• Sonja
    August 25, 2011

    They send a "SOLICITATION" not an invoice. BUT once you confirm it will become an invoice!!!

    Company, ABN and Trading Names:
    Mainline Media Pty Ltd, 83 115 209 651 reg 27/7/05

    Community Press, Mainline Media & Workforce Publications they call themselves
    Presscom Pty Ltd, 83 115 209 651
    Community Focus or In Safety Publications
    Pernici Pty Ltd, 65 111 507 049
    Workplace Publications
    Community Safety News
    Environmental Health and Safety Report
    Public Safety
    Safety In Industry
    Health and Safety in the Workplace
    Workers Health and Safety Bulletin

    They ring to confirm a booking you DIDN'T make for advertising in a journal appealing to your community spriit. You of course made it 2 or 6 months ago they claim. Luckily we keep diary of incoming calls, you guessed it, no record.
    Mainline Media mainlinemedia @ iinet.net.au
  • emejess
    April 12, 2012
    Yes, been and had too- mainline media, public safety journal, community focus from 'presscom', workforce publications, safety in industry etc etc- funny how the 'proofs' all look similar, and all seem to be from the same area in QLD.And most without an ABN listed. We had helped out the Paramedics (a legitimate journal) then one day got a call from a 'uni students' asking about copies of the ads in it- didn't realise it was a dodgy attempt to get more names till too late. Don't get sucked in.
  • Katalina
    October 29, 2015
    We are a small business in Perth and have been scammed by Workplace Publications for a Safety Awareness in the Community, after paying $100 and then hounded for the balance of $395 for an ad we supposedly agreed to have at the beginning of the year, they conveniently called when I was not available and apparently went ahead with the scam. I got sick of the follow up calls and attitude thrown. I finally googled the numbers and I stumbled upon this. I have just called them and asked for accounts, told "Stacey Miles" that I'm fed up with their "company" ripping people off, the mockup we received was not to my satisfaction I should've realised then. I thanked her for taking our hard working money and that I will be taking them straight to scamwatch. I did my own investigating and after my rant and hanging up. She calls me back and says "you didn't have to pay it you know, ugggghh" and hung up.
    The numbers they contacted me on are 1800 635 625 and (07) 5699 8280
  • Teale
    August 24, 2015
    We are going through the same thing, I thought as my husband had just started a company he had agreed to some advertising to boost his business, but they have been relentless! Just got off the phone from 'Anne' Statewide Alert who apparently is forwarding our account to ollections?!? what do we do? I said I have to document all her details and the phone call for my husband and she blatantly lied and said he said he would send a cheque! we don't deal in cheques... so I called bullsh*t... I have called her back on 0434 336 707 and the free no. 1300 088 757 and mobile was 'unavailabe' and just a message for a toll free number??? suss... I left a message saying I have done some research and want them to call me with some answers! I think we paid them money originally to get them off our back too... bugger. who can we get advise from? is it worth contacting the ombudsman??? thanks in advance guys.
  • Debbie Bevan
    May 5, 2015
    If you Happen to be scammed by any of these Companies and happen to pay money to them. Ring them and advise that you will be reporting them as dealing fraudulently and they will refund you money with no questioning. Sick and tired of such scammers.ripping people of
  • Kristen
    May 9, 2012
    Yes - I too received a phone call from "Alison" this afternoon claiming that I needed to proof our artwork for the $695 half page ad in Safety in Industry. I initially thought I was talking to one of my legitimate publishers that I deal with then realised I didn't have any artwork outstanding! I questioned her about the publication and when we signed up - she said we signed up back in February. I asked her to email me details and received one of the most unprofessional looking emails I have ever seen and could find no trace of their publication online. The "artwork" was simply a screen capture of the front page of our website!!

    I have now reported them to SCAMwatch.
  • Dianne
    October 1, 2019
    Scam call
    Caller: Jo Cooper - 0488 839 768

    Same story - now they are trying out for Australian Emergency Services Magazine. I got sucked into Volunteer Services Magazine.
    I will not be paying this one! Thanks everyone for info.
  • Victor Summers
    September 23, 2015
    I advertised in AiPol A year or so ago and i don't mind supporting this publication but since then have been swamped with calls from various girls claiming i agreed to advertise several months ago for Australian fire and emergency magazine, Health & Safety guide for Kids trust,Workplace Safety review, Community crime watch journal etc etc, The requests are are similar, That you agreed verbally to do A once off advert in their journal 4 months ago and of course most owners of small businesses are to busy to remember so you think your supporting A good cause and like I did go ahead with the "proof" and sent an email showing the advert etc and offered A discount if you pay by credit card, Today I received another call from ' Anne" with the same story, Almost word for word for the ' Drugs education and community etc etc journal" and when I said I did not agree verbally 4 months ago she became A little hesitant but was adamant i had agreed , I told her to send me an email with the 'proof" and I'll have A look at it and reply via email but nothing has arrived in my inbox and I suspect nothing will, Total scam and I'm seeing my local MP about this with the ' Tax invoices" Iv'e been sent, By the way the only responses I have received from these journal adverts is " students " or " Teachers " doing assignments or research asking whether I have advertised in similar or other journals.
    Sound familiar ?
  • Mark
    June 20, 2017
    Unfortunately I have only been savvy enough to search out details on these magazines and have been scammed by a few. Many of which I don't quite recall agreeing to advertise with in the first place.
    The latest is the Australian Emergency Services Magazine that is published by Boothbook media in Robina, QLD.
    After paying a couple of $100 installments I got wise and refused to pay anymore after finding that they are a scam. Not only are they refusing to reimburse me for my installments but I have just received a Notice of Intention to Issue Legal Proceedings. Hopefully that will be the end of it.
    The upside is that after filing a complaint about this and several other companies I haven't been receiving any more harassing calls!
  • Lyn
    November 8, 2016
    Report them to the ACCC with documentationif you have any (eg. the 'solicitation') -they will investigate an prosecute - been there
  • James
    July 27, 2016
    After helping out the police journal with a $550 ad (which I did not care about, I just wanted to support them) I soon received a call from the emergency rescue team and helped them out. I was promised they would take me off the list and not call again. These ruthless FU#CKERS do not stop calling me, the last one he rudely asked "why I would not support the so called newly formed forensic journal". Today I just received a call from the child abuse publication. SAME BULLS*IT lines as the emergency media use. I played along, yes I remember talking to you 5 months ago, he was so excited, then 5 mins latter a woman called me and I said yes I just spoke to Max (she called off a private number by the way), I asked can I please have a number to contact Max as I actually don't remember booking the advert, not a problem she says, I will get him to call you back. That's not what I asked, please give me an email address to reach him, or phone number. She says he is busy right now and will call me back.

    I called her out, told her how pathetic she was for trying to scam small businesses out of their money (my language was much more colourful :) She put on such a performance saying she is the director of the company and this is been recorded (which is illegal without consent) and she would report me, lol, what a loser

    Don't fall for these bottom feeding, low life scum bags, and now that you know they are scams, mess with them a little bit :)
  • Hate Scamers
    July 17, 2016
    Volunteers Magazine SCAM Kate Luck 0422 586 120
    Police down under & Police Science Magazine
  • SAM
    May 26, 2016
    Just been done by this Satatewide Alert magazine $450.00, i so wish i had seen this site before i got done, now within a week i have a Street Watch magazine trying to do the same thing. They sound so legitimate. Does anyone know a way of getting the money back.
  • Anna
    March 1, 2016
    I have received two phone calls from Statewide Emergency services this week. One today demanding money for an overdue invoice for a sponsorship in a community magazine that was never approved back in July 2015. Never received the magazine, no one has bothered to send back any evidence to say we approved. I have also reported them to scamwatch.gov.au
  • Ben Wilson-Powell (Ya Painting Pal)
    July 13, 2015


    Just thought I'd add to the list of issues here as I've just had another advertising/con attempt. I usually don't talk too much whilst working and just agree for them to issue emails/letters etc to me... thereafter I look at it and decide what to do. Well...

    adsprod @ bigpond.net.au (is where it came from)
    Title: Workplace Publications
    ABN: 31 147 652 391 (False as already tried ASIC)
    Called back on 1800 634 624 and goes to an answering machine... (It isn't even 4:30 in the arvo)
    They're asking for $450.00 + $45.00 (GST) for something called "Safety Awareness in the Community"
  • So onto them
    June 15, 2012
    Non-profit Organization
    One of our practitioners agreed and gave credit card details to Volunteer Workers Review for an advert costing $709.50 using an advert taken directly from our website while I was on annual leave. When I returned from leave there was another request for advertising addressed to the same practitioner from Safety In Industry similar advert $874.50!!!! Faxed back saying we were declining their offer and then had daily calls from Pam Crosby wanting to speak to our practitioner, never put the calls through for obvious reasons until she finally said she would send him an e-mail. I check his e-mails and nothing has ever been sent! I think she got the message.Couldn't find either company on the internet until I stumbled across this page.
  • Angry
    June 13, 2012
    I got sucked into this scam last week by a "Christine Norris" from Presscom and actually paid some money. Another similar approach today from a "Renee Harrison" from In Safety Publications made me realise it was a scam. They sent me an email asking to authorize payment for an ad I had apparently agreed to a few months back. In both cases I declined by return email and then received a phone call the next day saying that I agreed to this earlier and that it was too late to take the ad out now. The conversation was almost identical in both cases.
  • Alex
    April 7, 2020
    Unsolicited call
    I'm also mid scam with Boothbook media (David Grey). We all need to get together and discuss this. Collectively, we have power. I've created a new Facebook group for this purpose - Victims of Boothbook Media - https://www.facebook.com/groups/282451666120646/
    Please join so we can coordinate our strategies.
    Cheers, Alex Blair https://www.facebook.com/alex.blair.144
  • Roger
    March 23, 2020
    Caller: David Grey

    Hi Daz,
    seems our mate David Grey has form , just sent complaint to the minister for Emergency Services in QLD , got the email from him and was aggressive in his response . refuses to advise his manager or GM so going to move this to ombudman and ACCC. Seems more action needs to betaken on this guy and the business.
  • Awesome Admin Chick
    January 25, 2018
    Said we approved advertising in their magazine and that it has already gone to print but they have not received payment of invoice. We did not give approval and so I refused payment until they could send us proof of written approval from us and the invoice... I have not ever received an email from them. "John" gave me the email adsprod @ bigpond.com or .net whatever. I punched this into google and found this gem of a page. Now I hope he rings me back so I can have some fun with this little scammer man. He sounded like an elderly gentlemen.

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