• Jacqui
    November 21, 2016
    Bentleigh East, Australia
    Caller purporting to be Telstra technician, saying spam email coming from my account. Wanting me to log into computer so they could fix. I asked for ID and number to call back to check credentials - given this number
  • ceci
    March 23, 2017
    Cabramatta, Australia
    Received a call from this number. Similar to others here, claiming to be from "Telstra Technical Department". Very strong, possibly Indian, accent. I did not understand what he was saying but figured that it may have something to do with the internet connection, hacking, or whatever. There was a terrible background noise and when I said I really could not hear him, he started yelling and became quite abusive. I told him I'd ring Telstra to make inquiries so he gave me this number and I then just hung up before he could get another word in. The first call was followed by four others which I did not answer. The calling number display displayed "Private number".
  • Jade
    April 26, 2017
    Wakerley, Australia
    I had "Alex Grey" telling me that about 1 month ago I had been on a website which had secretly put malware on my computer and it had travelled all the way up to Telstra's mainframe and was affecting not only my internet, the internet of those in my area and basically breaking Telstra. he needed me to do some things on the computer with me right then and there to fix the issue. I told him I didn't have the laptop at my house with me and would have to call back. Then called Telstra who confirmed it was a scam. very believable though because he gave me a call back number, quoted a Telstra employee D number (no hesitation) and I am having trouble with my internet at the moment (cheers Telstra)
  • Glenn
    April 22, 2017
    Bentley, Australia
    Like Simon Jude who just called me? lol. when they called back I told them to go to www.yousmelllikeacurrymuncher.com
  • Becky
    April 20, 2017
    Tanah Merah, Australia
    Got a call from a private number telling me they were Telstra technical support and had to talk about our internet connection. I asked for a number to call because the owners weren't home. She gave me this number, a name and a reference number. Very believable but didn't quite sit right with me . We called back twice and we're hung up on after saying we called Telstras real number! DEFINITELY A SCAM!!
  • Steve
    April 12, 2017
    Clayton South, Australia
    Total scam. Gave them a call back half a dozen times without saying anything. Hopefully I wasted their time a bit. What's the worst that can happen - they block my number?? I wish!
    There must be a way of tracking these people down.... Reported to the Do not Call register, (who don't deal with scam calls, but see what advice they give).
  • Geoff
    April 10, 2017
    Hoppers Crossing, Australia
    Same as above, Indian accent and call back details claiming to be telstra. How do we stop our kids being scammed
  • Lindsay
    April 8, 2017
    Kew, Australia
    Had a call from Asian sounding woman who said her name was Mary Watson saying my computer was not working as it should, I asked what was wrong given no definite answer. She told me to ring back on this number but I gave it a real miss....obviously a scam.
  • Liz
    April 5, 2017
    Victoria, Australia
    I just received a call from an Indian women telling me that I my computer has been compromised and she would like to fix it ASAP. Very noisy in the background and she claims that she is from Telstra. My internet service provider isn't Telstra.
  • Tracey
    April 3, 2017
    Baulkham Hills, Australia
    I received call from this number, said he 's technician from Teltra, asked me to log in computer so he could help fix some problem which originated from main server and might affect my internet connection. I asked for identification details, he gave this number, name Toni, and provided job number. I checked, definitely scam. Same day, I received 2 more calls, one said from insurance company, my car was in accident; the other one from a research centre. Note that they all had No Caller ID, terrible background noise, and all had strong Indian accent. be careful everyone. Don't know how to stop this type of call, very frustrating!
  • Brett
    March 31, 2017
    Winston Hills, Australia
    Just rang back this number, they answered "Telstra".
    When I said "Really, I just got a call from this number and I know it's a scam" the guy answered "Well f*** off, f*** off motherf***er".
    Now I know Telstra sometimes aren't real good over the phone but I'm guessing this confirms it definitely isn't Telstra and definitely is a scam.....
  • Bron
    March 29, 2017
    Glenwood, Australia
    Scam. Don't get sucked in by Jason Harper... they know nothing but home phone number and name on bill. Apparently i have no first name.
  • Sim
    March 29, 2017
    Glenwood, Australia
    Apparently telstra only knows my last name. Scam scam scam
  • gazza
    March 23, 2017
    Croydon, Australia
    Just got a call from an Asian woman who said she was from Telstra 242 Exibition St in Melbourne and that my computer had been hacked and would be turned off in 1/2 an hour if I did not do what she said. I told her " If I find you I will kill you", in a very calm voice. She hung up on me.
  • JulieL
    March 17, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    Quite good for a scam. Interestingly they rang the time I was in the middle of dealing with Telstra as we had moved house. I had arranged for my Telstra case manager to ring me back at 5pm ( which he didn't , that's Telstra for you) and these Cyres rang, luckly I had no internet access ( Thanks Telstra) so they couldn't do anything. Then another Indian guy rang James and told me people were accessing my internet. Gave me this number to ring back as I was suspicious, turns out I was right. No doubt will get a call back... cant wait:)
  • Wayne
    March 14, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    Callers purporting to be from Telstra, with Indian accent, tell you that there is a problem with your internet (whether service is Telstra or Optus or any company) are scammers who say they need to scam your computer for virus etc. Just hang up. These guys will tell you all sorts of stories to establish credibility. If you follow their instructions then you will be told your computer needs to be scanned by Microsoft or the like. Whilst this is happening they corrupt your computer by placing a password in the power up function. Now they try get you to pay a small repair fee to Microsoft via using your credit card online. Once they have that information your credit card is "theirs" and away goes all your money. If you get too far along the scam and they tell you they have control of your computer and try to extort you to hand over credit card info, still hangup and get a local computer geek to fix the power-up problem - it doesn't take long.
  • Sonia
    March 9, 2017
    Parramatta, Australia
    Just had a call from a man with a very strong Indian accent stating he was from Telstra Tech and needed to fix my internet as someone is hacking my internet remotely from an unknown location. Hubby and I started asking Adam, that is his name apparently, question which he could not answer and stuttered a lot, asked him to give us a number to call him back, (03) 9015 4912. Then kept him on the phone a little longer asking even more questions he could not answer. Then checked the number online and saw all these other happenings.
  • justin
    March 6, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    girlfriend received the same call tonight speaking of comprimised internet and downloads Indian man wanting clsid number matching all criteria above. spoke with Nicholas Harper, James Grey and Cyrus James
    was given 242 exhibition st Melbourne along with this number

    appreciate all information on this page as this was my first scam call
  • Alvin
    February 24, 2017
    Wentworthville, Australia
    same caller, Jordan, Indian accent, same rubbish, wanting control of my computer. Fortunately have an expert friend who contacted Jordan & told him where to put his scam!
  • Bill
    February 20, 2017
    Chippendale, Australia
    Got a call from an 85 year old friend I do computer support for who was given this number to call back after being told his computer was the source of problems for their server. I called this number and spoke to a continental Indian accented man who claimed that my computer was the source of problems. I asked if he could confirm that it was my Windows computer that was the source of problems and he did so (my friend and I only use Macs), and tried to say that my windows computer was still the source of problems. I put up with their BS for a short while when they tried to get me to display a list of files that were supposedly the problem, then I said they were a bunch of scammers and they hung up on me.

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