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Posted on December 11, 2015
Caller type: Telemarketer
Location: Australia
I called back number (03) 9448 2617 spoke to a woman who said company name is Baycorp a debt collection company.
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Posted on February 6, 2023
Caller type: Unknown
Location: Australia
Caller: Credit Corp

This is Credit Corp - debt collection agency attempting to recover money by blowing out the phones of third parties that may or may not know the subject of the alledged debt.

They attempt to call parents, siblings, cousins, neighbours, work colleagues, anyone even remotely associated with the subject or their lives in the hope they can get to them. What they do is illegal, and they can safely be ignored.

When a bad debt is passed onto a debt collector, the agency purchases the debt for 10 to 20 cents in the dollar and then attempt to collect the FULL amount from the original borrower (plus interest).

However, what most people are unaware of is that once the debt has been purchased by a third party (in this case Credit Corp), the debt has been expunged for the original borrower, and that is the end of the matter. The only signature from the borrower is on a contract between the bank/credit provider and the borrower. There is no signed contract between a debt collector and the original borrower.

Therefore, do not admit or agree to anything a debt collector says on the phone, as they will attempt to trick you into entering into a contract with them (if you're the original borrower they are after) and try to get you on a 'payment plan'.

The statute of limitations means they can only chase you for a maximum of five years, but if you admit to anything or enter into agreement with them (even verbally), then that resets and you can be harangued another five years or until you've satisfied the needs of these vultures.

Your best bet is to avoid them like the plague, legally they have no clout. All they have is intimidation tactics on the phone. Weak!

i'm a credit collector and they're legally only allowed to call 3 times a week or 12 in a month, but that is IF YOU ANSWER. so answer the call & just hang up & they won't be able to call again
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