• MiNU
    March 23, 2016
    United States
    betul ke ????? Hhhmm macam tak caye.apa-apa pun beli kerepek abang H tauw.jangan lupa. ;)
  • akur
    December 25, 2013
    Debt Collector
    Aq pown ada dapat call dari dorg. But the thing is sy mmg xde amik barang..when me n my husband g check at syarikat tertentu dgn fail yg mrka bg.. Ofcoz my name.. But ic no salah.. The ic no owner dah umur almost 50 but sy baru going 30 . Awad blh "peguam" buat salah. Xpernah.ade peguam yg call defenden ..lr ps tu blh pulak suke2 buat rayuan for pihak defenden.. I dont really remember that tengku yg call.. But all i can remember this lady ana maria ade talk with my husband sd dari blondal..but knpe gune no talifon syarikat lawyer firm.. X logic.. Harap2 this company akan gulung tikar.. Xhalal rezeki dorg sbb penipuan..
  • eric
    June 14, 2013
    i receive a call with this same no. and said they are from the lawyers office and make a polis report for warrant tangkap if don't pay. First time i heard such a story.
  • victim
    December 12, 2012
    what is your full email address?

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  • aeon pukimak
    Bru dpt call jap td. Konon nye dia majistret mahkamah jln duta. Bodoh ke ape ingt ak nk caye. Puiiii.... kalu stakat utang xcecah 30k xde nye kene tangkt bagai. Penipu.
  • bunga
    saya pun ade masalah yg same
  • Kenny
    If you are a working with courts some director why is your domain is hotmail. Who are you exactly??? I have received threatening sms from this Stupid Euro Company and I actually already dealing to settle directly with courts. So please explained who are you?
  • Kenny
    I have goggle and found this on the website. Please email to Christina as per below details.Request for Feedback on Euro Prestasi & Partners (M) Sdn Bhd               Wednesday, 09 January 2013 02:11pmCircular No 010/2013Date 9 Jan 2013To Members of the Malaysian BarRequest for Feedback on Euro Prestasi & Partners (M) Sdn BhdThe Bar Council Legal Profession Committee (?LPC?) has received several complaints against Euro Prestasi & Partners (M) Sdn Bhd (?EPP?), a debt collection agency, particularly regarding the manner in which EPP collects purported outstanding sums due to its ?clients?.  The complaints allege that the methods adopted by EPP intimidate and/or mislead Members of the Bar and/or members of the public.The LPC is gathering evidence to determine what action to take, if any, in this matter.We invite Members of the Bar who have received such calls from EPP, or who are in possession of any letters of demand sent by EPP, to provide full details of each specific instance, including the applicable documents. Kindly submit your feedback to Christina Gomez, Officer, by 30 Jan 2013:(1) by email to christina @ malaysianbar.org.my;(2) by fax to (03) 2031 6640; or(3) by post to:       Legal Profession CommitteeBar Council Malaysia15 Leboh Pasar Besar50050 Kuala LumpurWe would still welcome your input even if you wish to submit your feedback anonymously.  Should you require further information, kindly contact Christina Gomez, Officer, by telephone at  (03) 2050 2087 or by email at christina @ malaysianbar.org.my.We look forward to your response and feedback. Thank you.Karen Cheah Yee LynnChairpersonLegal Profession Committee
  • hemma malek
    i've received the same call like you all just a few hours ago...at first I was really shocked & terrified ..that guy, by the name of tn. Haji called me of and speak damm rude. He claimed he is from JBG (Jabatan Bantuan Guaman)..but act on behalf of Courts Mammoth..(which in reality JBG is a govt. dept which act on behalf of an individu, not a company). i called that firm and a lady answered the call n speak rudely to me when i ask the name of the company. She claimed it's a law firm, but  not using the word tetuan... what a fake.
  • Bard
    Baru sat ni aku terima call dr Hj Kamarudin...berderau darah bila dia kata waran tangkap dah keluar. Aku saja2 check kt internet ada ke kes Court Memmoth sampai camni...bila baca kes korang ni, sama cam aku, baru tau citer sebenarnya...aku pun sama cam en Jebat...tp takde le sampai org tua bayarkan....

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