! I told her I was going to get my son to look up their company information online to see if she was from legitimate organisation or someone just trying to solicit my private information illegally, at this point the caller panicked and she told me that if I was not interested that it was okay, and she hung up! My advice is - DO NOT give out your private information to anyone as they could be potential thiefs trying to figure out when you are at work and rob your place in your absence or someone trying to steal your identity.
  • Unhappy client
    February 5, 2016
    Steer clear from Optima Wealth Solutions. They will sell you an Investment property and then when it all turns to crap they want nothing to do with you.
  • Dissatisfied client Jan
    February 9, 2017
    I totally agree they are a company that should be ashamed to call themselves wealth builders when the only ones that gain from their investments is themselves. It is the most regrettable decision I have ever made in my life & now at age 62 I have a huge mortgage that is crippling me............Oh they had a very shap salesman by the name of Mark a very slick Scotsman who had an answer to every question & now I look like losing my own home. .......Please please steer well clear of Optima Wealth.
  • Optima Customer
    August 25, 2014
    Optima Wealth management - We help our clients 'make smart decisions'.
    Optima were our accountants and financial planners for more than ten years during which time we took every word of advice on tax, superannuation, insurances and investments. After losses of more than $250k in primary industry investments - most of which turned into ashes within 2 years of starting - we had an independent review which identified that we had been transferred into a series of high commission, high fee, and as it turns out, disastrously high risk platforms. It has been devastating. Nice people to deal with though.
  • Mark
    August 2, 2016
    Have had the same problem. regretfully bought a property through Optima. Have had nothing but problems and now they are the hardest people to get into contact with. Have been emailing Peter Ramsey, he takes months to reply without any resolutions. What issues have you had with them?
  • Helen, Adelaide
    February 6, 2012
    I have just had a call from this group. Whilst talking to them - I asked a series of Qs
    who they are, where they are located ,who is using the information, which government Department they are working for. All anwers were useless. I then went to the internet and searched google for " Australian Information Research Group" and nothing appears. I said to the female caller with an indian accent, that the group doesnt exist. SHe then put me on to her male supervisor. They were wanting to know - " household information about who works, income, home ownership and interest rate effects. I didnt provide any information but said " thanks for the call, as you are not a registered organisation and you cannot tell me where you are located - I am not interested in anwering. I then hung up. I fear for the people they call that are not educated enough to question the callers.they probably confuse oldies and gather the information for all the wrong purposes. Hmm - A database is probably being created wih too much personal information - for use - by unknown people for all the wrong reasons. I am in Adelaide. If anyone else is interested in making a formal complaint about this call and group I would be interested. H
  • Anonymous
    May 5, 2018
    Also got sucked into buying a property in Blacks Beach in 2012, which halved in value within 2 years of us buying, if not sooner. Did google this company but didn't find much back then. Never received the rent promised. Unable to negotiate better mortgage rates for this millstone as it has sucked up our equity. Would love to take part of any class action.
  • Nancy
    June 15, 2013
    Yes the company they are employed by seems to be a legitimate Australian company that should probably be accountable to some government authority who monitors the laws regarding telemarketing. Seems there are a few cracks in the system because we are continuosly recieving cold calls from telemarketers even though we are on the do not call register. Why have it if it doesn't work,??
  • Anonymous
    June 19, 2019
    Used to work for this prick. I was sacked because I told customers he was a scammer.
  • Brad
    January 2, 2013
    Just had a call from a guy who said he is from the Australian Research Group Institute or some such nonsense. Obviously Indian and not very clever. After some time listening to his blurb, I asked him for his website URL which conveniently he could not provide.
    Gave him his 15 minutes of fame and politely told him to bugger off. Then I get another call from the same place this time by a woman, again Indian and she could not speak or understand English. Had some fun with her until it got boring and told her to bugger off as well. Isn't anyone doing anything about these scammers. Love to visit them with a baseball bat.
  • Anonymous
    June 12, 2018
    Caller: Mark

    Would love to do the same, I'm sure there would be a few people who would love to get some sort of reimbursement towards their properties.
    Can email me at msmitty1 @ hotmail.com
  • John Trembath
    April 27, 2017
    Stay well clear of this company. They are all over you when signing up. After they have conned you, you're on your own. I invested in 2015 in Blacks Beach Qld. Property is only valued at 50% of what I invested. Rental is also 50% of what was estimated by Optima. Have not heard from them in 2 years.
  • Andrew
    April 3, 2017
    Optima Wealth are now trading as XCELA Wealth
  • Unhappy former client - Suz
    September 27, 2014
    My personal advice (from unhappy experiences) is to have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Optima Wealth Group business. Wealth management is for them (they are building their own wealth) - they are not interested in building wealth for their clients.
  • Angie
    January 20, 2014
    I have had calls from these people numerous times to the point I reported them and placed our no. on Do Not Call Register. They just called again, introducing themselves a little differently from usual; this time I said hold whilst I look you up online, meanwhile they hung up. I then found this site!!! Inbelievable, how can they still call when we are on the register???
  • Ian
    July 9, 2012
    This mob call me about once a week, despite my giving them the brush-off every time. If they genuinely want demographic information on the suburb I live in (which is what they say), the best and cheapest source is the Census. The only reason for getting this information via a phone 'survey' is to be able to identify specific households so you can be targeted for scams and the like.
  • Carole
    August 31, 2020
    I’ve posted on this forum a few times, just wandering if anyone has been successful in getting any compensation, my husband and I had to file for bankruptcy because of this disgusting man,so many people faced financial ruin getting involved with him and optima, would be nice to know if someone has managed to get something back
  • Rose Pennacchia
    July 23, 2020
    Caller: Frank Renda - Jo Linney

    Please help us we want to get Peter Ramsey he has financially ruined us and many more we want to find a way to take him to ASIC to get financial compensation
  • Greg
    February 6, 2020
    Caller: Optima

    I bought a property also through Optima wealth solutions which also halved in value within the first few years and I was promised follow up for years but they have got their money and dumped me .I have been financially ruined by this company and will never recover as with a previous poster I am also 62 and now don't know what the future holds ,
  • Anonymous
    March 26, 2019
    Hi please give me a call regarding your comment 0438 776 169

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