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The Geo API

The Geo API provides a simple way to find the location of a phone number. Results are given with their estimated level of accuracy, either 'accurate', 'questionable', 'best guess', or 'general area' based on factors such as record age, or whether a known record was used to find the result.

The request to our API is a standard HTTP GET request as follows:


format (required)

valid options are json, xml, text

key (required)

32 characters long, provided when you join the developer program

q (required)

valid Australia phone number

Example Query Results

result (tab separated)
(02) 9206 1111 \t questionable \t Sydney \t NSW \t 2000 \t Telstra Corporation Limited \t Sydney \t Local Service

{"phone":"(02) 9206 1111","match":"questionable","suburb":"Sydney","state":"NSW","zip":"2000","holder":"Telstra Corporation Limited","area":"Sydney","type":"Local Service"}

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><record><phone>(02) 9206 1111</phone><match>questionable</match><suburb>Sydney</suburb><state>NSW</state><zip>2000</zip><holder>Telstra Corporation Limited</holder><area>Sydney</area><type>Local Service</type></record>

API Support

Please contact if you are having trouble implementing our API