• Skull
    April 9, 2013
    Nerang, Australia
    I put this in as an Annoyance Call into my Contacts account the all calls will show up as Annoyance Call

    I do not call the number back
  • Jason Smith
    June 6, 2012
    Prank Call
    Sydney, Australia
    Used by Indian PC Repair Scam
  • Aussie Dave
    July 12, 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    This persistent caller, uses multiple numbers that 'seem' to be coming from USA - most often

    male voice, Indian accent, tries to get you to give them control of your computer (often say

    they are from Microsoft) and you have malware / a virus on your PC want you to login and let them have

    access to 'help' you. Others harassed have said that they then lock you out of your own

    computer and offer to restore your access for a monetary ransom. Very nasty people. There should

    be a way to stop these thieves.
  • David
    July 5, 2014
    Castle Hill, Australia
    I started getting calls from 9999100170 yesterday. I answered on the other end a girl toldme she was from Microsoft and I had a problem with my computer. And that I needed to turn it on and she will tell how to fix it I said no
  • Gretta
    June 1, 2014
    Lane Cove, Australia
    I had a call from this number on 2/4/14 at 7pm from a guy with an Indian accent who said he was calling from Windows Microsoft and there was a problem with my computer. I said "I know this is a scam and if you don't hang up right now I am calling the police. Don't call me again". He said "Okay sorry" and then hung up. Hasn't called again.
  • granma
    May 30, 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    received call from 9999100170 heavy asian accent said they were from technical dept microsoft i hung up without speaking although was a bit disconcerted to hear that they knew my name!
  • megan
    April 3, 2014
    North Fitzroy, Australia
    they also use 1800 180 200 phone number plus a mobile number which I have wrote down but cant find they all tell the same story and my tablet has said its from coco islands
  • dane
    April 2, 2014
    Hampton Park, Australia
    i tell them thats i have probs with my computer then give the phone to my 1 1/5 y.o. who talks forever to them until they hang up. the why i see it, is that if the cost of their business model goes up relative to profits, they will down scale the calls. but they stop ring 4 a few weeks at a time now :(
  • Ferret
    March 21, 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    Got a call from 9999100170 (an Indian accent) who said they were from Microsoft Tech Support and they said I had a problem with my PC. I wasted their time for about ten minutes then told them I had a Comp Science Degree and that they were telling me bullsh*t. Microsoft NEVER call people like this.
  • Allen
    December 20, 2013
    Richmond, Australia
    They keep ringing, how annoying. Do not answer. If you have an answering machine and/or voice mail turn it off until they stop calling.
  • Kelly
    December 18, 2013
    Prank Call
    Brisbane, Australia
    I receive a call every day from this group - they are scammers, and claim to be from Telstra Tech Support, not microsoft anymore. I am over getting their calls, Ive told them I know its a scam but they try to convince me otherwise. Ive now got a tracker/trace on my phone and I'll be prosecuting them for harassment!
  • Elizabeth
    November 29, 2013
    Camberwell, Australia
    Let it ring out as have call display.
    Extremely annoying.
    Calls once or twice a week, twice already tonight!
  • Jules
    November 26, 2013
    Brisbane, Australia
    Sick of these people calling have now worked out how to block their calls - yeah!
  • chris
    November 23, 2013
    Derrimut, Australia
    Another overseas pest call.
  • John
    November 9, 2013
    Brisbane, Australia
    This number calls our phone often gets the answer machine now never leaves a message.Thank for the comments aware Microsoft does not call.
    Once a while back I did answer a call before I looked at the number. Someone saying they were from "WINDOWS" to fix my computers. I played along and pretended with her that I have done everything she told me finally after a few minutes she asked what I saw on the screen? I just told her nothing the computer is still broken has not worked for years! I then ended the call.
  • Joanne
    September 9, 2013
    Melbourne, Australia
    I have had many calls over the last few months. I have actually played along with them and kept them on the phone for as long as an hour arguing I dont have a pc. They then continued to say that i did and that their father the prime minister of Australia will be in touch. Thought it was so funny as Julia was in power at the time. So very annoying. They go away for a while an then come back again. They can not be stopped.
  • julie
    August 20, 2013
    Brisbane, Australia
    yep comes in as an overseas call- foreign accented woman claiming to be from Windows Microsoft. I hung up. Have had this call 2 years ago when I lived in NSW.I can't understand why they are still at it. It must be working for them trapping gullable folk.
  • Steve
    August 10, 2013
    Glen Waverley, Australia
    Just reported them to Do Not Call
  • Ellen
    July 29, 2013
    Sydney, Australia
    Sick of these people calling me. Get 3-4 calls a day. Get lost!!!
  • Julie Bates
    July 25, 2013
    Sydney, Australia
    Just received call from them. On "Do Not Call Registe." Did not answer. Disgusting scammers!

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