• Sarah
    June 15, 2015
    Corrimal, Australia
    SCAM... I know but I fell for it after watching call and win, when you ring it will ask you a random question is 10 an even number, then tell you to call back and it hangs up on u, presumably you have to keep ringing - costing 1900 money every time - before you get a chance to answer. Just change the channel it is a big SCAM
  • Fuck you how dumb do you think we are all
    November 28, 2015
    Perth, Australia
    You f*ckets how do they let you do this in aus I'm going to shut you f*ckers down I have heaps of time and and lots of high up contacts so good bye
  • Mick
    August 1, 2015
    Fairfield, Australia
    tried to call and message says totry again,then last message sys show is over,bloody thing is still on air. Russian rort, Shame on channel 7
  • Daniel
    July 6, 2015
    Victoria, Australia
    Awesome show just won 600 dollars
  • K
    October 14, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    So I had a feeling it was a scam but curiously I called. Got told the line was busy. As I work in sales I knew instantly they were taking everyone's connection fee, delaying the game and meeting what ever targets they have set. To the viewer they think this is easy why isn't anyone calling and bam. There goes your money. It cost me .65c so I'm not fussed but times that by a few thousand each day and these shows are making a ridiculous amount of money. It's not compliant selling, marketing or advertising so how does it meet the ethical standards set my the free to air tv obligations. Lastly for my favourite phrase for these companies it's "UN AUSTRALIAN"
  • Scott
    July 29, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    Total Scam
    Don't call
    The calls are answered by a recorded message, you don't get the chance to answer the question. F N scammers
  • Derek
    December 26, 2015
    Boondall, Australia
    A total ILLEGAL SCAM, The people who run this show, also the station TV4ME should
    be put before the Criminal Courts for FRAUD. They repeat & replay some of the shows
    late evening. People are buying a ticket to a lottery, that has already been drawn.
    They are laughing all the way to the bank. This show needs to be fully investigated,
    & taken off-air, enough people have been ripped -off.
  • Anthony
    July 19, 2015
    South Yarra, Australia
    This is a scam and should be removed from air!
  • Con Job
    August 27, 2015
    Bulimba, Australia
    Obviously, rather than answered by a robot urging you to call back the line should not be answered but give an engaged signal. It is a two bit scam with money being made out of hundreds of thousands of wasted phone calls. Consumer protection laws are needed to stamp out these types of scams. Email, phone, and write to your local federal member as well as Malcolm Turnbull ...... Minister @ communications.gov.au. They are obligated to reply and take action.
  • Rosco
    July 21, 2015
    Perth, Australia
    I had the correct answer (so I found out later) but could not get to speak with anyone.
  • Linzee
    November 7, 2015
    Clayfield, Australia
    Well, they've done it AGAIN!!!
    Last night (Fri 6th Nov 2015) in the matchsticks game, the starting number was 4869, with plain sticks being on the lower l.h. upright on the 8, on the lower l.h. upright on the 6, and on the upper l.h. and upper r.h. uprights on the 9.
    After wasting everyone's time and money ONCE AGAIN, (and with supposedly no-one coming up with the correct answer), it was finally given as being 71069 (WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE)!
    To begin with, the centre cross-bar on the 8 was a match with head, and as we have all been told on many occasions, these cannot be moved. So how have they incorporated an 0 in their answer? Secondly, the number four consisted of three matches (all with heads), which means none of those could be moved at all. But the producers did, by moving the cross-bar on the 4 and replacing it to the left in a vertical position on the lower side to create a number 1. It could then have been converted to a 7 by moving the cross-bar on the 8 to the top of the newly formed 1 on it's l.h. side, but this was not possible as previously mentioned.
    So their 'supposed' answer WAS IMPOSSIBLE, and everyone did their dough once again!
    The correct answer should have been 71969, and that's precisely what one contestant put forward at 8.50 p.m Qld time, only to be told he was wrong???

    Something really does stink in the State of Denmark, as well as each of the States of Australia!
  • Dennis
    August 31, 2015
    Carlton, Australia
    Haha come across the match game. Lol tried calling twice with an automated message saying you didnt get through. Lol dumb slut is chattin her fukn head off how do u not get through? No1 else seems to be calling? Your not talking to any1 at the moment.
    Changed the channel but amazes me this is on air tv. WHO THE f*ck ALLOWS THIS?
  • Dagger
    August 18, 2015
    Kellyville, Australia
    Scamming bastards!
  • Nicola
    June 29, 2015
    Perth, Australia
    This number is sh*t...you ring the number but the host isnt even on the phone to anyone and ive rang lots of times and the hosts is saying im waiting for someone to call me i need the answer...well answer the damm phone already...totall scam to take your 55cents per call back
  • Emily
    August 3, 2017
    Queensland, Australia
    It will not let me call
  • don wan
    June 16, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    R.I.P, and let us to,ya rip off merchants
  • Bind
    January 5, 2017
    Rockdale, Australia
    I have tried to so many times in this number unfortunately i couldn't contact could you tell me what is the problem
  • Rasin
    December 26, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
  • K
    December 11, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    I just got my phone bill and have been charged for calls to this number late at night, supposedly made at exactly the same time same night. I KNOW I have not made these calls so how are they appearing on my bill???
  • Linzee
    September 19, 2015
    Burpengary, Australia
    Well, they have scammed their viewers yet again!
    Last night (Friday 18 September 2015) in the matchsticks game, the number was 4853, with the only plain sticks being on the bottom left hand side of the 8 and upper right hand side of same. The correct answer to the puzzle (after 2 hours of 'x' thousand? viewers wasting their time and money), was then given as being 71053.
    To achieve this, to convert the 4 to a 7, it would require first of all removing the 2 matchsticks on the left hand side of the 4, and then re-positioning one match (one move) horizontally at the top to create the number 7. The second match would then need to be re-positioned vertically between this 7 and the 8 just next to it (second move). But this only represents the upper half of the number 1, so then the horizontal match in the 8 would need to also be re-positioned in a vertical manner under the previously moved match to complete the formation of the number 1. That would require the movement of a total of 3 matches, but only 2 were allowed to be moved??? So once again, CallAndWin have posted an incorrect answer to the solution. One viewer had suggested the number 18531, which was stated as being incorrect, but in fact he should have been the winning entry.
    This is blatant scamming, and the producers of this show together with those seen to be supporting it for their own financial gains, should be dealt with accordingly.

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