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The Caller ID Validate API

The CID Validate API provides a simple way to determine if a number is valid within the Australian numbering scheme. This is also our first API to not require an API key to use; there is however rate limiting in place to stop abuse.

The API returns the service type, holder and exchange information where available. The service also makes an attempt to identify if a number is valid for a consumer, though this check should not be treated as a business/residential check.

The request to our API is a standard HTTP GET request as follows:


format (required)

valid options are text, json, xml, phps.

key (optional)

32 characters long, provided when you join the developer program

q (required)

valid Australia phone number

Example Query Results

result (tab separated)
OK\t (02) 6219 5555\t Local Service\t Telstra Corporation Limited\t Barton,Civic,Deakin\t 1

{"status":"OK","phone":"(02) 6219 5555","type":"Local Service","holder":"Telstra Corporation Limited","exchange":"Barton,Civic,Deakin","consumer":1}

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><record><status>OK</status><phone>(02) 6219 5555</phone><type>Local Service</type><holder>Telstra Corporation Limited</holder><exchange>Barton,Civic,Deakin</exchange><consumer>1</consumer></record>

a:6:{s:6:"status";s:2:"OK";s:5:"phone";s:14:"(02) 6219 5555";s:4:"type";s:13:"Local Service";s:6:"holder";s:27:"Telstra Corporation Limited";s:8:"exchange";s:19:"Barton,Civic,Deakin";s:8:"consumer";i:1;}

API Support

Please contact if you are having trouble implementing our API