• Be Wise
    November 14, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Pioneer Credit (Collection) ---- low low low life scumbags
    they buy written off unsecured debt for 5cent in the $
    & try & get you to pay them back 100% + interest
    they wont give you a discount ---total lowlife scum!!!
    DO NOT answer the phone with your name
    DO NOT identify your self
    your not the person thier looking for
    dont call again
    return all correspondance - not at this address
    DO NOT admit you owe any debt to anyone
    DO NOT make any deal with them
    THET CANT SUE YOU unless you reconfirm the debt & enter into an arangement with them
  • Collections
    April 8, 2015
    Look, i work for a collections agency and i can see both points of view.
    heres a few points of advice...
    1) Collections agencies cannot default(credit list) you or take you to court on a debt that is less than 2000.00
    2) If you have a complaint, YOU DO NOT GO TO THE TIO(Telecommunication Information Ombudsman) whoever said to go them is retard. You go to the FOS (Financial Ombudsman). EACH INDUSTRY HAS A DIFFERENT OMBUDSMAN.
    3) It is true that Pioneer credit is not a Financial Institution, however, when they purchase the rights to collect, they own your contract. It is legally binding. If your debt is over 2000 they can force bankruptcy, sequester or place a caveat on your income.
    4) Legally, they can only contact you up to 3 times a week per product.
    5) If you have been contact from them and you have advised them that it is the wrong number and they continue to contact you, this is a breach of ASIC guidelines.
    6) If you have a nominated financial counsellor and the collections agency does not correspond with that financial counsellor and contacts you directly this is a breach of asic guidelines.
    7) You must provide the collections Agency with a valid Letter of authority over the phone
    8) If a financial counsellor does not respond within 28 days of a request from a collections agency, the collections agency has authority to contact the client directly.
    9) If you advise the collections agency not to contact third parties in an attempt to locate you, and they continue to do so, this is a breach of asic guidlines.
    10) Reported ASIC breaches can cost up to 2000.00 to the collections agency.
    11) FOS complaints can result in full write off, fines and restraining orders against the collections agency

    Know your rights people, but also know your repsonsibility. Dont be ignorant.
  • Depresseddan
    March 18, 2015
    Debt Collector
    PIONEER CREDIT what an absolute bloody joke these people are. I owe money I freely admit that but NOT to these f*ckwits I would love to meet some of the many people who have contacted me from Pioneer Credit face to face, they have upset my life so badly I have to think what I would do if I h-ever had the chance. MY STORY. In mid-2009 I applied for a personal loan from the St George bank for 2000.00 because I wanted to start a small business. They refused my application and said I had previous bad credit and were unable to assist me. I was on any e army pension and this was being deposited in the same bank each fortnight and obviously taken out the next day. Two months after applying for that loan I went to the St George bank to withdraw my pension and the lady behind the counter advised me that I had been Pre Approved for a $10.000.00 Credit Card, because of my long history with the bank. Keep in mind they had knocked me back for a personal loan just 2 months prior and nothing had changed. Being in need of funds I accepted the credit card the first I have ever had. I cruised along with it for quite a while with payments made on time and enjoyed the freedom it gave me to buy without immediate cash My wife also used the card to pay bills etc. In Augast 2009 my wife left me for a man 25 years her senior, I was guttered and devastated. I spent nights in hospital after having mental breakdowns and was diagnosed with severe depression and also anxiety. Over the following months my condition got worse and I couldn’t work and relied on the CC to keep me afloat until it was maxed out. Now I have a $10,000.00 debt to St George Bank and to sick to deal with it logically. I had insurance on the CC which the banked talked me into buying when I approached them with my problems they pretty much avoided me and again being sick and didn’t really pursue it too much, they had given me reasons why they would assist with insurance but at that time I really couldn’t understand any of it. Net thing without notice I started receiving phone call from Pioneer Credit saying they had been handed the debt for recovery and that it was due to be paid in one lump sum of almost $13,000.00 within 10 days or legal action would commence. Obviously I couldn’t pay this, so they just kept calling My doctor drafted a letter for me to present to them stating that due to my poor mental health I was unable to pay this debt at that stage. But it fell on deaf arrogant ears, They continued to call me or 5 times a week, I even had one girl ring up one day crying saying she was only trying to help me. They also rang my flat mate and my elderly mother who knew nothing about this. My mental health and depression continued to get worse, it has now been 5 years and that $10,000.00 CC debt is now $26,000.00. I have now refused to pay this out of principle, I don’t believe these arseholes should have the right to by a debt for not even a quarter of its value and then add continual interest till it reaches such an impossible state. I will go to jail before I pay these pricks thousands of dollars for nothing. I would be quite happy to try and pay off the money I owed the bank but I refuse to pay more than double that amount to these dip sh*ts. It just makes me wonder because St George bank refused me a pissy $2000 loan and then 2 months later gave me a 10.000.00 CC I didn’t apply for are they in fact working with Pioneer Credit to set people up for a fall. They knew I was only on a pension and had never had a large savings account and yet they handed me a $10.000.00 CC without me even applying. As for Pioneer Credit, I hope each and every one of these pricks one day gets in financial strife and are harassed the way I have been harassed by rude arrogant bastards like themselves. For stories I’ve heard and from my own experience they are without doubt the scum of the earth, If I won a lot of money today I would go to the bank and offer to pay them the amount of money that was owing on the card when they sold it as for Pioneer Credit I would offer them FA. It’s no wonder this country is in such a mess with collateral sucking termites like these pricks getting away with the sh*t they do.
  • ok
    December 12, 2015
    I've just been diagnosed with cancer
  • tony
    June 4, 2015
    mate just for your info its not people who rip of the Aussie public its big companies and bank that you work under, please don't be ignorant and stay stuff that some person who doesn't pay debt rips of the system or the country lol. banks do the ripping off. As a debit collector Jeshua Brennan you shall know this better. good job that you do by the way ... all the sad lifes must apply for it lol
  • Annoyed
    June 6, 2017
    These frigging idiots ring everybody in a suburb with the same name as the person they might be looking for. No association ever with the person they are looking for at this address. Bunch of amateur knobgobblers.
  • Chris Keety
    May 25, 2017


  • Benno
    February 2, 2016
    Debt Collector
    How to handle the debt collectors in Australia [Disclaimer] This is just my opinion and tips. It should not be taken as advice of any kind and I take no responsibility for what you do with my information. There is also a small possibility that my information may not be entirely correct. I don't condone people using this information to get out of paying genuine debts. I have no interest in straw-man theories, or using the argument that money comes out of thin air and the banks are all corrupt so therefore you should not have to honour your debts. I also don't condone abusive behaviour towards anyone, regardless of how they treat you. Be nice and to use an aphorism "you will have clean hands." These tips apply to someone that has had their debt assigned to a debt collector -- that means no longer in the possession of the original creditor. Tips predominantly apply to someone that is not satisfied the debt is their's and is not happy to simply set up a payment arrangement. Phone, snail mail and email correspondence: Always be polite and respectful no matter how they treat you. Ask the staff member for their first name, staff number and email address. Don't admit to anything until you are satisfied the matter is genuine. If the matter is older than 6 years 'statute barred' and you acknowledge the debt or make a payment you can unknowingly reset the statute barred date and re-enter into a contract with them. If it is statute barred they can not chase you unless you re-contract with them. Ask them for proof. Don't just take their word for it. The burden of proof is on them, not you. According to my understanding you are entitled to a copy of the information they have on you, detailed statement of the debt in question, a copy of the contract they are insisting obligates you to pay them. They must provide the documentation in a timely manner, and they can not take action against you whilst the debt is in dispute. When they produce the contract in question look for a debt assignment clause. If there is not one then you most likely have a way out there as well. From my experience I am yet to see a debt collector produce a copy of the contract they are trying to enforce. If they can't produce the contract and other relevant paperwork I send them an email stating that they have been unable to substantiate their claim and to cease all contact until such time they can produce the documentation. They might try and bluff you after this but stick to your guns. I always say my client admits nothing in the absence of proper documentation in relation to the alleged debt. 9 times out of 10 I never hear from them again. If you can, always record the conversation for record keeping purposes but just make sure you tell them you are recording first. Make sure after a phone conversation you follow up with an email to reiterate everything that was discussed and your understanding of it. Ask kindly for them to reply 'yes' if they agree that the email is a correct record of what was discussed. Side note: If your debt is over $5,000 and it is genuine, see if you can negotiate them down under $5,000 because apparently if it gets legal they can't pursue you under the bankruptcy act. If you do admit to the debt upon supply of proper documentation, tell them what you can afford and don't let them dictate to you. If they say $100 p/w then there is a good chance (if you can't afford that) that you can offer them $20 p/w take it or leave it. Don't be tricked by their sneaky tactics. Such as them saying "acting on behalf of the creditor". In a lot of cases they purchased the debt for cents in the dollar, the creditor wrote the debt off and the collector is actually acting on behalf of themselves. As previously stated. They most likely have never seen the contract they are trying to bind you to and are relying on you to accidentally contract with them verbally or in writing by admitting to the debt, therefore giving them legal right to pursue you. Admin nothing until they prove it. If they say "Are you Mr Smith?" say yes. Then if they say I want to talk to you about the money you owe to ABC Creditor. Say in the absence of me sighting the contract etc. and satisfying myself that I owe money, you are alleging this is my debt and I admit to nothing and I have no business with your company, nor do I wish to contract with you. They might then say "well did you have a credit card with ABC Creditor or not?" Say that is what you are alleging and I would like you to mail me a copy of the contract, full statements etc. to (wherever you live) so I can view them and respond. Please do not contact me until the information I have requested has been sent and I have had 14 days to view it and respond. If you can not produce it please do not contact me again. Best of luck and remember it is ok to ask plenty of questions. Just because they send you an official letter with your account number and a familiar debt amount on it does not necessarily mean you have to pay them. They could have stolen your mail and used your details to generate a fake official looking request - See more at: http://thearbitrator.co/post/fd0a6238-9588-4f05-829c-99d9754daa09#sthash.jZ6h5yoI.dpuf
  • The Big Show
    February 6, 2015
    Non-profit Organization
    Hi Benno - you are absolutely correct if you don't owe the money don't pay it
    If I were you I would have made a compliant to the TIO about the Telco thats what they are there for
    But of course if someone does take a loan or credit card out and do owe the money they should "man up" and pay the money back, otherwise they are ripping off everyone else in Australia & should not call themselves Australians
    Companies like Pioneer Credit are there to help people in financial trouble out with the hardship department and to recover funds from these Un-Australian's who think they are above the law - too many of these scum are on Temp Visa (student, 457, NZ etc..) who get loans and f*ck off back to their own countries racking up debt that costs you and me.
    If you were harassed by a Debt Collector you can seek advice from http://www.financialcounsellingaustralia.org.au/Home they can offer advice to you
    And for everyone else chasing Jeshua & Cameron just Google them (http://www.matespotter.com/search/Jeshua-Brennan/) it is too easy to find people....
    Again finally if you owe the money pay it back get into an arrangement it will give you back your self respect
  • Cameron Blackwood
    December 18, 2014
    Hey Be Wise, Danny, Dude and all and all the another low life scum that are driving this country down by not paying back what you owe - Man Up and do the right thing
    Pioneer Credit is in the business of recoveries because you borrowed money and don't pay it back, get your heads out of the sand what you are doing is wrong and ripping off Australia.
    Get real and Do the right thing - Call them up and make an offer to settle for less and stop running away from your dumb mistakes in life.
  • Troy
    August 8, 2016
    I have had a deed or release on funds over 2 years ago and they have only just contacted me today demanding funds payable! luckily i did it all through my solicitor 2 years ago and got the deed from macquarie but unfortunate for them, macquarie sold them a old dept that can not be redeemed. Pioneer are a scam and do not get stuck wit them! Its illegal.
  • Colleen
    May 27, 2016
    Don't waste your time on that one, changing your phone number.They will ring around your neighbours and ask them for your new number and if they don't give it or don't know it they then ask your neighbour to deliver a message!@*?
    They have the ability to search for your neighbours and source the contact through them all legal.
    Extremely embarrassing when the neighbour comes to your door or leaves a message in your letter box. As the neighbour doesn't know if the message if urgent or not.
  • Boss
    March 4, 2016
    Debt Collector
    All of pioneer credits mobile numbers start with : 0423 750 ***
  • Laura
    July 28, 2015
    Debt Collector
    They keep calling me and don't give up. If you don't make an agreement and don't pay them then they can't keep hassling you. If you make a payment even once then you are locked in forever. Do not answer with your name and do not make a payment if you don't intend of paying them back. They sound all nice and say we can help you make an easy, interest free payment plan! It's just Bullsh*t...they'll tell you one thing then trap you and make you pay more than you expected
  • Spiffy
    April 13, 2015
    Debt Collector
    I feel for you!! Being in a depressed state you are particularly vulnerable to begin with.

    You may find you have a situation where the financial institution are at fault for offering you a credit card without your requesting one and without checking your ability to afford the credit amount they provided. I'd seek legal assistance, perhaps begin with contacting the Financial Ombudsman office. With a bit of luck the financial institution may end up having to foot the loss through negligence on their behalf.
  • Skattered
    November 6, 2014
    Actually Cameron, these scumbags won't deal even if you wish to pay for your debt. I went on financial hardship with a financial advisor, they still tried calling me to get me to deal with them. When I told them that they should be calling my advisor, not me, they pretended that they hadn't even heard from her (Which was a lie) and continued to hound me. When I finally told them that if they continued to contact me then I will classify it as harassment, they finally stopped, but then refused to deal with the financial advisor until the Hardship (Which runs for 3 months) ran out. In that time they said that they'd had no contact with her, the offer that they put onto the table wasn't responded to and that they were still charging interest (Which is illegal) for that entire time. Currently speaking to financial lawyers about them now and they said that what these people are doing is illegal.

    I agree, you should pay your debts, but when these guys get a hold of your debts, they are unreasonable and irresponsible. If you get entangled with these guys, try to get another debt recovery agency to take over the debt as these guys will try to rip you off.
  • Cameron Blackwood
    October 22, 2014
    Hey Bill you are a d*ck if you owe money then man up and pay your debt, these people are just doing their job to find deadbeats like you who walk out on their commitments. Stop being weak and just pay back the money, and that goes for everyone to scare to speak to someone who wants to help you out of a bad situation. Oh yeah go right ahead with leagal as you don't have a leg to stand on and at least then the court will order you to pay back the money....
  • Anonymous
    February 20, 2020
    Caller: CALEB from WA

    Said my son wasn’t taking his messages or ringing him back. I. Have given my son the message Caleb wouldn’t tell me what it was about
  • Anonymous
    December 15, 2019
    Caller: Pioneer credit

    Absolute idiots!!! Scum bags to deal with. They buy loans for 5 cents to the dollar and charge an incredible amount of interest!!!!! It’s beyond a f*cking joke!! They are horrible to negotiate with to deal with any debt! They harrass and harrass as much as they can!!! Whenever they can to whoever they can. Ruthless arseholes they make you want to grab a noose and go neck yourself because they just don’t give up. They wouldn’t accept my weekly repayments either. They really know how to make someone suffer
  • Anonymous
    December 9, 2019
    Pioneer credit are c*nts so is that slimy Keith John

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