• Anonymous
    October 8, 2019
    Nuisance call
    Stay away from Reanna B! she is nothing but a lying, thieving piece of rubbish. She will use you, abuse you and destroy you and it will become all your fault. She plays the poor me card too often and you will end up the bad one (not her). She is mentally deluded and affected by many years of drugs (taking her daughters medications) and ruining too many relationships to count. She will use you to draw you in, and then rip you off every time. She needs to be locked away in a mental institution and her kids (poor kids) to be placed in core of others so she can not use and abuse them for her own gain and not having to work. Stay well away from her, never get involved and if you see her run for the hills!!. I know she destroyed my life too! Her family are sick of her rubbish but stand by her ferociously! They all have mental issues too (nuts!!) as well as her deluded so called friends (if your a friend watch your back and your purse) she will sucker you in and rob you of much. Beware!!! She will not hesitate to lie and deceive authorities to put you in trouble with the law - that's how she rolls! Beware, beware, beware and never make the first mistake of feeling sorry for her.
    December 10, 2013
    Event Reminder
    Im are verry sorry terina left this charity it was the best for the cherity as lot of leather gods have vanish and container from this charity no ac for money as for mr brennan a han shake and a new tarpe thank mr brennan as for reanna missing money $81. 50 cents and thank for the long help the charity gave you and your kids and thank to the 71 family withs mised out due to you your ame was to do a lot of damage to the homeless this was all ok to you and terina thanks for wattering all the bags of cloting under riannas house the cost to this charity a number of thausan dollas this charity will live on better with out you as for the rubish above as for rianna using this charity to fondraise for cash and funisher has been reported to wollongong police and the office of charity syd the charity is now a safer place yours borge rasmussen c. E. O
    August 15, 2013
    Pleace remuve this rubish as this are untrue as for terina it toug a thieff
  • terina
    February 27, 2013
    Non-profit Organization
    Hi Borge.
    I got home from Bali yesterday and saw your message about you calling the police regarding Reanna , my phone does not work over seas so sorry for the late reply.

    After i saw your message i tried to call you but once again you did not answer so i spoke to Reanna to find out what's been happening while I have been overseas.

    She told me that apparently you have now accused her and her dad of stealing all the Stale boxes of food and rubbish that we all packed into her dads trailer some months ago that we were taking to the tip when we helped you for many hours almost every weekend cleaning out your over stocked ware house from all the junk you have horded over the years.

    I was very upset that you would do such a despicable act and make faulse accusations about her.
    Reanna has done nothing but help you over the past 18 months, she nominated you for Illawarra local hero award wich you won and several other awards and you inturn have gone out of your way to make her life a mysery by telling untruths about her and her family.

    The trailer still has all your stale food and broken items, cardboard and rubbish in it as it costs money to take it to the tip and Reannas dad has not had the $100 dollars spare to pay to dispose of it and none of us believe he should have to.
    He lent you the trailer to help you clear the ware house so we think the charity should pay for it as i discussed with you at our last charity meeting in January but you shunned the idea and said " tell him to put it in other peoples bins on rubbish night ". So he still has the trailer loaded with your goods in his drive way.

    Reanna and her father have been advised to give it all back to you and to return the so called stolen goods to you. Reannas dad, Reanna and I will drop it all back one day next week and unload it for you and leave in your car port or if there is no room there we will leave it on your front lawn. You are not in the best health to be unloading it by your self so we will buy some heavy duty gloves and some gas masks for the job and do it for you..
    Im glad you like mice Borge as i am sure there will be a few in the trailer eating all the out of date food that we put in there, the mice you have in your house will have some new play mates.

    I cant say what day it will be at this stage as we all need to check our calendars to see what day will suit us best.
    I would like to give you a courtesy call and let you know day it will be but since you have blocked Reanna and i from your contacts, you dont return my calls and never answer my text messages unfortunately i cant.

    I posted this message on a few sites hoping you will get it as i would like you to be aware of us returning your goods. We will also inform the police officer who spoke to Reanna initially re your faulse accusations of her stealing the small pink container of our intensions so they know whats happening and inturn cannot then be accused by you of dumping rubbish and littering your property..

    You will be happy to know that the blue tarp that you also thought was stolen is wrapped over the trailer and tied down as we used it to stop all the rubbish from blowing all over Reannas back yard, im sorry i forgot i used it on the trailer so the tarp will be returned next week also.

    Hope you have been resting
    Regards Terina.

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