• Pat
    November 23, 2011
    Yeah, Just had a phone call from so called "vick Martin" from one stop computer fix call back number (03) 9008 0256 claiming that someone in victoria was hacking my computer after I hung up on him he rang back instantly 4 times after saying they are a partner company of Microsoft I rang them and they have never heard of the company, what scammers!
  • Anonymous
    September 16, 2020
    Caller: Don’t know

    I didn’t recognise the number so let it go to message. The message was a digital Recorded voice with an American accent Saying conference call.
  • Phyl
    November 1, 2011
    Yes i have too been a victim of these fake phone calls. I must say they are very persistent. The calls were made from both female and males. Every time they rang, i hassled them with questions that they could not answer, in which they hung up the phone on me. About 2 weeks ago I received 2 phone calls from them in one day. The first phone call i actually managed to play along in their scripted dialogue. The callers name was Vic Martin, calling from Melbourne and the head office was in Sydney. He gave me his call back number (03) 9008 4256. He said there was a virus from some hacker in Victoria, through my microsoft.....etc. I told my sister about this phone call, 5mins later another phone call from the so called Australian Tech Support Team rang, saying the same thing all over again...lol. Of course we knew this was a scam and it was time we tried to call them. Our phone call was answered and we wanted to speak to the manager, a man named Andy. We asked Andy to have our number removed from their system. That was too easy. Til the phone rang again, and Andy was at the other end selling us his Scam! Oh dear...I had to stop him in his tracks and tell him that we just rung him. From that last phone call, we have not had anyone annoy us. Im sure this is not the end...
  • Sydney
    October 18, 2011
    I am in the Inner West of Sydney and I just got a call from a man (with an Indian accent) said his name was Mike. He said that he was calling from a company called One stop computer fix, employed by Microsoft windows. He said that he was getting error reports from our Internet line for the past 7 days and that someone was using it from North Victoria. He said, we must stop the unauthorised access and the hacker could be downloading trojan viruses right now. He asked if we knew anyone in Vic. He wanted me to follow his directions and he would block the access. Go to the start button and then do something to log onto his server.

    I told him that I wasn't the owner of the computer and he gave me a phone number to ring him back on ph: (03) 9008 4256 . I asked him how I would know he was legitimate and he said that was a good question. He gave me the website address of the company, so I could check it out (I didn't click on the website, but I googled it and it was there) www.onestopcomputerfix.com He also volunteered his employee ID MPE 00150. He said that the company was based in Sydney, and the customer service in Melbourne.

    I told him, that I would get someone to ring him back. I asked him for his last name and he said it was Johnson. Now, Mike Johnson doesn't sound like an Indian name to me.

    He was so convincing. He also knew the name listed in the white pages of the telephone account holder. Please be very careful. I didn't do what he wanted, cause giving him remote access to my computer or logging into his server just didn't sit right with me. But I must say, he was very convincing. I googled the company and phone number and it's popped up as a scam and the Dept of Fair trading has released a media release on 7 Oct 2011 that this is happening to many Inner West residents of Sydney. I have a feeling he will ring back and ring many more people.
  • Bob B
    October 7, 2011
    A foreign sounding man claiming to be Sam Austin from Aust Tech Support Dept for Microsoft Windows phoned and stated my computer was infected and would crash within 2 hours if I did not let him fix it. He gave this ph number to call him back. He claimed to be in Melbourne but phone showed it as an Overseas call. He claimed to be using a call centre. I hung up on him.
  • Andrew
    August 29, 2011
    some little indian prick who couldnt speak english called me and kept wanting me to get in front of computer stating i had a problem and someone had hacked my computer. Hes a scammer!
  • Polly
    August 23, 2011
    I too had the same call as the above man. Dodgy as all..
  • Tim
    July 30, 2011
    This number is listed on the Website - www.powersavers.com - They called soemone i know and sold them a "Power Saving Device" for $159. Dodgy!
  • robert
    July 6, 2011
    i had a call today on the 06/07/2011 same thing but claiming to be microsoft support i will be reporting it to scamwatch.gov.au

Sample complaints we have found for (03) 9008 4256

  • Dea
    Claiming to offer tech support on behalf of bigpond (Aussie internet provider)
    Im well aware of their scams, such as the virtual pc doctor type stuff.
    wanted me to sit in front of my computer, run a few things, claimed I would lose data if I didnt purchase a maintenance warranty from her on the phone.
    reported to scamwatch.gov.au, police, media.
  • John
    Also had a call from(03) 9008 4256posing as Microsoft technicians.They hung up when I said I would report the call but not before I managed to find out their number!!Dumb??
  • Netas
    I have received 2 calls, once from a Victor Jackson and later from a guy called Jason. They say they work for a firm called Onestopcomputerfix. They claim they have received notification that my computer has been infected with a Trojan virus and it will gradually slow down and end up not working.They claim that my Antivirus system can not detect this virus but they have a way to get rid of it. They wanted me to go in to my computer to look up the event manager to see how many errors there were in there. I played along and the event manager showed some errors which they said was very bad. Next they wanted to get into my computer which I refused. I said I wanted to investigate a little before I was going anywhere with this. I asked for some contact details and they gave me the phone number  (03) 9008 4256 and said they had a web page for me to check out. I did Googled the name "onestopcomputerfix" and found a lot of bad stuff written about these guys. Most of the stuff written by people in the UK. Searching further a similar scam appear in the USA. I am now  waiting and ready for these guys if they ring again.
  • ian stamp
    got a phone call tonight from a man claiming to be from power savers limited, he told us he had a device that would save us 40% on our power bill.......my mum actually thought he was from our power company and unwittingly gave him our credit card details, he then explained that the device would cost $150 and did he have permission to take the money from her account now......she said no!!!

    later he called back and explained he had lost his job due to her changing her mind and he wanted some sort of compensation, again my mum hung up.

    later he called back and i answered the phone, pretending to be her husband, i made out like i was very interested and got as many details as possible from him>

    david nash - (very indian sounding name)
    power savers limited
    (03) 9008 4256

    he said he had gotten my details from white pages, even though we are listed as private.

    He then asked me again if he could take the money and i said no.........his reaction to was to tell me to "go to the hell, you motherf**ker, I'll be sending someone to your house this week to f**k you up"

    this amused me so i played for a little bit longer until he hung up.
    I'm worried now that he has our credit card details, address, full names and bank details. Could lead to identity theft???

    I immediately called the banks and cancelled the card so hopefully nothing was taken yet.
  • Terri of Melbourne
    My husband had a call from a Mick Johnson who said we had been hacked into for the last 7 days and he needed someone to sit in front of the computer - fortunately my husband knows very little about computers so he rang me - when i called them a "david" answered and said they were a one stopcomputer fix place and when i asked to speak to mike he put him on thephone - he also said i was being hacked but when  i ased how he got my number he said he had received an email from microsoft stating i was having problems - now it is true my computer has not worked for 2 days but i don;t believe him. i told him to cll me tonight when i got home so i could verify a few details. be very aware of these scammers and don;t give them any details.
  • John
    Also had a call from
    (03) 9008 4256
    posing as Microsoft technicians.
    They hung up when I said I would report the call but not before I managed to find out their number!!

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