• Things that make you go hmmm...........
    June 22, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    It makes me wonder when people post such language on a general public forum. .... What are they trying to achieve? I get curious to the extent of their mentally damaged. I can just picture their home environment if this is how they (repeatedly) get their kicks... I guess I just feel sorry for them and more so for their family.
  • Marin
    December 20, 2015
    Ryde, Australia
    Why is everyone so concerned? This is the 321 number to collect your voice messages.
  • Annie
    January 7, 2015
    New South Wales, Australia
    The phone number is a dud. And Pete from Baulkham Hills If you phone 147 as you suggest you will find it tells you the number is to short. Do it twice and it disconnects you. For everyone else you know the number why get frustrated about something you can do nothing about. Contact your phone provider and see what they say to do? And yes I am getting the same annoying calls
  • Big Bang
    December 12, 2014
    Kenthurst, Australia
    Who the hell are these people who keep calling on 0411 000 321? anyone?
  • tony
    November 24, 2014
    Perth, Australia
    optus message
  • Alani
    April 19, 2017
    Canning Vale, Australia
    It is the optus voicemail number go figure
  • Anne
    April 18, 2017
    Copacabana, Australia
    I was charged for a call to this number. and have no idea who is! Must be a scam!
  • TEchnical Dude
    February 12, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    OMFG how ignorant are people that get technology but don't even learn the basics.

    "It's usually the age old issue of RTFM!!" (customers inabaility to read the f*&kn manual
  • Anonymous
    December 6, 2016
    Fax Machine
    Perth, Australia
    Optus Message retrieval number
  • KEN
    August 25, 2016
    Frankston, Australia
    5 voicemail messages from 0411 000 321 that are empty and amount to nothing accept cost to me to retrieve. These people should be stopped asap
  • Mark
    May 2, 2016
    Sydney, Australia
    Hey guys,

    The reason why you are receiving voicemails seemingly from this number is that this number represents the Optus Voicemail system.

    The scams that you are receiving are in fact from different numbers, the messages say that they are from 0411 000 321 because the voicemail is coming from that number.
  • Lyle
    November 14, 2015
    Burwood, Australia
    its a Optus message service - telling you , you have a voice mail message, you call that number to retrieve it
  • MARC
    July 29, 2015
    Rhodes, Australia
    Spam / scam
  • unknown
    July 8, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    i received call today from no caller and i answered it and they asked me about my superannuation details and about my employer and job left date and all that , i later i rang my superannuation company and they confirmed that they did't call me. i cant understand who tried to get my personal information. ????
  • Uturus😀
    May 9, 2015
    Sydney, Australia
    Tell all to get f*cked and suck their mothers creamy pissflaps
  • Renee G
    April 29, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
  • anon
    March 12, 2015
    Sydney, Australia
    I've just had a call from this number (without my phone ringing) and left a voice message. Couldn't understand a work he was saying because he was talking so fast, but I swear he used my name - I don't use my name in my voice message recording.
  • carla
    January 5, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    Yes, I too have been receiving continuous calls from this number for the last few months, especially at ridiculous times in the middle of the night, but they are too lazy to leave a voicemail and I am not going to call the 147 number for fear of giving these lowlife criminals access to my phone. I too don't answer numbers that have no caller ID. Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to block this number. I am very technologically challenged.
  • natasha
    January 3, 2015
    Adelaide, Australia
    i am getting so piss off is number
  • jane
    December 24, 2014
    Perth, Australia
    keep getting missed calls but the phone doesn't even ring
    pain in the neck and obviously some kind of spam phone call - if it was optus then why don't the leave a message? Apart from the fact i'm not an optus customer if it was them, they would sms if it was something important that i kept missing.

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