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  • Apple Marketing Group
Southport Qld 4215, Australia
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November 2005
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(07) 5560 4900
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  • sarah
    September 24, 2014
    Non-profit Organization
    Melbourne, Australia
    i have recieved a few call from this company who if you do research on are a fundraising company just trying to gather donations to help people who are less fortunate than ourselves the first time they rang i was a bit unsure weather to donate although the second time around i found out what they do and realized it was a good cause. its unfortunate that many people on this site are not interested in helping worthy causes yet have money to buy unnecessary material possessions. when will people start thinking of others
  • Sam
    September 24, 2014
    Melbourne, Australia
    This group are a charity organisation who
  • Grant
    September 15, 2014
    Non-profit Organization
    Melbourne, Australia
    Next time they call have a footy whistle handy and blow their eardrums out. Maybe then they'll get the idea not it call.
  • LAO
    September 10, 2014
    Ormeau, Australia
    Just had them call and leave swearing on my answering machine!!
  • miltonmaid
    September 9, 2014
    Ryde, Australia
    how can these people sleep at night knowing their business brings misery...
  • Colin
    September 5, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    On their website ( under 'Contact Us' I found the following:

    To be added to our Do Not Call list,
    email your telephone number to:
  • Simon
    August 25, 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    I just ignored a call from this number.
  • Pierce D'Orf
    August 20, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    Rang once. Just as expected with these kinds of insincere callers, no message was left. Hopefully they won't call again, but they have recently pestered me from another of their numbers (03) 8554 1115. Goodness knows how many numbers they use to pierce people orf. They can P.O.P. (Pierce Orf Permanently). Are they trying to be a'holes, or does it just come naturally? ;-)
  • Kevin Rudd
    July 23, 2014
    Prank Call
    Point Cook, Australia
    These dingos mate.. Tryina have a tinny and a winny blue and these flamin gronks keep disturbing my wendy time. Can't a strayan punch a durry without gettin called 24/7. flamin' christ heaven almighty.
  • Kylie
    July 9, 2014
    Saint Albans, Australia
    Apple marketing rings on behalf of many charitable organizations, the auto dialer can take up to 10 seconds to connect you to an operator, they are just hard working aussies trying to get by on minimum wage and they all have to work to a quota, so they need to get about 5 sales an hour to keep their jobs.

    charities are exempt from the do not call list, and if it is not a private number, it probably wasnt 15 years ago when Mr chang from timbucktoo had it

    when they have called me in the past the way to do it is to give a false address (some one you hate that lives across town, and then a random name, then say "yes" id love to get some raffle tickets, but dont give them a bloody credit card, tell them to send an invoice, but then tell them that this is a once off, and that you want to be taken off of the apple marketing call list, this way the person actually gets paid, and you also get them to stop ringing you forever, if you just hang up, or say no, that does not get them to stop calling
  • over it
    July 4, 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    This a-hole keeps ringing all times day & nite & they don't say anything they just hang up ...
  • Norm
    June 4, 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    Its a charity collection group, unfortunately they "reward" those that donate by pestering them 1000 times more often.
    I cannot confirm if this works but

    from there website

    To be added to our Do Not Call list,
    email your telephone number to:
  • Jordan
    June 2, 2014
    Doncaster East, Australia
    Apple Marketing do telemarketing for all sorts of businesses. Unfortunately they are a 'charitable organisation' which exempts them from adhering to the ACMA (Aus Govt) Do Not Call register.

    They instead have an internal DNC list. Email:

    dnc [at] applemarketing [dot] com [dot] au

    with your number and they will remove your number from their listings "within 3 business days."
  • About Apple Marketing Group
    May 30, 2014
    Queensland, Australia
    Apple Marketing Group are a private company who are a profit making entity located and based in two locations being Melbourne VIC & Southport QLD. They sell raffle tickets and they recruit volunteer door knockers by calling private home land lines morning and evening on behalf of household name charities. Essentially, the charities themselves are exempt from the Do Not Call register but this Apple Marketing Group is not a charity. Every volunteer they register equals an invoice for them to bill to the charity and this is how they make their profit for themselves by signing up volunteers and by selling raffle tickets to the general public. ASIC ACN 45132476 709
  • Andante
    May 28, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    I have a nasty ex, and was afraid this was him. The number rang me, and when I answered, listened and then hung up.
  • Ange
    May 20, 2014
    Melbourne, Australia
    Based advice from this website, I rang the number, and pressed 2 for customer service. I spoke to a very nice, well-spoken man and very politely explained that the phone calls from this number are regarded by us as nothing more than nuisance phone calls, because we do not give to charities who ring up, unsolicited. He was very apologetic, took my number, and advised that it will be taken off their list. It took no more than 2 minutes to do (perhaps I was lucky getting through so quickly). These people are a legitimate company, who I think are paid by charities to ring around businesses. Having said that, however, the girl who rang me this morning, from this number, (after I explained that we don't give to charities who ring up unsolicited) said she wasn't going to ask for money! Not sure why she was ringing then!! Looked up this website, and found, I was indeed correct to politely end the call with her. I explained to the customer service man that businesses get these phone calls ALL THE TIME, and we cannot get any work done. Not sure if it made a difference; nuisance phone calls have become the new normal. Perhaps if enough of us ring the problem numbers and complain, it may make a small difference(?) Good luck everyone.
  • Sandy
    May 16, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    Just had a call from this number for the 3 time in a week. Hang up when I picked up. This is an offense under the Telecommunications Act. Go straight to the Police.
  • Blue
    May 13, 2014
    Ipswich, Australia
    Yes they are a fund raising organization, with is not a direct charity. They ARE Required to honor DNCR and are actually telemarketers. The employees do get paid and were does this money come from? Yes your donations! So stop giving to these people, which will make it not worth the while to operate.
  • Matt
    May 6, 2014
    Non-profit Organization
    Brisbane, Australia
    They got your number from the "Apple Market Residential Listing" Those numbers where compiled several years ago and may have belonged to someone else before you or may have been added before you became a part of the DNC register or before you where listed as a silent number. They are a legitimate business but the reason their staff are so horrible sometimes is because of the management. The staff get treated like sh*t, and can be fired at any minute for anything. Everything they do and stand for (Apart from the charities) is absolute crap. I have a friend who used to work for them and she got fired because she was upset about a call she had made and was told "Maybe your not right for this job" she also watched another staff member who was stressed talk to their manager and was told "stress isnt a real thing its all in your head"

    These f**kers need to be brought down.. there has to be a flaw somewhere!
  • me in flagstaff hill SA
    April 15, 2014
    Victoria, Australia
    YES i have been getting calls from the ANNOYING whatever they are - i have blocked their number CAN THE IDOIT'S GIVE UP RINGING i am registered with do not call so where the hell did they get my number from....

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