• Peter
    February 27, 2013
    Ring Ring,,, Ring Ring,,,

    Caller identified herself as Angela, from Quantum, a computer support company. Notice how they use names of genuine companies, or names that sound genuine, or your calling number display is showing an overseas Voip call, for a company based in Australia?

    This caller is a scammer using the same system as the supposed calls from the "Windows Microsoft Support Centre". Microsoft, and the other companies DO NOT, and WILL NOT, make calls of this nature. DO NOT get caught!!

    The scam goes, "Hello it is <name> from <company>, we have had complaints that your computer has downloaded malicious software files that is corrupting and slowing down your computer. If left un-treated your computer will become damaged"

    The caller then offers to tell you how that you can check for the corrupted files yourself, this process is designed to convince you of the seriousness of the problem, and lull you into accepting that they are a genuine tech help company.

    The caller directs you to run the eventvwr (event viewer) so that you can see all the "blue circle infomation", "red warning", and "yellow caution" files.

    "Oh No" there are lots of them,,,, Dont Worry, these are normal, they don't tell you that!!
    They might also refer to the "Internet Nefarious Files". Files with an extention of .inf, by default you don't see the extentions that are part of every file on your computer.
    "Oh No" there are lots of those too,,,, Dont Worry, these also are normal, infact they are very important to your computer!!

    Once they have convinced you of the problem, you will be directed to a website, that will give them access to your computer.

    The sites they often use are, www.logmein.com, www.ammyy.com, amongst others. The companies that operate these legitimate sites allow free trials of their software, as a way of promoting their product.

    The scammers make use of trial accounts,to access your computer, you will be directed to download, and install the software from that site. (The software itself, ( if got from a legit site), is safe, BUT the way they use it and what they do while controlling your computer is not!!

    They may also direct you to www.qrcs123.com, or another site.

    WARNING:: The site www.qpcs123.com, is NOT legit!! DO NOT download any thing from that site...That webiste is owned by Gautam Vora, in Kolkata, India. I don't know,, but suspect that the software from this site will contain a virus, key logger, or other nasties, it is likely that it once installed will not give you the ability to see if or when they are controlling your computer, or to even deny them access.

    You have been warned!!

    Once you have installed the software they will ask you to enter the 6 digit security number that you were given when you bought the computer.

    Oh No! you can't remember that number, or the sales person didn't give it to you, they didn't even tell you about it?? Well that's OK, (See what a nice person I am, I'm telling you about it:)) Just press these buttons, or enter this command. Can you see the info window now? Look down the bottom of the screen can you see the Product ID:? Just enter the last group of numbers. that's your security number right there. That didn't work? Well your warranty must have expired..... I shouldn't do this,,,, but,,,,well you seem like a genuine nice person, so here enter this number, it is our tech departmant number, so don't give it to anyone else. ( See what a nice person this tech guy/gal is?) Alternatively they might just ask for the customer number generated by the installed software.

    DO NOT, download the software!! Unless you have a need for it, and only then download from Logmein.com or Ammyy.com The genuine software is good, and using it I have helped people with computer problems the other side of the world, all with out leaving my lounge room.

    DO NOT, enter the number that they give you!!
    DO NOT, give them the number generated by the software!!

    Doing so will give them access to your computer.

    While they are logged in to your computer, they can and will, take over control of your mouse and keyboard, which you can see, as they open and close various windows, showing you other "corrupt" files and folders.

    All of the above they will do for free!! Oh how nice of them!!!

    About this point, they will "need" your permission to install the software to "fix" your computer. Now this is where things start to cost, and cost BIG. They will mavigate, or direct you to a site where you can purchase a 1, 3, or 5 year warranty. Wow only $183 for 5 years of warranty and service.. you will be told that while on that site they can't see your details.

    Don't be fooled, THEY CAN SEE. They could even enter the details for you, after all you gave them full control of your mouse and keyboard, and can see everything that you can.

    If you enter your deatils and purchase the warranty, you will have, (1) given them $183, (2) given them your Name, Address, Post Code, Phone Number, and any other personal info that they may ask for on that page, (3) you will have given them your credit card details, Name, Number, expiry date, CSV number on the back, possibly your bank, and branch name. But why did they need your driver's licence number, or your mother's maiden name?

    Now that you have purchased the warranty, and you have given the "needed" permission for the extra software to be installed, everything will be just fine, after all, while all this remote control of you computer is going on, you can see exactly what they are doing, they have explained every step of the process, so you know they can't doing anything wrong. Right?

    Well,,,, you're wrong!

    The whole time that they had access to your computer there were 2 or more operators assisting you. They didn't "need" you permission to install that extra software, while they have access to your system, they have more control over your computer than you do. The whole time that the first operator was keeping you occupied, and directing, and leading you around the place, the other, unseen operator/s was also navigating his/her own way around your personal files, he/she has copied all your emails containing, those saved login details when you reset your Facebook, Bank, and World of Warcraft account passwords, your copys of reciepts from that eBay purchase, that you paid for via Paypal. Your address book, with the email addresses of your loved one's, fiends, and work mates has also been copied. I hope they didn't see your "hidden" folder with those "naughty pics" you and your girlfriend/boyfriend took of each other that weekend up the river.

    But more importantly you didn't see that second operator install the key logger, that saves the address of every webpage that you visit, that records every key stroke you enter into forms, or use to login, or the hidden remote control software, that gets left behind, (even if you do un-install the original software that you used to give them access) the software that "phones home" everytime your computer connects to the internet, the software that adds your IP address to their list of available computers.

    Congradulations, your computer has just joined all the others patiently waiting on line, for the the hacker come a calling. It doesn't matter that you aren't home, or that it is 3am and you're fast asleep.

    Now don't you complain when your Internet provider, terminates your service due to all those emails you have been spamming, to sell that Viagra, or promote your Russian Brides, or the police come calling due to that purchse of 1000 rounds of high power armour piercing shells you paid for with your Amex card, not to mention all that child pornography you have been distributing.

    But atleast they have fixed those Internet Nefarious Files,,,,,,,,,,
  • Andy
    December 14, 2012
    I have had dozens of calls sometimes 4 or 5 a day since Optus connected my phone.they just hang up when I ask them questions , I really want to find out who they are
    They say they are quantum and I have a pc issue
  • Anonymous
    August 13, 2021
    Don't know what he's talking about. i think it's scammers
  • Nicole
    November 23, 2012
    claim to be Quantum PC support.... 3 calls in 3 days they just dont take no for an answer...
    spam spam spam
  • Moe Leicester
    January 12, 2022
    Caller: Not known

    Called. No message. Very old VOIP number, so unless it's linked to an Aussie ABN/ACN etc then it's not legit.

    Big applause the the lengthy first report on this number and how the scam works.
  • Anonymous
    November 19, 2021
    called asking for business owner, I've asked what was the purpose and he hung up.
  • Jen
    October 4, 2021
    Scam call
    thank you Peter for your detailed description. I am on the "don't call" list - how do they get away with it?? Especially if they are not in Oz but overseas??
  • Anonymous
    September 23, 2021
    This number called a business, Asian voice said his name was "kevin", heard call centre chatter, he asked for the manager. I hung up, called the number back, got an engaged tone.
  • Anonymous
    September 1, 2020
    Time waster
  • Anonymous
    June 19, 2020
    Caller: JUST SAYS "GOODBYE" automated message. Cant ring them back. I have blocked

    I think its spam
  • Anonymous
    February 7, 2020
    Caller: scammers

    a/holes. scammers. lowlifes, oxygen thieves
  • Ryan
    January 22, 2020
    Caller: (02) 8002 4760

    Went out of the office for 2 hours came back 12 missed calls - 6 to one number and 6 to another no message.
    Number busy when I rang bck.
    Happy to see Peter's message.
  • Anonymous
    January 14, 2020
    Scam call
    Apparently this number is still in (bad) use. Now claiming to be looking to help with website advertising. Just like the million other daily similar scam callers.
  • Frank
    April 15, 2016
    yeah, we have this no calling sicne last week. very disturbing
  • GK
    March 15, 2016
    They are back. I answer the phone to a dial tone..
  • Ms Callie B
    February 24, 2016
    This number (02) 8002 4760 is now connected to Google rankings. Very persistent and when I told him that Google doesn't work on my Netscape anyway so it doesn't matter he hung up. Ah well.
  • TED
    February 3, 2016
    They need to f... Off!!! ' now '
  • Gatekeeper
    March 5, 2015
    Still ringing two of my lines, nothing there. I hang up. And cold callers wonder why they get a whistle down the line.
  • Jack
    March 4, 2015
    This is just one of the scam and/or telemarketing calls I have been receiving.

    When you say hello and there is a di~ sound, definately is not something you want (means machine is calling from number pool and when connect put through to one of the "operators). Same applies to when there is background noise. Genuine companies pay to get decent line connection so there is no way this will happen.

    When you notice it might be a telemarketer, if you are on mobile it is easy, find a door put the phone near it and bang the door as hard as you can. if you are on landline, get a book and bang the wall. If you cannot either scream arrr~ as high as you can or give a big cough. Even the operator is innocent just get paid to do a job, they should find work somewhere else. So don't feel bad about it, you are doing them a favour.
  • Gatekeeper
    February 27, 2015
    Same again.. Answered and hear the change over to their voice...

    Helllo can you hear me?

    Well yes I can... but since you are on mute, I don't care...

    Can hear in the background call centre chatter, asking for the business owner.. Just not happening... They can call all they like, I have blue tooth and I'm here to 5pm... they just make my day look busier to the boss : )

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