• Unknown
    February 7, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    It is f*cking scam. Please don't buy any Garnicinia products.
  • Shilo
    February 24, 2017
    Preston West, Australia
    Tried to return product but there was no helpful "return to" address. Did a search on the phone number and came across a bunch of comments saying it is all a scam. Came on line and saw all these comments about it all being a scam and quickly rang my bank to cancel my credit card. Load of rubbish all these online products. DON'T FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM!!! THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO CONSCIOUS OR SCRUPLES!!!!
  • Anthony
    March 15, 2017
    New Zealand
    Hi people just thought that I would add that I got my refund I called them up and told them before they started to talk to me that I'm just at my bank with my lawyer and we are talking to my bank manager and we are about to file for a law suit against you in order to get my refund back and they said hang on we will refund your money back and then I said my lawyer would like to talk to you and they said the refund is done it will be in your account tomorrow and then they hung up and the next day it was in my account maybe give that ago people
  • Julie
    May 12, 2017
    Merrylands, Australia
    Can anyone please give me a contact phone number or an email address to make contact.
    The phone number they have provided is not connected.
  • Elena
    March 3, 2017
    Elizabeth, Australia
    They just have me on line for 45m and not aswered took my money from my bank account and didnt got nothing dont buy from them now i have to cancell my credict card grrrrrr
  • Lindi
    February 14, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    Cancel your credit card immediately... Scam Scam Scam!!!!! (08) 7100 1927
    You can't cancel your continuous monthly supply as they never answer the phone to this number. They never respond to e-mails sent to support @garciniaultraslim.com either. the only thing you can do is cancel your credit card so they cant take money from you.
  • Anon
    January 27, 2017
    Greenslopes, Australia
    Scam!!!! Fake Customer Services line for Garnicinia Cambogia Slim Trim. DO NOT buy the pills online. It's all a Scam.
  • Wayne
    September 24, 2016
    Ainslie, Australia
    Automated, overseas scam caller. Very annoying.
  • michelle
    July 19, 2017
    Melbourne, Australia
    (08) 7100 1927
  • Missy Platinum
    July 5, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    I'm sick of trying to cancel the bloody $135 monthly fee for a crappy product that's as fake as Trump ! Am going to cancel my credit card pronto ! Crooks ! Should be charged for a criminal offence
  • janette weller
    July 3, 2017
    Ormond, Australia
    i to need phone nos to cancel if you get one can you email me [email protected] so fed up trying to cancel thanks
  • Tony
    July 2, 2017
    Henley Beach, Australia
    Fvckers. Wife got scammed by these clowns, which is doubly embarrassing as I deal a lot with I.T. security and I'm constantly banging on about NOT falling for this sh*te. $130 out the window, but you know what? It's not even the money ... it's the HOURS I'm going to have to waste with the bank tomorrow, and on the phone, cancelling cards, re-establishing the 2 dozen plus auto-debits we have setup, etc. PITA.
  • Julie from Banora Point nsw
    June 11, 2017
    Pyrmont, Australia
    I also ordered Garciniaultraslimtrim which came with easy loss cleanse as a free trial and I also tried to cancel. My Visa card came up with $134 twice for the past 2 months one on Aliteworks.com Peacehaven GB and another onMaxiglow.com Hemel Hempstead gb. I also can't find a tel no or email address for this one as there is no invoice with the product. The last time I cancelled my credit card for something similar I still had to ring direct the supplier as the credit card charge still came up on my Visa card even though I had cancelled it. Anyone have a phone no for the UK one?
  • Ceri Torquati
    June 2, 2017
    North Adelaide, Australia
    Have rung this number at ALL hours of the day and just get message saying email them. Did this 5 times, no reply. I don't want further payments being taken from me
  • Heather
    May 30, 2017
    Melbourne, Australia
    Have experienced what every one else has gone through and in addition to being billed $134 and $138, today on receipt of my bank statement, see that 2 payments on 23rd April for $21.58 were debited to my account from an organisation called MFINESUPPORTCOM PEACEHAVEN GBR which apparently is to do with dietary supplements.
  • Vanessa
    May 17, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    Got scammed through Facebook ad. More product was sent to me, checked my credit card and yep they took money. Rang them, got nowhere. Rang my bank, cancelled card. CBA were great and very helpful. Report to Scamwatch as well. But unless people get on social media to say scam no-one really knows about it. Hope more people realise soon so they don't get scammed.
  • Patricia
    May 9, 2017
    Somersby, Australia
    Hi Anthony, what phone number did you call, I have been ripped off and
    need to call them. I will have to cancel my card.
    May 2, 2017
    Chifley, Australia
    Please use :https://www.acorn.gov.au/, if you are in Australia to report Cybercrime Online.

    They are CYBERCRIME. Because when you go to their websites, there are no any other information about their products prices and names, but they sent to you with no idea where the products come from and charged your money from the credit card.

    We have to report to Australia government, I did.

    They use SOUTH AUSTRALIA area code (08) to misleading customers, but the call we made is automatically convert to the SINGAPORE. You also can find the product s label written from SINGAPORE, contact number is (08) 7100 1927.

    We have to ask our government to find out 1. WHO is the registered for the number +61 (08) 7100 1927?
    2. they took our money from the credit card illicitly without invoice, DID they pay the TAX to the government by everyday earning so much from all over the different country?

    Now they are using different websites address and appear every where, like virus, disease spread every where. We must report, report and report to make our government pay an attention to stop they are doing CYBERCRIME. and make internet shopping save and easy to use.

    Get "card transaction dispute form" from your bank, they also take care the matter, if within 60 days the transactions. we have to try to get our money back. I am going to do it.

    Get rid of this terrible SCAMMERS from internet trade..
    April 29, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    Please use https://www.acorn.gov.au/, Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network to report this company's website.

    1. https://www.garciniaultraslimtrim.com/vi/lose-weight/now/checkout.php?affId=A6443654&c3=45981&c1=292218&c2=6015125091&AFFID=A6443654&C3=45981&C1=292218&C2=6015125091
    2. http://garciniacambogiaaustraliareview.com/garcinia-ultra-slim-trim-review-australia/
    3. http://garciniacambogiaaustraliareview.com/
    They are like virus everywhere. There are more and more people lost their money by buying their free trial GARCINIA, in my opinion these are international Scammers, cyber crime. And people do not know where they can report and get support from Australia government. Please try this online report https://www.acorn.gov.au/. if all the victims of cybercrime report about this (08) 7100 1927 register, they will be prohibited from internet trading. Let's do it, don't let cyber crime lose control.
  • Sunny
    April 29, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    I had a similar situation as you had. In my opinion they are international scammers, someone registered a phone number in South Australia 61 8 71001927, but they answer the phone call is in Singapore, one of them told me when I asked. you will see the label on the Garcinia bottle shows this number and made in Singapore.
    So I have written a complain to the SA government http://www.cbs.sa.gov.au/complaints-feedback/, hopefully they will find out the scammers and kick them out from Australia. Also you can call the number if you are in New Zealand @ (08) 8204 8532 to SA government to see if they can help you. Tell they this company use the SA area code as their phone number do their terrible business, so many people have been in this trouble.

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