• Anonymous
    July 22, 2016
    Ashfield, Australia
    apparently from volunteer association. They hang up on you when the conversation isnt going their way. Down right rude rip off merchants
  • Lily
    December 9, 2016
    Mount Nasura, Australia
    Fraud from supposed police about kids and ice and sponsorship.
  • Frank
    October 20, 2016
    Caringbah, Australia
    After getting a few telemarketer calls earlier today I just left the last call go to Voice Mail but no message was left. I'm glad I checked the number here to see it was another bunch of annoying nuisance callers.
  • ABC
    October 14, 2016
    Innisfail, Australia
    I had a similar experience... They were apparently calling from the Federal Police Family Protection Unit and asked to speak to the business owner. I said the business owner is not in at the moment and asked for a phone number to call them back. The female caller said that they will call me back later - I then said no I will take down your number and we will call you back! She got flustered and hung up the phone! It also sounded like she was calling from a call center. Sounds like a scam if you ask me...
  • MT
    May 15, 2017
    North Melbourne, Australia
    Caller said he was from the AFP and wanted to speak to the business owner.. was asking for money to put an add in their magazine.
  • SN
    March 6, 2017
    Saint Kilda, Australia
    Got a similar call, I asked where they got my number from. He said I registered it as my business number. He than ask if I can help and my business would be listed that I'm helping the community etc. He sounded scared when I questioned him and hanged up.
  • Ryan
    February 23, 2017
    Sydney, Australia
    Rude charity.
  • Rob
    February 14, 2017
    Kingsgrove, Australia
    I answered the phone and the guy said is this "(my business name)" I said "yes". He said this is "(mentioned his name)", and then he said who is this? I told him my name, then he hung up.
  • Annoyed
    February 13, 2017
    Mile End, Australia
    Called me from the police association trying to sell me advertising in book being distributed to schools about drugs and kids.
  • Alex
    January 31, 2017
    Lutwyche, Australia
    They called asking for the business owner which the business is apparently my name so that was bizzare. I asked how they got my number and they said white pages or yellow pages and my number isn't listed in either of those. Then they said they are just given lists to call through. When I spoke to the manager Robert, he refused to remove me from their call list and hung up on me. Incredibly poor phone manner!
  • report it
    January 30, 2017
    Gosnells, Australia
    we need to all report, fake police
  • interesting
    December 20, 2016
    Greenvale, Australia
    Just had a missed call from it and thought it was odd i didn't know the number
  • Andrew
    December 12, 2016
    Bankstown, Australia
    I have a call answering service, they answered this call from Josh calling from Police Welfare Foundation. He declined to leave a message.
  • Anonymous
    November 11, 2016
    Sydney, Australia
    didnt answer it the number just hung up.wasnt sure if it was the app that done it or they hung up
  • Yee
    November 8, 2016
    Malvern East, Australia
    Just got a similar call, check up the number from the web and saw this forum. They asked for business owner and I told them not around and they said they will call back.
  • Grace
    November 2, 2016
    Carlton North, Australia
    Same as above. Claims to be from vic police asking for business owner. I said 'so you're from
    Then police' reply was oh ahh well no not really we're ASSOCIATED with the police.... knew nothing about what my business was and said they were collecting money to put toward their 'street smart programme' ice epidemic down 'my' way in return for $$ they claim to put your ad in their flyers?? All a bit weird I said mm, I think I'll go down to my police station and ask the about it, can I have your number to call back? **abrupt hang up**
  • A
    October 14, 2016
    Innisfail, Australia
    SCAM! They rang and said they are from the Federal Police Family Protection Unit (or something to that effect) and asked for the Business Owner. I said the business owner is out at the moment. I asked for their phone number to call them back. They said I will call you back.... I again asked for the phone number and they then hung up the phone.
    It also sounded like the person was calling from a call center.
    (I had the caller ID come up on the screen of my phone - so could see the phone number).
  • Lunkee
    September 9, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    Should we report it?
  • Anonymous
    August 31, 2016
    Marrickville, Australia
  • Am
    August 30, 2016
    Henley Brook, Australia
    Answered phone and was asked "Who is this?" They then claimed to be from the Federal Police Association and wanted to know if I was the owner. I asked "Owner of what?" He paused and said "The business." I said "What business?" He said "Don't you own a business?" I said "Nooo..." He said "Oh, must be a wrong number or something." I said "Yeah" and hung up. Scam.

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