• Jacqui
    November 21, 2016
    Bentleigh East, Australia
    Caller purporting to be Telstra technician, saying spam email coming from my account. Wanting me to log into computer so they could fix. I asked for ID and number to call back to check credentials - given this number
  • steve
    May 29, 2017
    Magill, Australia
    I've just had the same phone call, so I'll now keep phoning them to keep bugging then, and wasting their time, because if they are talking to me they are not scamming someone else, PAYBACK!!!!
  • Yasmine
    May 10, 2017
    Adelaide, Australia
    Same. I've had these guys ring a couple of times. The account is not in my name, but I'm authorized. When I ask them what they have for my details....strangely enough they don't have any!
  • Alex
    May 8, 2017
    Caulfield North, Australia
    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! Man with a thick indian accent claiming to be from 'telstra technical support' called to say my internet had been hacked and that the hackers were going to release all of my private information and details to 'the world'.
    Was 'phoney' from the minute i answered a number with 'no caller ID'. Asked for the blokes return number (which he gave this one) and he also gave me a 'employee ID number'.
    Hope these horrible people don't get in touch with the elderly who might fall for this bullsh*t
  • nicholas
    April 29, 2017
    Traralgon, Australia
    the best thing to do is to get a whistle and blow as hard as you can and blow out their ear drums !!!
  • Lindsay
    April 8, 2017
    Kew, Australia
    Had a call from Asian sounding woman who said her name was Mary Watson saying my computer was not working as it should, I asked what was wrong given no definite answer. She told me to ring back on this number but I gave it a real miss....obviously a scam.
  • ceci
    March 23, 2017
    Cabramatta, Australia
    Received a call from this number. Similar to others here, claiming to be from "Telstra Technical Department". Very strong, possibly Indian, accent. I did not understand what he was saying but figured that it may have something to do with the internet connection, hacking, or whatever. There was a terrible background noise and when I said I really could not hear him, he started yelling and became quite abusive. I told him I'd ring Telstra to make inquiries so he gave me this number and I then just hung up before he could get another word in. The first call was followed by four others which I did not answer. The calling number display displayed "Private number".
  • Wayne
    March 14, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    Callers purporting to be from Telstra, with Indian accent, tell you that there is a problem with your internet (whether service is Telstra or Optus or any company) are scammers who say they need to scam your computer for virus etc. Just hang up. These guys will tell you all sorts of stories to establish credibility. If you follow their instructions then you will be told your computer needs to be scanned by Microsoft or the like. Whilst this is happening they corrupt your computer by placing a password in the power up function. Now they try get you to pay a small repair fee to Microsoft via using your credit card online. Once they have that information your credit card is "theirs" and away goes all your money. If you get too far along the scam and they tell you they have control of your computer and try to extort you to hand over credit card info, still hangup and get a local computer geek to fix the power-up problem - it doesn't take long.
  • Frank Evans
    August 19, 2017
    Adelaide, Australia
    Had the same call twice this week hung up the first time to day I spoke to hime after two minutes I hung up again he call back I told him I would call back after I spoke to Telstra the reply I got was F___ you and F--- your wife.
  • Brett J
    August 5, 2017
    Mango Hill, Australia
    yes same as everyone else had the same story I led them on for 20 minutes then said I wanted to confirm who they are & would call them back was given this number said I'd call back he asked will I be calling back using this number I said yes & rang from a number blocking my number from being sent & they didn't answer the call . Now they are repeatedly calling me back on the original number how may times are they going to keep trying this scam with me I have had this same scam tried with me many dozens of times & have abused them led them on & done so many different things you would think they would keep a record of the people that know they are a scam
  • Susan
    July 14, 2017
    Kingston, Australia
    Pretty much the same experience as everyone else here. A man with a thick Indian accent and a noisy phone line said he was a Telstra technician informing me that our computer is being hacked and that the line is corrupting their service. On questioning he gave me this phone number and an employee ID no T940711. As always, pretty insistent and claiming an urgent need to deal with the matter.
  • Paul
    July 4, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    Same - called himself Harry Wilson!! I asked him who my internet provider was because he acted as if he knew - of course he was wrong!!
  • KES
    June 23, 2017
    South Australia, Australia
    How do we get rid of these people registered for do not call and still get calls from these people. Gave me number and ID but when I asked her for details of which internet account she was referring to she had no idea. as I have different accounts. If you are a technician you should know whether . I am on NBN or other or you shouldn't be a technician. I am concerned with this as I registered both my elderly parents and myself with do not call register and they may feel they are protected -will lodge another complaint about them
    To get rid of these parasites you are all are eligible to lodge a complaint if:
    your number has been on the Do Not Call Register for more than 30 days and you receive an unsolicited telemarketing call or marketing fax
    If you receive a telemarketing call (even if your number isn’t on the Do Not Call Register):
    Take time lodge a complaint and protect the vulnerable these people are praying on
  • tim
    June 19, 2017
    Adelaide, Australia
    same here, i was called by indian or asian woman saying my internet has been hacked she became angry when i accuse her of being a scammer. I asked her for contact details her second name was Wilson, contact # (03) 9015 4912, she claimed to be from telstra. Im not with telstra
  • Ruth
    June 13, 2017
    Darwin, Australia
    exactly as Jacqui also described - Caller purporting to be Telstra technician, saying spam email coming from my account. Wanting me to log into computer so they could fix. I asked for ID and number to call back to check credentials - given this number.
  • Charen
    May 20, 2017
    Queanbeyan, Australia
    An "Andrew Simons" with an Indian accent from "Telstra" called regarding our internet problems with Telstra. We aren't with Telstra in any form, therefore could not have any problems. I was in a playful mood however, so strung him along. He provided his employee ID (QT0870) and a contact number for Melbourne VIC headquarters, this number (03) 9015 4912), without me even asking. He tried to get me to open up the 'Run' application in Windows to give him control of my PC. I hung up mid convo. He called back three times, and after trying to ignore them, someone else finally picked up saying it was AFP. He said he had a crime he was going to commit. He was going to rape a woman in India. After hanging up on that call, he rang back AGAIN, asking if it was the Australian Federal Police. Putting on a child's voice, I said he had the wrong number. He must've been so confused because he never called back. It just shows the lengths they'll go to...
  • Ian Renard
    May 15, 2017
    Fitzroy North, Australia
    Exactly the same happened to me today - man with thick Indian accent who, when I queried if he was from Telstra, gave me this number!
  • Gary
    May 11, 2017
    Norwood, Australia
    I received a call from unknown number, saying that they were Telstra Anti hack department and when i asked gave me this (03) 9015 4912 and told me that was mobile no. These people are running a scam just ignore their calls. they will give you fake melbourne no and address
  • Alan
    May 6, 2017
    Ryde, Australia
    Pretty much same as the others reported here. Indian accent, noisy background. A variation I don't think has been mentioned is that "Alicia (or something like that) Smith" gave me her "employee number", D044244. I said I'd like to ring Telstra and check. She said that if I had my computer near, I could somehow check a number known only to Telstra that would confirm that she was calling from Telstra. I said I wasn't going to do that and we parted company.
  • Brett Montgomery
    May 5, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    Yes got the same call and when called back I told him my concerns and he told me to f off

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