• Unknown
    February 7, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    It is f*cking scam. Please don't buy any Garnicinia products.
  • Shilo
    February 24, 2017
    Preston West, Australia
    Tried to return product but there was no helpful "return to" address. Did a search on the phone number and came across a bunch of comments saying it is all a scam. Came on line and saw all these comments about it all being a scam and quickly rang my bank to cancel my credit card. Load of rubbish all these online products. DON'T FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM!!! THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO CONSCIOUS OR SCRUPLES!!!!
  • Anon
    January 27, 2017
    Greenslopes, Australia
    Scam!!!! Fake Customer Services line for Garnicinia Cambogia Slim Trim. DO NOT buy the pills online. It's all a Scam.
  • Wayne
    September 24, 2016
    Ainslie, Australia
    Automated, overseas scam caller. Very annoying.
  • Robin
    March 18, 2017
    New Zealand
    I 'ordered ' free products, and have had two charges of over $140 charged in the last two months, despite having changed my credit card number after the first monthly charge, and not having received anything but the free product. I Googled the telephone number, to ascertain what part of the world. they are in, to judge the correct time to ring. The number was supplied by garcinia in an e-mail -
    my third e-mail to them, I think. Where to from here?
  • Justine
    March 15, 2017
    Green Point, Australia
    Emails bounce back no answer on phone number cancel credit card now you have been ripped off
  • Anthony
    March 15, 2017
    New Zealand
    Hi people just thought that I would add that I got my refund I called them up and told them before they started to talk to me that I'm just at my bank with my lawyer and we are talking to my bank manager and we are about to file for a law suit against you in order to get my refund back and they said hang on we will refund your money back and then I said my lawyer would like to talk to you and they said the refund is done it will be in your account tomorrow and then they hung up and the next day it was in my account maybe give that ago people
    March 9, 2017
    Palmerston North, New Zealand
    Don't forget the international fee's charge that they also take out of your bank account. It's about 50c a week and then i also got charged some bullsh*t fee, for something or other. Went into the bank and cancelled my card, probably can't get my money back but they can now no longer siphon account either bastards the lot of them. Tried the number and it's no longer connected, and i also sent an email but they haven't replied, judging from all of the other comments i won' get one either.
  • Lee
    March 9, 2017
    Perth, Australia
    Thank goodness for all the posts above - I would still be trying to make contact via phone and email if I did not read all your messages. Got caught too and finding this link prompted me to cancel card straight away. Very frustrating :(
  • kann
    March 6, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    Stupid me. Was hoping product could help with energy, only credit card got any action. Cancelled credit card when saw 2 payments gone. Hope I can get them back. Never again!!!!!
  • Shanae
    March 4, 2017
    New Zealand
    Worst scam ever!!!! Hopefully i get my f*cking money back everything is a scam!! And its fake
  • Elena
    March 3, 2017
    Elizabeth, Australia
    They just have me on line for 45m and not aswered took my money from my bank account and didnt got nothing dont buy from them now i have to cancell my credict card grrrrrr
  • Sharyn
    February 28, 2017
    Western Australia, Australia
    Sadly I got done. I'm cancelling my credit cards as we speak. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM GARCINIA. If you want Garcinia products just go to Chemist Warehouse.
  • Kellie
    February 24, 2017
    Homebush, Australia
    Yep just got stung, big scam, have cancelled my credit cars, no response to phone calls or emails, they have taken my payment, but waiting to see if the product comes in the mail. Don't order from these people!!!!
  • Lindi
    February 14, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    Cancel your credit card immediately... Scam Scam Scam!!!!! (08) 7100 1927
    You can't cancel your continuous monthly supply as they never answer the phone to this number. They never respond to e-mails sent to support @garciniaultraslim.com either. the only thing you can do is cancel your credit card so they cant take money from you.

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